No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 4)

NOSTRINGSPOSTER#NOSTRINGS has an exclusive talk with JOHN ADEWOYE, a Nigerian, and an Ex-Priest of the Catholic faith, who embraced his true nature as a Gay-Man. He takes us through his experiences as a child, and talks about the effect of his coming out, his asylum to the states, his struggles, how he was able to say positive, as well reconcile his strong Catholic faith with his sexuality. He leaves ‘no strings attached’ with his details.

CLICK HERE to Download and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 4)

  1. Haaaa!!!! Between Max’s piece and this interview, I’m emotionally drined right now. The lil accident that left a scar thanks to his bullies, that part got to me.

    Great Job @Mike Daemon.

    Would ve loved it if he talked more on “Reconcilling ur sexuality with ur spiritual life”.
    But overall it was a very insightful interview. Shout out to John Adewoye.

  2. Thanks for listening, he would’ve talked, but you know, making a piece long would mean more MB, and most people don’t download and listen to things except music, they wouldn’t download especially when the MB is huge!

  3. Good job Mike Daemon.
    You’ve given me something to talk about for my show.
    I needed a splash, you gave me the Red Sea.

    Thank you.

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