Porn Stars Not So In Love: Diesel Washington Attacks Kameron Scott After 2009 Diss

PicturesNever one to shy away from a Twitter fight, Diesel Washington came for retired porn star Kameron Scott a few days ago after holding a grudge, apparently, for the last six years.
Diesel found Kameron, whose real name is Ryan, on Grindr, and decided to use that opportunity to tell him he’s fat. Kameron threw some shade of his own, about Diesel’s listed age. Observe:kameron-diesel-1-575x1024
Kameron tweeted the Grindr page, saying “I guess Diesel Washington is still holding a grudge. PS his profile asks you to use his mouth.”
And predictably, a brief Twitter fight ensued.kameron-diesel-2kameron-diesel-3As Kameron revealed in 2009, following a shoot he did as a wee twink getting fucked by Diesel in Titan’s Playbook, this fight all goes back to a little later that year, on Folsom Street Fair weekend in San Francisco. When asked what sparked the rivalry, here’s how Kameron explained it:
‘Well initially it was faked in order to hype a movie we were in, and I was down for that. But then he flew me out to Folsom and we performed at a party there. Later on, he took me downstairs to the backroom and I hooked up with a young hottie. Diesel stormed back to his room, and when I went back to him he was like, “Now it’s my turn.” And I was like, “Um, no I’m good.” He got pissed, and I told him I wasn’t his personal bitch, and he accused me of using him to get my foot in the door. And I told him, “Well you know what? You’re right, I did!”
OK. So you can see why Diesel might be pissed, but you gotta let things go, dude.

28 thoughts on “Porn Stars Not So In Love: Diesel Washington Attacks Kameron Scott After 2009 Diss

  1. I’ve never liked that diesel guy.. He comes off as an asshole…. He fucked Scott Alexander(not many have been down there) like a bitch in one of the videos… And the ones he normally do with twinks, he totally dominates them. I hate it. Just like Ace Rockwood, he never sucks anyone which I totally hate..
    I don’t. Know or care about their beef, but I just think he’s a washed up old daddy who thinks his D is the best…mtchew.. He should go and take several seats…
    And porn stars on Grindr ??? Aren’t they getting enough sex already??

  2. Seriously! You guys just had to dig up a 6 year old beef and wave it like a shredded pride flag all over social networks.
    Well, who am I to judge you both…
    IMO *i think Kameron still misses Diesel’s D̶̲̥̅ as Diesel does Kameron’s Cakes buh their pride won’t let them both admit it*

  3. Okay, so people are actually talking about pornstars right now….
    I still don’t understand why this should make the news. People fight everytime.

  4. 😂😭😂… I couldn’t help but laugh, you guys need help… discussing porn like its some sort of pop culture.
    Time to start my research 😌 … I must not carry last.

    MAX 😱😱 I am shocked.

  5. not a fan of this Diesel negro…his sex scenes are painful to watch., he makes the funniest of facial expressions and doesn’t shut up when his pounding a guy plus he rims like a thirsty dog lapping water from a pond…which isn’t a good thing.

  6. Unnecessary fights like this are not new to the gaybourhood. The only news will be when the fight is over something meaningful. KD on my mind

  7. @Dennis, with this post, I got another lastma vest with a different design and colour.

    Good to see am not the only one!

    The things I have learnt on KD must not be heard outside o!


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