Gabbana once asked his friend to be a surrogate mother, before criticism of ‘non-traditional’ families

dISENADORESFashion designer Gabbana once asked a female friend to carry a baby for him – before his current row criticizing ‘non-traditional’ families.

Legendary fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana – who are gay themselves – made the controversial comments in an interview this week, when they said in part: “We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed.”

Sir Elton John – who has sons Zachary and Elijah with his husband David Furnish – told the pair: ”How dare you refer to my beautiful children as ‘synthetic’… your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again.”

However, despite speaking out against gay adoptions, it has emerged that designer Stefano Gabbana once spoke about his desire to adopt.

In 2006, Stefano Gabbana told Vanity Fair that he had asked a female friend to carry his child via artificial insemination, saying: “My dream is to have a baby, not to adopt one because I am not up to it and I don’t feel strong enough. I want my own child, a biological child, the fruit of my sperm, conceived through artificial insemination because it wouldn’t make sense for me to make love to a woman I don’t love.

“A week ago I asked a dear friend of mine, who is twelve years younger than me, if she would help. I asked her, ‘Would you like to be the mother of my child?’ She was left a bit shocked and the following day telephoned and said she was still shocked, but thought it was a great idea.”

Mr Dolce had said in 2005: “In life I have had everything it is possible to have but I have the small handicap of being gay so having a child is not possible for me. I could adopt or get one from abroad but I’m paralysed by the fear that the child could feel exploited.”

51 thoughts on “Gabbana once asked his friend to be a surrogate mother, before criticism of ‘non-traditional’ families

  1. You see what I was saying the other day? There are more gay people who say they don’t want marriage or kids than straight people. Deep down many of them may want it but don’t know it will turn out so they reject it subconsciously.

    There are deeper issues at play here!

  2. Internalized homophobia anyone??
    I can’t believe these people are in one of the most hospitable places on the planet where you can be openly gay, and still have this stone aged way of thinking..
    “I have small handicap of being gay”—seriously
    They’ve added “being gay” as a type of physical challenge/disorder. Good to know how they think.

  3. He asked but did not do.
    There is a big difference. I think you should just let it slide. If you were to judge the guy based on the things he said and did not do, then maybe you can start judging all of us. Who knows, maybe it was said in a moment of weakness….

    I still think you just confirmed his statement, because what he said then is not so different from what he said now. There is a difference between artificial insemination and ‘chemical’ conception.

    He still maintained that he doesn’t want to adopt because he believes in a traditional family. He never said he doesn’t want children.

      • Leave Sinnex let him be defending the hypocrisy of D&G. You can’t have sought to have a non traditional family at some point, and now turn around to badmouth exactly what you wanted years later, and not come off looking like a hypocrite. Who knows? Perhaps the woman turned him down. If all had gone as planned, he’d have a chemical child, and a non traditional family set-up. And then would he dare to express that piece-of-crap opinion

  4. Well, actually, for any young GAY, his sexuality is a handicap. Just like a blind man would get hit by a car, you could be at danger…
    *I said a GAY, not Bi…*
    You get taught about the *traditional* mode of marriage, then grow up finding it hard to fit into it. And noone understands what you understand about yourself.
    Practically, most (if not all…) gays are faced with a guilt and dislike for themselves as well as wishes, during which they may vow to change… Their failure however, brings them back to the awful truth, then they reason differently… So for-like it seems to me-staunch catholics like the duo above, their reasoning has the capability to hurt people, but it won’t be strange if they have a change of mind tomorrow…

  5. Hypocrisy isn’t it? That’s what you want me to take from this

    Elton John on the other hand.. The “Pioneer” The “Champion” and “Messiah” of #BoycottDolce&Gabbana
    Was spotted days later with a D&G bag.

    It’s a messed up world isn’t it?
    Hypocrisy everywhere… (Even i admit of being guilty of)
    What pains me is some peoples holier than thou attitude.. That “I don’t at any point wished just wished I wasn’t gay” that “I have at any point had internalized homophobia”
    I beleive at some point.. At some very point. I know we all felt “life would have been so much easier at it been I was str8” whether you admit it or not its left you.
    So please continue your journey of non existent self assurance.
    I am not a prophet of doom.. I just like to beyond the sweet and easy things of life and face the realities and bitter things of life.
    You might be wondering what has this got to do with this article.
    My point exactly is that judge D&G all you want but WE are all at some point GUILTY of Hypocrisy.
    “Let he or she withOUT sin cast the first stone”
    This D&G issue is already stale.. So please let it slide.

    Like someone always says here
    *thats my 10 kobo opinion* to this

  6. So this is the reason for your rants huh!!!
    Makes sense *wait does it*
    How come we are getting this particular detail now, in the midst of your controversy or is this “Damage Control”

  7. STALE?! You really think this news is stale?

    I chose not to say anything about this “chemical children” and “non-traditional” marriage because personally, it damaged me.
    The two days ago I was having this same conversation with my mother about how someone will call my own children “Chemicals” in the near future. I’m not even thinking or talking of the now… I’m talking about the future. The future of the two kids that I’ll have via IVF.

    It hurts to see older gay men say stuffs like this about these bundles of joy. WHY? How dare they? it hurts way beyond explanation.
    These Faces behind a brand have given nowadays/future bullies what to say to my own children and other children and their gay dads!

    I’m not talking about myself here because I will break nuts and slice off breast if anybody says such things to my face.
    Think of the future. How will children feel when they are verbally bullied?
    And then someone(s) is saying its stale? Its not STALE.

    A cold case of POT. KETTLE. BLACK.
    Two cents my ass!

