BBA’s Bassey poses nude for Illuzion Magazine’s March Issue

02013 Big Brother Africa’s The Chase Housemate, Bassey Michael Bonney poses completely nude for the cover of Illuzion Magazine’s March Issue.

The cover is a part of a series of images which slowly progresses from a partly dressed Bassey to the completely naked cover star, which symbolizes the progression in Bassey’s life and career from the presumably ‘safe, timid and shy’ reality star to a grown and totally indifferent, determined and self assured movie star in the making.

See the full photo after the cut…1

17 thoughts on “BBA’s Bassey poses nude for Illuzion Magazine’s March Issue

  1. Back arc! Ass! Pecs! Guns! Hair! Facial structure!


    Was telling a friend yesterday that there is nothing sexier than a man with a firm, well rounded nd toned ass TO OGLE/GRAB ND URGE HIM ON! This just proved me RIGHT!


  2. ***singing Jesus take the wheel***

    Now that is a sexy man! No akpan business here! See cakes na!

  3. I knew he had a “kinda” cute ass, but that’s chest is definitely new. He’s supposed to be skinny too. Where did that arm come from?? Dayum..
    Photoshop?? Or gyming?

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