Closeted Gay Teen Discovers Homophobic Dad Is On Grindr

grindrAs if being gay and in the throes of puberty weren’t difficult enough, a teenager claims he found his homophobic dad on Grindr.

Reddit user, decidinginbetween, posted the following thread online:

‘Found out that my “Homophobe” dad has Grindr on his iPhone when he asked me to go fetch it from the car. I am still closeted (denial/curious) so i know what Grindr is, even though i don’t have it myself. This makes it so much more confusing for me.’

The post has received over 100 responses, with other Reddit users offering a wide range of advice.

“My dad was extremely homophobic before I came out to him when I was 18,” atomicpunksf replied. “He ended up doing a total 180 after going to therapy and eventually became the president of our local PFLAG chapter for a while. He later told me that he was bisexual and admitted that his homophobia was due to his own self hatred around being bisexual.”

“A closeted married guy on Grindr might have some intense homophobia going on that he could take out on the queer kid in his care,” jaycatt7 warned. “Tread carefully.”

“Don’t tell your mother until you have had the chance to talk to him,” dipaolo said. “I know that family makes this predicament 10 times more complicated, but outing someone has repercussions.”

Other advice was slightly less helpful.

“You may have to make a fake profile and try to seduce him,” varianlogic said.

“Is your dad hot?” Jota769 asked.

“Don’t hook up with him,” NotAmused1001 advised.

A few weeks later, decidinginbetween posted the following update on the situation:

‘Hi all, appreciate all the kind words of help and encouragement. I don’t know how to explain it in details though, but TLDR: Dad stood in denial and went on the defensive, even tried to question my own sexuality. Mom still does not know and that pains me. I guess he would still be that closeted homophobe and I that closeted homo who is too shit to do more. Maybe all of this is just in my head. Maybe i am just thinking too much.’

Here’s hoping these two find peace in their complicated situation.

41 thoughts on “Closeted Gay Teen Discovers Homophobic Dad Is On Grindr

  1. Uncertainty, hypocrisy, self denial/hatred,confussion etc. All are common to man. Some lie to themselves all the days of their lives.

      • Jboy, what do you know about Gad except his online personality here? And what do you mean by he has decided to lie to himself. I demand you apologize to him

      • Pete, you demand?
        Like seriously?! You learning to talk, or what?

        You better shush aside…or have yourself to blame for whatever you get ‘cos of this.

      • It’s an online forum & you & I know there’s nothing you can do to me except spew insults. There should be a limit to what we say to each other here. And yes, I demand you apologize to Gad.

      • Pete I get your point, but worse things have been said to other people here! Why did you not demand an apology too?

      • That was totally uncalled for,there’s nothing writ in that comment nor on any thread on KD thus far as warrant Gad being called a hypocrite or one in self-denial.If you both have issues,go resolve it,don’t bring it here Jboy.
        I stand with Pete,I demand you apologize to Gad.

      • As for you Dennis,having favorites/those you easily flow with,does not mean you should stand in support of what’s not right.Call a spade by its name,not some farm implement.That excuse of what might have been in the past don’t hold water here.

      • Jboy, that’s enough please. You were quite out of line going after Gad unprovoked like that. But to apologise or not is your prerogative. Let’s not however derail into a larger spat.

      • You threw an insult at gad, unprovoked. You were told to apologise but What do you do? Throw more insults at others.
        To apologise is your perogative even though under this circumstances, it is the right thing to do. How we behave online is a reflection of how we are as flesh and bones, in the real world and in our interactions.
        You can’t continue to remain a bitter individual, you really do need to let it all out and embrace the joyous side of life. Gad did not attack anybody with his comment, he was not even his sometimes condescending self, he spoke of the demons that plague man and It’s portrayal by SOME.
        Do you have a personal axe to grind with him, take it outside.

      • When one joins issues with an unidentified rent boy online it’s pardonable but glorifies a known patronage seeking rent boy with a response,nothing can be more disgusting and unforgivable.

      • And just like that, Gad has ruined it all. You really should know better than throwing your own insult. Calling him a rent boy? Oh I’m out, I really should have stayed out.

      • So Much Love…non-commenters now quacking…Gad, me glad you got the gist; that settles it all…Unappointed SAG (Senior Advocates of Gad), keep rimming.

        Pinkie, daalu so.
        DM, keep ignoring ’em.

        *blows kisses to All*

  2. looool. that varianlogic guy tho. How would he know if his dad were hot? Its his dad for Pete’s sake.
    I guess atomicpunksf had d right of it

  3. ‘You may have to make a fake profile and try to seduce him’.

    That’s some twisted train of thought…if anyone has to even attempt that mission then it’s shouldn’t be the dude. Jeez.

      • Thankyou Colossus I wanted someome else to say first before i am staked to death lol. I will set up another profile, chat him up and even arrange a hotel tryst. Get proof and blackmail him forever, my siblings wont know why he always buys me expensive stuff!

      • Evil children…maybe the thought of seducing my father, fake profile or not just turns my stomach.
        Which is why I said another person should do it biko.

  4. Maybe he has Grindr on his phone for research purposes (pls Deola, help buttress my point)

    The father obviously has a lot of issues… *i will go now go through the comments and see what our professional psychologists have to say*

    • Hmmm!

      Home training? *thinking pensively* Home Training?!

      Home Trainer, how market? Can see you’ve got much…can really see, to have tho’t I’ll have a pinch of want for a fatty-flappy self-acclaimed man with smells of cereals on his mouth.

      Gerald, Colo-whatever and Others, for Pete’s sake *LOL* save us the bad breathe…I recommend Oral B.

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