An Anniversary Message

happy-anniversary-wishes-cardsA KDian is celebrating his love for his boo by penning something to mark the one-month anniversary of their relationship, which is today. So, if this boo is reading, this is for you.


Words are words and Talk is Cheap.

You hear me say this all the time – “Facta non Verba”…

But these words carry my heart.

I woke up to the touch of a morning

The thirst for your warmth left my heart

Susceptible to a great want, blazing like a flame

A flame which can only be stoked by your touch

A touch which I feel around me this morning

Your arms tightened around me

Your warm breath on my neck

The feel of your skin against mine

All of them sensations that shake me within

I am reminded of the first time we were together

At Room 109 at Jacob’s Plaza –

Ah, yes! I can’t remember to forget that night.

Since then, our Love has flourished

And today, we mark a month of this bliss

Each day happier in joy, pleasure, and fun – the good amidst the bad

I hold dear the memories of the last one month

Memories fostered by the mesmerizing effect of your aura.

Sometimes it feels too perfect

Then I get scared that I’d be scarred again

But Love gives itself out to all who seek it

Not for a fee, but for a feeling of want

Not satisfied by the climax, but for the total want of it.

It is already dear to our hearts, this thing we feel

It makes our imperfections beautiful, this thing we share

It is one month now, with many more milestones to mark.

And at the end of the day, I will say me a little prayer

A prayer, for this Love to last forever.

Written by Law

37 thoughts on “An Anniversary Message

    • Lol I concur@Mac,@law if u still carry these lines by june would order a box of pizza and drinks for both of you!@bobby lol I tire oh seriously one month anniversary?*rolls eyes from rumuokoro to GRA 2*

  1. Biakene Pinky! Is it one month or one year biko?
    One month cha! Issorright!

    Lemme me not b a bad belle this fine balmy Sunday that I feel like making breakfast 4 someone in here in just my sheer briefs!

    Happy anniversary Law! I pray u pen down something else in a year or two with same guy **stares @ d lions nd lionesses of d gaybourhood beggingly**

    Nice poem by the way.

    #NP Love to love – Lira

      • Ah! U r still bearing that recharge grudge? Wanted to send small oh but auto subscription reload took it.
        As for d breakfast, it is ready nd am serving it in bright royal blue thongs………..

  2. This is so beautiful, Law…
    I pray your relationship lives to see more than 1month…..even more than a year…
    Happy Anniversary

  3. Law to his boo,
    “Look hun, skeptics. Skeptics everywhere. Let’s show them how it’s done and take this to one month and a half.”

    Nice poem, your boo is clearly dishing out some potent opium.

    • Dark humanbeing!
      Wish them well joor! Do you think its like our own u dashed in 2wks!! Am still planning my payback!
      A month nd half? Seriously?! Smh @ u right now **in Rosemary’s voice**

  4. Law ur poem makes tears drop from my eyes. I dunno wat’s wrong with me. If i like sum1 today, 2mrw i must definitely see a flaw in him dat would snd me to Donkey’s Ass for ever picking interest in him. Initially i tot z okay but now, i dunno maybe if m….. possessed or is it just natural. Either he is too dark, or too light, or brown teeth, or too slow, or he talks a lot, or small lips, or he is reticent, or his hairstyle, or his tummy, or too demanding….. Gosh! D list is endless. I really wish i can love someone so dearly. Pls God help me. Law can u pls give me tips on hw u still even like him for more than two days?

  5. Take nothing away from the poem… Brilliantly written and explicitly discribes how you feel right now…

    That said
    I see no reason why someone will start writing a poem after just “ONE” month of a relationship… I mean! Is that really a milestone? Has the ‘Gaybourhood’ been deteriorated to this level.. That we celebrate one month of blissful relationship? Maybe I am wrong but I think the whole essence of this poem is a bit ‘Fickle’

  6. Although, when I saw anniversary, the first thing that came to my mind was…okay….maybe the person has been dating for a year or something…I saw one month and I was like WTH…

    Now, I am tempted to attack the OP, not because the piece is not good enough, but because this could have been me writing this. Why can’t I fall in love? It is not easy being gay in Nigeria sha. If I spend one quarter of the time I spend stalking guys online on girls, I could have gotten tons of girls.

    Anyway, I hope your relationship lasts for a longer time. I don’t want to come here and read ‘Oh, how I wish’, or ‘I knew you were trouble’…anyway, enjoy while it lasts…

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