No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 2)


First of all, I’d like to announce that the site for #NoStrings With Mike Daemon is now up. You may click HERE to check on it.

And today, we have the second episode of the podcast. Trending on this week’s show is Imogen Heap, Shamir, and an exciting exclusive discuss with Mike Daemon, concerning the subject ‘Reconciling your sexuality with your religion.’ Is that even possible? As well as theories concerning possible ways that one could be outed tagged ‘Out of the Closet 101’… The show finally concludes with the Movie of the Week: A Must See! Then comes the question of the week!

Click HERE to check on it.

12 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 2)

    • oh m g @bade gosh, to you things might be bore but to others might find it very interesting, sometimes we need to learn how to say things without making the writer feel bad. even if you are a critic’s.

  1. Definitely longer than the first but is now taking the shape of a real radio show which is great. Maybe it is my inner radio love speaking but here are some recommendations i feel may be helpful.
    I love how conversational it is but it is kinda banal. You sound like a serious minded guy so it may not be a bad idea getting a more comical and loud (preferably femme) guy to make it both interactive on air and across to your audience. It was a little boring only hearing you speak for that long even before the music came on. It was like listening to your own musing or radio voice practice. Get a friend to bring balance.

    Two, let your topics be really controversial and dirty! In the media, bad news is good news. Talk about setups, hookups gone wrong, failed relationships, trying to seduce a straight guy who didn’t fall and those who did e.t.c. Your discussions came off as too “diary-ish”, make it sound spontaneous. Again, get a friend. You talked about religion and homosexuality and in less than five seconds gave your verdict and decision as if we the audience may not have contrary views. You see why KDs comment section is vibrant, it is because of contrary views. If you had two opposing views, it would have been more fun to listen to.

    Third, that trailer was a airtime killer. It is only fit visually and audio worthy. There was a period in the clip (which i believe was for some sort of suspense in the video) that was so long, we heard nothing and when we did, it was indecipherable clatterings and noise. If you want to talk about a movie, maybe you should make it related to the purpose of your program and just pick a scene of interest (like a dialogue) e.g what Pinky did when he talked about the movie “The skinny”. That line about church guys made me go see the movie.

    Nna, i don over type. This has got to be my longest KD comment ever. I really love the idea of the radio show and see lots of prospects in it. Keep it up.

  2. Hello mike…. just listened and I really do love your idea but……. I think it kinda sounds boring…… mayb cuz it seems like u talking to your self….. so lets make this better and more fun…… get a friend to co host with you some one u can discuss with nd some one who is really free nd funny… (effeminate kinda guy would do) …… and I dunno if you can engage your audience by allowing them to participate in your show through tweets or Facebook etc…… I could help u with some things though… ……. nice work by d way…….

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