33 thoughts on “Photo: Is This Love Or What?

  1. This is love,tht goes beyond the physical attraction. This us genuine love, the man loves her for her, meaning her innate self, her organic self, not her face,or pussy or such mundane things.. such loves are hard to come by.. most world population never experience such love,..quoting chizzle, it’s not dick or ass tht keeps a man.. its ur innate, unpretentious self tht keeps a man

  2. In a bad mood today… I see nothing positive about that pic..
    How come he never knew he/she was a trans?
    Are they in a “religious ” relationship??

    • Lol…Max, chill; I gat u.
      I’m assuming this pix is from “whisper”(?). I’m sorry,but I meet a lot of the “stories” from Whisper with some side-eye. What exactly does it mean for ur gf to “come out” as trans? I really don’t understand the semantics. Does it mean his gf confessed that she was originally born a man,but then went for a sex-reassignment surgery to become female? If so,he technically still has a GIRLfriend,and not a BOYfriend. Or does it mean his (originally FEMALE) gf has admitted that she wants to transition into a man,thereby turning herself from a GIRLfriend,to a BOYfriend? If so, wouldn’t she then become interested in dating women?( I’m sorry,I just don’t buy the theory that not all trans-ppl are sexually attracted to the people of the same gender they were originally born with; I find it hard to believe that a man who feels he’s supposed to be a woman, and goes as far as getting the surgery, craves vagina…ditto for trans women)

      • @Pinky: Yimu! So is he now into guys? Or is the gf STILL into guys?These “whisper” stories are always dubious and disconnected to me…#AwonWhisperersOshi. lol

  3. She’s a she that became a he? Oh well.. She’s a tomboy. Tbh I’ve always had this thing for ladies that look like cute guys. Good for them both!

    In other news
    PP when will you strt sharing money and doing your Monday giveaways for your adent readers and commenters! Just like Linda’s

  4. wait the girl friend is now a transman? or she just came out as a transwoman meaning she was born male and he only just found out?

    first world issues. *side eyes*

  5. It’s kinda laughable, the way most of us here react to transexualism. it’s called LGBT and we should all support each other and that also means educating ourselves with regards to the subject.

    Transexualism is when the gender you are assigned is not the gender you Identify with. So Ofcourse the boyfriend didn’t know He was trans…there is a diagnostic process to be followed to see if a person is actually Trans, after this is done then then sexual reassignment surgery ( SRC) is done.

    Not everyone can deal with something as huge as this, and yes I also look at some of the whispers on Whisper with side eye too, but I would like to think open minded people like this exist. In the end if he is happy with his boyfriend, who are we to judge.

    Live and let live abeg.

    • Thank you, Dee.
      Those that are busy giving side eye up and down seem to get as far as LG, totter a little on B, and then absolutely refuse to have any idea what T is about. Gay people though, asking for open mindedness and being unwilling to give it.

      • I swear. I once had a conversation with someone and he was all, he doesn’t understand transexuals, that at least homosexuality is a lesser evil and it’s more understandable, he starts saying stuff like ,why would someone want to change their gender, if you are man and feel like a woman just be effeminate like some other gays no need to go and get boobs and a vagina.

        He talked and I just thought wow, Now I know how and why the homophobe thinks they way he does.

        Human beings, forever attacking something that we don’t understand.
        I am not an expert on the subject but I am learning about it constantly, instead of rolling my eyes and judging from that High horse. If you don’t understand it, don’t be so quick to dismiss it, just educate yourself, if you still don’t get it, fine, but don’t throw judgement, it’s unfair.

      • Pinky and Deola, I’m not intolerant of Transgender/ transexual ppl o! I’m just talking of the particular story up there; it’s not very clear to me (and I must admit,the whole trans terminlogies mix up into one big blur in my head and become confusing). Deola,maybe u can help me understand: if a woman identifies as a man, but hasn’t gone for any surgical alterations, can u call her a man? Can u say she has switched from being ur girlfriend, to being ur BOYfriend? In my own (probably limited) understanding, I think the fact that he said he now has a BOYfriend,means she has undergone the surgery. So what doesn’t make sense to me is, is d dude now into guys? Cos his statement doesn’t signify “brotherly” love; it would appear that it’s still a romantic relationship. And is d woman/man,still (pretending to be) into guys?(Let’s not deceive ourselves; ALL the reality shows I’ve watched about the lives and struggles of transgender ppl,show that they are sexually attracted to ppl of the opposite sex…or same-former-sex…ugh,u know what I mean; the terms get so blurry)

      • Chestnut, from what I understand if a woman identifies as a man then yes you start addressing Him as such. I saw an episode of Greys anatomy where this guy, identified as a woman, he hadn’t undergone any surgery, but as soon as one of the doctors found out about his sexual identity, she stopped referring to him as a he and started using female pronouns. So it’s the identity that matters not the physical appearance.

        As for this situation here like the guy said, he’s girlfriend is now his boyfriend, it doesn’t mean he is suddenly into guys, it just means he is still in love with that person regardless of what gender the person is.

        As for what their sexual life will be like, I honestly have no idea, but from what I learned from Orange is the new black, it sorta depends on what genitals the person chooses to keep. I remember Sophia’s ( Played by Laverne Cox) wife begged her to keep her Penis when she was transitioning.

        It can get very confusing, but Like you too, I watch reality and scripted TV shows that are trans inclusive and It still confuses me at times.
        I wanna get into the series ‘Transparent’ I hear it’s very educative.

  6. How sure are we that this actually happened? How can we confirm the authencity of such story? Someone with an over active imagination can come up with something like this and claim it actually happened.

    Is it that the guy did not go through her early pictures or what? If he loves her as he claimed, he should have met her family and friends, I am sure someone would have squealed in the process.

    Anyway, I have always had this question in mind, I guess that’s why it was brought here, for everyone to discuss on. A guy that sleeps with a tranny is called what sef? I mean someone that has done sex change.

    • Her early pictures? Met her family? No dude.

      HIS early pictures would have shown that HE was a girl. And no one would know about how HE identified if HE didn’t say anything. HE came out to his boyfriend. That’s the only way the boyfriend would know that HE is trans. Just because HE came out doesn’t mean HE would automatically look like or have looked like a boy.
      It takes huge strength to come to terms with how you feel and who you are, HE came out to HIS boyfriend and HIS boyfriend was okay with it and that’s just beautiful.

      As for the authenticity of the whisper, sure it might be fake, but so could every other thing we see on social media.

  7. Changing scenes of life. I don’t really see any big deal with this. Just a change in nomenclature. Gf now becomes bf to the same bf.the denominator here is love.

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