Our Celebs Dressed For The AMVCAs, And The Fashion Police Were Watching

The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards took place on Saturday night, and seeing as it is one of the biggest Award shows/night to come out of Africa, people talked about it – about our celebrities and what they were wearing.

And this year’s red carpet showed a wild evolution of styles.

Take Alex Ekubo for example, who stepped on the red carpet in a blazer that had heads turning, and had some others seeing red, blue, white and gold all at the same time. Talk about making yourself a rival of the rainbow.AMVCA-2015_111__360nobs

Well, a friend, self appointed officer of the Fashion Police, saw the crime Alex committed, and below is his fine. Lol.Screenshot_2015-03-08-13-27-08

41 thoughts on “Our Celebs Dressed For The AMVCAs, And The Fashion Police Were Watching

  1. I thought you were gonna show all of em. Especially Denrele’s transparent gown. It was a fashion felony of the highest kind.
    I think the jacket is Alexandra’s subtle way of saying “hey I’m gay”.

      • The fabric is beautiful for a beach pair of shorts that you wear and go play at the beach with your peeps. For an award show jacket? No! It was an epic fail! He looks like an art project at my godson’s school

  2. ROTFL The comment na die. Lego? Ludo? Was it an unspoken agreement to tell the world of their respective sexualities???? Cos what I see here is RAINBOW. Y’all shud look for whats not said

  3. Lmao! Charming smile though; more colourful than the jacket. (:

    Genevieve Nnaji killed it looking like a champagne bottle. (:

    One Akwa Ibom woman stole Lupita’s dress (look), lol.

  4. On my way from lagos yesta, i met a UNIPORT theatre arts student on board who had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony with his lecturer, how he beamed with smiles while telling me about it and showed me pics with celebs, was so happy that our country is making efforts to reward smart students cos there were reps from other varsities as well who were high flyers in theatre arts department . He sha invited me to see their play@presidential hotel sometime*winks* ROTL@one akwa ibom gal stole lupita’s dress. Seriously they should investigate, anything is possible!

  5. Ace is Joan Rivers not dead already? I think that GAY guy on fashion police should have it. He laughs on everything

  6. So I was listening to Lady Gaga’s sound of music tribute at the oscars, while reading this. Then as soon as I saw the jacket, I just remembered that Maria used the drapes from her room to sew play clothes for the Von Trapp children.

    Somebody must have been watching sound of music, and then got inspired to use the multicolored drapes in his apartment to make Alex’s play jacket.

    *sips OJ*

  7. I don’t know what I find more irritating, the I’m – sexy – and – i- know-it smirk on his face, the malpropotioned bow tie or the cheap fabric the jacket was made from . I know he was going for the eccentric look but all he was giving was nna – menh igbotic realness.

  8. I’m more interested in knowing who this guy’s bf is (if he has any ).
    He looks more like a lovely bright doll.

  9. I was ashame for ini edo it was so painful to look at her am like really???…and as for Alexandra i didnt watch d red carpet frm d begining but did her ex Utiana interview her?dat wud hv bin super awkard.Eku edewor lukd like a rag doll,Utianas suit was so wrong n too dramatic an all black would have bin so nice…and dat sika osei chick i red gown horrible gosh honestly naija celebs really need to step up.

  10. I like it.. its ingenious. . ..
    non conformists get shot down at first, just like pharell and wearing shorts with blazers..
    but hey guess what? If he does something similar next year but patterns it a bit different we would start hearing ‘I prefer last year’s own to this year’.
    It fits him and thats all that matters

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