30 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. This is much better than the last one..
    That one was boring and sounded like an excerpt from “perilous time” (a 1990’s movie that gave me the chills).

  2. I’m sorry buh he sounds like a Cat with a British Accent and its Nauseating.
    He needs to drop the Accent and be real.

  3. Hi Ruby,

    Thats not my actual voice, an effect was added to it!

    I do not actually understand how u people want me to talk, am using a radio friendly voice, and almost all presenters do it. And besides I do not know any oda way to talk.

  4. Sigh… mike we are not enjoying this show.. I had to use my earphones to listen but still.. we listen to radio and we know how they sound.. it’s totally different,maybe u should drop d effect #nooffence

  5. Homosexuals are not supportive and encouraging, they are filled with so much hate, I record these episodes by myself@ home with just my computer so the mixing and microphone is poor, and am not an OAP so you guys should chill, if you don’t like it don’t boda about downloading and listening to it again to look for faults, all I need now is your constructive opinion, on how I can make it better, u just come here and talk shit and u do not make any meaninful contribution on how I can improve upon its content! Fucking IMPERFECT PERFECTIONIST!

    • Woah woah woah!
      Hold up! We are just being real, there’s absolutely N̶̲̥̅̊☺ need to blow a fuse about it. I mean we’ve all listened to OAPs so we are quite familiar with the way they articulate their words.
      Its just that with you, it kinda seems forced. We want you to do the following:
      1. Make the show more interesting and captivating.
      2. Sound more natural.
      That all we are saying!
      Wish you all the best tho!

      • Don’t worry I understand all you people want is fuck, fuck, fuck talks, u people here aint serious @all, d moment someone becomes serious it becomes boring, no wonder people see gay guys as freaks, Its evidently clear cos someone tried to be serious here with the “HIV talks” and the comments here were scanty, it was like a plague, and by natural, u mean the way I would talk to my siblings @home.

      • @ruby I am no OAP. I’ll stop coming to this site, I have seen that nothing good will come out of this place, u guys are all freaks!

  6. Oh Mikey! Not everyone’s life here Revolves round Sex *tho its an integral part*
    At this point, I really don’t know which you’d prefer; us being “straight up” real with you or pretentious and conceited.
    You desisting from visiting this site will simply be cowardice *IMO* buh then again, it won’t stop people from crying wolf anytime they listen to you.
    PS: I’m in the HIV prevention busness and trust me, it aint Boring, not one bit so I appreciate what you are doing. You just have to up your game that’s all.

      • Fine! Whatever floats your boat!
        N̅o need to throw a Tantrum or Bawl about people’s opinions, observations or conceptions concerning what you’re doing.
        Just take it in stride and stop trying to make it look like everyone is after your Head! Ugh! Its realllllllly getting old quick!
        PS: not to sound crass or bitchy buh this attitude of yours will further dissuade people from downloading or listening to your program so please for your sake, MAN/ WOMAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pinky, u became angry when I talked, but people were becoming less cautious about their use of words, and it obviously turned to an abuse, I snapped and now I get all the blame, tanx a lot. Well it happens wen people do not see the good in anything you do.

    • This is what I find distasteful. I politely and privately in an email expressed my displeasure with your outburst on the blog. I never once made any reaction here. But you replied me with one line and then proceeded to say your mind here. Very well. So be it. My stance remains the same.

      • Pinky, when I made a comment here, I was never referring to any private discussion the both of us had, I was commenting based on the moderating interference you made here, anyways am sorry, just that I put in so much effort, its not easy working so hard on sumtin, and then people will totally condemn it without any commendation @all.

  8. Mike please don’t kill the idea of a radio show. I love it. Yes, there is room for improvement and that is why we let our observations known with comments. And pls make Una free Mike matter, as if not almost all Nigerian OAPs fake accent. This is a work in progress and I personally want to see it work.

    • @Ace tanx a lot, I really do appreciate, I made it clear on the show and here too as well, that I needed help constructing the show, its for us, and I would like to use it as another means of transmitting our thoughts and what we represent, someone here proposed to help, but never did anything about it afterwards, so I was left alone again, I am no OAP and no sound engineer, I record @home in my room with my computer and sometimes its hard gathering contents, mixing the sound, and effectively deliver sometimes u don’t sleep too as well, and people were suggesting I get someone to join me, I am a loner and its been hard finding that intellectually sound individual to come join me and carry on a meaningful discussion. Plus even if I find that person, it’ll be suspicious having an effiminate guy (as suggested) coming into my room and locking the door and staying behind closed door and recording for hours. Especially when my parents are there to ask me all the questions.. And oops! Not just me but the friend. So that’s it, tell me what to do. PLEASE!

      • I now totally understand your situation. Have you considered outside recording? Where you could record all you want then edit it when you get home. If you can lay your hands on a midget device for outdoor recording and noise cancelation, it might help.

  9. Oh Mike, sorry if you feel this way.
    The thing is that while others want you to improve, others are just looking for ways to tear you down.
    Roll with the punches, dust yourself up and strive to be better.

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