Photo: The Letter Every Gay Man Wants To Get

As a gay man, whether you’re of the school of thought that family doesn’t matter much, or the one that prescribes that family is ultimate, the letter below penned by a mother accepting her son’s coming out, is exactly what every gay man desires. B-sqOj0WkAECzJn

42 thoughts on “Photo: The Letter Every Gay Man Wants To Get

  1. I don’t think I need such drama from my mum.. I ll rather have her support me in silence and pretend nuffing is happening.. where is de fun, when I can’t pretend to like those girls she introduces me to

  2. Awww…. This is exactly what the world needs…. I wish parents could be like this, the world would be much better and habitable.

  3. Everyday, I pray and wish my mom would come to terms with who I am. Alas, she’s a staunch believer in the devil being behind the ‘homosexual phenomenon’ in her son’s life. Shaa, I still love that woman and would move heaven and earth for her.

    Lucky you, Zach! You don’t know how blessed you are to be accepted by your mom!

  4. These are the words I wish my mum would say to me instead of putting me on a guilt trip everytime I put up me and a guy friend as dp or tell her I’m going out with a friend. Oh well.

    • Loooooooooooooooooooooool..
      Mothers and guilt trips.
      I deleted my mother from BBM and blocked her on Whatsapp.

      We talk on the phone every day/night. That’s about enough.

  5. Are we generalizing right now?

    Not everyone needs/wants this…at least I am not interested. Who needs a letter? If my mother writes me such a letter, then I’d be worried. I am not a kid, so I don’t need anyone’s pity.
    I believe words and actions are enough, why should you go all the way to pen your thoughts down. I guess the mother is trying to convince herself that she is cool with her son’s sexuality. The content of the letter seem forced to me.

    This is my and only my personal opinion. I don’t expect to be cool with it.

    I am not saying that there are not those who needs the comfort of such letters, but this is so not for me…

    • Sinnex, I know that after yesterday’s debacle, most of your comments will now be coloured with defensiveness, as though Pink Panther is an ogre waiting to take a swipe at everything you say thenceforth.
      Dude, relax. You don’t have to be defensive. Or act like you and I have a problem. We don’t, at least, I don’t.
      And the point of this post isn’t the letter. Or the words. It’s the symbolism of the letter. What every gay man wants, whether you want to tell yourself the truth or not, is acceptance by the people he loves and cares about. And that is what this letter symbolizes. Acceptance. Or at the very least, tolerance. The mother knew about her son and she accepted him.

      • Nothing he wrote up there strikes me as being defensive,just him being crystal so his words are not misconstrued by any.You,on the other hand,come across as being……….all those words just to explain the thread title.

    • @sinnex I posted my comments before seeing Your post.. We always on the same page!
      Could this mean something? Lol yes?


  6. Interesting… My mom knows about me but she’s in self denial.
    To be honest, I am not interested in the gaybourhood crave of self assurance or acceptability from people (loved once included) and self pity of “it is not our fault, we were wired this way”
    I just want to be left alone and treated like every other persons out there.
    Sending me a letter like this assuring me of your love is the reason why we will continue to crave things we are entitled to as humans ( if any what I have said made sense at all. I don’t even understand what I am writing also)

    • And without even knowing it, you are making my point exactly. You just want to be left alone and treated like every other person… Would the people leaving you alone and treating you like any other person not have to accept you or at the very least tolerate you to do that?
      There is a difference in one seeking validation and one seeking tolerance and acceptance. A very fine line between those two.

      • @PP I understand your urge to defend whatever is posted on here be it article, someone’s story and whatnot. But regarding this particular post.. I am not in support of it from my own angle, I don’t need my mum trying to assure me that she’s cool with who I am, that assurance of “don’t worry, I’ll still treat you the way I should and still love you ye way I should” is what I am not interested in. Whether you call it toleration or acceptance I am not just interested in it.
        Over time I have developed a thick skin to decide on what opinions I take on board and what I shouldn’t give a toss abt. Maybe it wrid for the white people ( they need acceptance to be who they are) it just doesn’t cut it out for me. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance or tolerance (INCLUDING loved ones i.e my mom and others)
        I don’t even need the country’s tolerance or the governments acceptance. I simply move to were I can be me without anybody disturbing me.
        (Ok, I hope I am not derailing frm the issue here)
        But all in all what I am saying is that.. When my peeps find out who I am ( which they have) I don’t want anyone telling me how they still support me and still love me. I don’t fcking need those words.. I dont have CANCER for Christ sakes!! So why do I need to know how much you still love me based on my sexuality.
        (I don’t know if someone here knows the way I feel about this)
        Ignore the errors in my comments, I always type fast and don’t have the patience to go back and correct them. Thanks

  7. Guys c’mon…. it’s not so much about what medium the mother used in conveying her support. It’s the fact that she is 100% behind her son no matter what the naysayers have to say.

    Also let’s not forget that he came out facebook. Chances are he couldn’t tell her face to face and therefore decided to come out on facebook instead where she’ll see it and “do her worst”

    Her “worst” turned out to be something most/every gay man wants.

    Her only “concern” wasn’t what people would say, but rather the ants from the soda can.

  8. I’d block my mum the minute she joins fb. My dad don enter ‘ignore’ list. My siblings…lets not go there. I’m not sure they wud know if I posted stuff like that. It wud be nice to be comforted so

  9. Hellooo… I seriously am behind Sinnex. I mean, I don’t need this which is more boring than a sexulity sermon. I don’t want pity from anyone. Acceptance, through actions is enough. Just mind your business and lets be as usual as possible…

  10. People will always look for faults, and that’s why homosexuals will never be left alone, they’re different and will always be, people do not want people to be different, when something different is noted in you, you’ll be slammed, forced to be regular ( and still there will be a problem).YOU WILL NEVER BE LEFT ALONE!

    • I noticed that you use Mike Daemon here and in your podcasts.if the audience of your podcast includes the general public,I have fears that some people here will out you one day.Please be guided

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