Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston to Be Played by (Sorta) Openly Gay Luke Evans

gaston-lukeQuestionably out actor (and noted single person) Luke Evans — perhaps best known for his role as Zeus in the mythological hunkfest Immortals or that Dracula movie they tried to make happen last year —has been cast as the dreamy villainous Gaston in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson and Downtown Abbey‘s Dan Stevens will play the titular couple with Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) handling directing duties.

Though he ostensibly came out in a 2002 Advocate article, Evans has been noticeably less loud and proud about his sexuality on his rise up the Hollywood ladder. He’s, shall we say: gaying it backward, living in a glass closet, not-asking/not-telling, or whatever euphemism strikes your fancy.

“It’s not something he is hiding, but not a fact he wishes to discuss in the press,” his publicist told Women’s Wear Daily last year before an interview with Evans about Dracula Untold. Still, Evans went on to address the rather unheard of prospect of being a gay action star.

‘It’s good for people to look at me and think this guy is doing his thing and enjoying what he’s doing and successful at it and living his life,’ he said.

In other words, can a bitch live? Sure, but, by not discussing his sexuality, does the issue simply go away? It certainly shouldn’t matter, but it does, because it’s pretty cool to have an openly gay action star.

26 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston to Be Played by (Sorta) Openly Gay Luke Evans

  1. “Luke Evans — perhaps best known for his role as Zeus in the mythological hunkfest Immortals or that Dracula movie they tried to make happen last year”

    You wrote this or you lifted it straight from an article? They did make that Dracula movie last year and I highly doubt he is perhaps best known from his Zeus role in immortals. That move was terrible, why would anybody remember him from that?

    • True I barely remember him from Immortals. He has a lot of other more recognizable, better work. furious 6 and The hobbit come to mind.

      • Exactly. I read that paragraph 3 times to be sure I was reading it just right. The shade thrown by the writer was just wrong and misinformed. Luke was a great villain in furious 6, was great in the Hobbit franchise and portrayed a memorable antihero in Dracula untold. Where then does this writer come off writing that piece of thrash paragraph?

      • “Leave here, this is no longer your fight, find Hyperion”..<< I remember this line vividly from Immortals. His voice sha.. Has a ring to it.

  2. Not everybody is vocal, or wanna be gay advocate.. let him be if he wanna, focus on his job and not thrill us with who he is banging or who is effeminate.. de guy hot joor and oyibo can answer useless names.. did I read condom as somebody name there lol

  3. Truth ß̍̍̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ told, I didn’t really feel him in Immortals buh I Fancied him more in Dracula Untold.
    Anywho, whether he wants to ß̍̍̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ vocal or №t bout his sexuality, is totally up to him so long as he delivers on D̶̲̥̅ goods, we’ll ß̍̍̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ alright.

  4. Immortals?! Hunkfest?! With their painted on 6packs?!

    If I hear!!

    Left me mortally wounded after watching! A bland taste to the tongue! The trailer was the worst deception of all mankind!

    On him not all out nd rubbing his gay status on everybody face, I think I like!
    Sexuality? Secondary!
    Living your life as any other? Primary!

    O.A.N: I dont see my Belle in Emma Watson! Nd Gaston was more Bulky!

  5. Wait, Luke Evans is gay? As in, Dracula is GAY? Lawd! I think I deserve a LASTMA overall,with a hoddie and gloves and knee-length boots! Why didn’t anyone tell me this b4 now? How come I never knew? *hot tears*

    @kryxxx: C’mon, u don’t really expect him to be as bulky as his animated disney counterpart,do u? Disney cartoons(back in the day),were notorious for their disproportionate depictions of anatomies (case in point: Pocahontas and all those curves that could start wars and alter history…)

    Anne Hathaway might have been a bette “Belle”,no?

  6. Woah! Wait o, this oga is gay? I guess he is really not talking about it. I am tired of society making every gay guy a rainbow activist. Some people would rather fuck in peace without the whole of Hollywood on their dick.

    And i totally agree, the two movies cited here were not his best. I slept all through both.

  7. Let a nigga live please.. It’s not like he’s said he’s ashamed.

    So there there are no other gay action movie movie stars?

  8. Granted everybody must not be an activist true, but acknowledging your sexuality is not activism it is just saying the truth.
    Visibility is important, why? Cos suicide rates are the highest among lgbt teens. So a teenage boy who is a fan of this guy and struggling with his sexuality sees this guy come out will know that it is okay to be gay.
    It’s not exactly activism, its just the right thing to do.

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