No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 3)

NOSTRINGSEP3It’s Episode 3 of #NOSTRINGS, and trending on this week’s show is Sam Smith, Black Gatsby, plus an exciting open discuss with Mike Daemon on the subject: Why are gay guys promiscuous?, as well as  a strange discovery of the Butt-clit, and an exclusive excerpt of the story about the gay man who married himself.

For more, Click HERE to download and have a listen.

22 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 3)

  1. The question should not be why are gay’ promiscuous.. it should rather be why are Males promiscuous… and when the question is framed correctly I ll answer… good morning all ye Holy Homosexuals..

  2. Lol… But don’t generalise @Simba. It just takes a little faith and commitment to be responsible, doesn’t it?

  3. LOL… Funny and naughty!!
    I still insist that sometimes we don’t struggle to be faithful. Granted, we all have some crushes but, there is always that special person in your heart.
    I think if you found someone who truly means so much to you, everyone else would be shit. Av passed through that phase before, and each time I did it felt awesome…. There could be occassional triffles ignited by over-possessiveness but…LOL

  4. Personally I believe in commitment and faithfulness. I go as far as staying off social sites and etc.. even whatsapp replying only when absolutely necessary. Am not in any gay or ish site… all to avoid temptation.. but not many can do tht.. one major reason I broke up was my ex believe, I shouldn’t control or interfere with his online ish..and online dates.. can’t take it.

    • Then again, the access to free and immediate sex, from guys who are very much ready for a quick shag is not helping issues @all

  5. Don’t u tink that sticking just to just a single person, could be time wasting especially wen der’s no possibility of getting married, abi na wen u old finish u go dey look for love, wen relationship no get head again? Plus gay relationships has no real value, cos you may not be able to discuss it with family, and ur partners family will not know if you are in a relationship or not,and vice versa, so therefore d person (or you) may continue to cheat in secret and no one’s goin to tell, that mentality alone may create a sense of insecurity, lack of trust, and commitment on both ends.

  6. I just listened to your podcast. I must confess I enjoyed it. There is a great improvement from the first one. On why guys cheat I will reserve my comments till I’m free enough to respond to the backlash that will come from intolerants. @ Mike, please who are the audience for your podcast?

    • @gad, no, now even if I wanted to put it on radio, they’ll arrest me immediately! Hahaha.. Naija? But in overall do you think its radio friendly?

      • I have very little knowledge of productions and other technicalities surrounding them but from a layman’s point, your voice clarity and the way you run your presentation is okay for even an international audience. Now for content, it depends on the topics you choose and and how you present them. For instance, you can’t declare your sexuality on air the way you did in the podcast. You can’t even claim to know any gay guy in real life. At best what you can do is moderate the program leaving the talks and opinion airing to phone-in contributions

      • I understand, the show is just for us here, that’s y before the show starts.. You hear, ‘Dive into the LGBT World.. Blah blah’ the show is for us here alone. Thanks all the same@gad, I appreciate, really do, hope you continue to listen.

  7. @ mike daemon.. my gay relationship means. A Lot to me.. I don’t hide who I am.. my last was properly engaged and a wedding would have taken place in UK.. some people here knows abt it..

  8. Love it. Your voice is natural and conversational. But too many topics were being discussed. Which is good in a way and would be better if you had someone on air to discuss with. Good job.

    • @Ace, am afraid, its been hard getting someone to join me, I need someone witty and funny and alive and as well informed and passionate and educated! Too much hur? Still am a loner, I do not have friends, the few people I know are in denial they do not like talking bout gay stuffs!

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