    • That’s exactly the point so many people arguing this issue blindly refuse to see. That when a big brand such as D&G says stuff like this, it sanctions the bullying of children.

    • @Vhar I do get your point.. It hurts, we get it. You just need to Keep calm on the rants. Everyone should move on to new things now.. Will you?

  8. I don’t care about Elton’s “hypocrisy”.
    I don’t give a shit about damage about damage control.
    I don’t give a fuck about folks burning D and G stuffs.

    I have only cared about the Future of IVF kids and how I will be a great dad/mom to them.
    And them “someones” gives idiots ammunitions as to how to gun ’em down in schools and environment hereby giving me the extra work of teaching my kids on how to hold their head up again and again when they run home to Daddy’s arms crying about what someone called them.

    Its appalling.

  9. Truthfully, I wish I could catch a glimpse of how these people live their lives and how they plan to instill their good talents, values and fortunes into their cats and dogs… Or monkeys.

    Haba! I can’t believe teamPLAYERS had this to say about bundles of joy.
    My opinion, my two cents..
    KEEP YOUR OPINION and CENTS to YOURSELF if it will hurt millions.
    Its not what’s responsible for bringing up my KIDS!
    Its making/will make IVF kids’ lives a bit hard.

  10. *BIG LOLZ*
    Vhar is getting way too emotional… Someone, probably PP, has gotta do us the fab favour of going over to make sure his fan is on already…lolz
    Actually, I see it from your point too bro…

  11. “Small handicap of being gay”

    Like WTF, dude! Being gay is no handicap to me. Yeah sure, it can sometimes be tough but it is by no means a handicap, Mr Dolce!

    Officially, this dude is an asshole!

  12. Oya.. All of you that had two cents to say about this issue… Come o!
    Today that TWO CENTS must become ONE NAIRA because two cents can never and will never buy tom-tom.

    See things from my view (I’ve seen things from yours for three days) and let’s take it from there.
    Unless of course you’ve got nothing to say which means D and G said some wordy crap and you saw things from the sole of their moccasins.

    H-I-P, further e, further e-po-po… P-Oooo P-Oooooo further e po-po…. Aaaan T-A-M-U-S further e po-po tay mos… E PO PO TAY MOS!!!

    I’m waiting.

    • @Vhar I guess it’s that time of the month again…
      Need I ask… are you on your period??!

      *chill on the matter will you*

    • Lack of new things to discuss about? Lack of “gay-related” happenings around the world I presume…

      While my story is waiting to be told on here… *awaiting debut piece earnestly*

    • @Dubem, you sound as if we haven’t felt the brunt of freedom of speech here. At least I have been insulted, torn apart and shredded to pieces on this blog. Did I run away, no, I did not. Instead, I brushed myself up, became a better person and came back with a blast.

      Chizzie can go to hell for all I care. If he likes he can eat poo and suffocate in it…that is his own cup of tea. His opinion is his opinion and you cannot take it away for him. He has the right to express himself in whatever way he deems fit. Does it make it right, maybe not, but who are you to judge. Now, there is no basis for comparison. If you think that because of what Chizzie says and the effects it has on people, you then want to start your own….OYO for you oooo…you’d just kill your self with self-hate.

      • Look at someone who I wasn’t even addressing. Look at you jumping to larger conclusions and making sweeping presumptions that have no bearing on my comment. Anyway, it’s what I’ve come to associate you with so I won’t bother getting het up over your unnecessarily quarrelsome remarks.
        FYI, I was not addressing the whole of KD. And FYI, I was not announcing any intention to actively shade anyone. I was speaking directly to Teflondon for a particular reason. I know you two like kissing each other’s asses, but kindly make correct deductions from my comment before you fly off the handle, like u are wont to do.

  13. I used to like some ppl’s comments here based on their logics….until now. Pls who has seen Chesnut?? *genuinely worried*

  14. Truthfully… This “Chemical baby” thingy might be dragging might actually seem stale but think about it. Genuinely think about it…
    We are talking about little lives here.
    Lives that’ll blossom into something, Someone meaningful.

    Tef, you might not want to talk about this issue anymore but don’t joke about it either.
    I’m a guy, its not my period or will I ever have one.

    Max. Calm dow. Please.

  15. And Tef,
    I choose to be mute now because its becoming pointless bantering or ranting. In the near future, I’ll have this Chemical Babies as those faces so put it and by then I’ll see where their opinions still lie.

  16. Concerning Chizzie, u guys might not get why he was dishing Denny, but i will be disappointed if Denny equally tells me he doesn’t know why.
    Now this is Chizzie: He is not arogant nor rude but he simply always want to be known as the ‘Guy with diff opinion’. Even when all of us agree and cheer sum1 up Chizzie must like to be diff.
    Again: Chizzie was inlove with Dennis Macaulay. If you didnt notice that then QUEENFULLY collect LASTMA JACKET from Denny.
    Once again my name is McGray,
    Thank u everyone.

  17. It is just so annoying that so called educated people will see this and will be somewhat ok with it and even say that it is stale news or not something to dwell on.
    This is how someone will decide that children born through IVF are not worthy of life because they are man-made and not natural or made by God. I wonder truly how many people feel this way about gay people because we are different from them.
    Imagine the kind of trauma so called ‘test tube’ babies would go through if ‘natural born’ babies decided they shouldn’t have a place among them. Worst thing is that it came from gay people who can’t have ‘natural’ babies themselves and are such big names as D&G.
    I also intend to have my babies through IVF maybe so tgis is very dear to my heart because i know i can kill sumborri that will call my child a chemical baby.
    PS: I can’t blame Sir Elton if he did not burn a most likely over £1000 D&G bag. Money, like babies doesn’t grow on trees.

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