Straight Men Whisper Their Secret Gay Desires

Thanks to the advent of social media sites like Reddit and Whisper, we are now privy to people’s most intimate thoughts and desires. Gay men talk, straight men talk, everyone using these anonymous online platforms to share their deepest, darkest secrets.

And now, you may scroll down to read straight men’s confessions about their secret gay desires…050f3f1cdfc2c8336008766dfe3d7abdb8fb7c-wm050f4aba3a7a3c944380ee20def36686ea58a9050f9c7a68fed056942467b5c40af1ed38e9f5050f9dfc19c638382968446056579d6415ded7-wm050f58c88ed72f896367beef58663cd6640ebd050f412db2223b4930510f690dc76fd3e201e7-wm050f66ed346d3d270141ea8eb474f23d50c3de-wm050f930af8f5352502937fabb5e287c90ae63a050f51653cb62079849690824ad86f63e82b50-wm050f435f61eb9c315800b758aaf04dfe57373050f781307cebf32422382b615b77810077754-wm050f4296184ad7985879524cbc5682a3cb1f3a050fa7f6354070193392bf6e9458bb9c00f9a4-wm050fcdf0bf4362332066a802cefa12644ab68d050fce38b217e8428520d399d3a23c11692302-wm

42 thoughts on “Straight Men Whisper Their Secret Gay Desires

  1. Interesting…very interesting.

    I wonder how many of these confessions can be linked to Nigerian men because the hypocrisy of this our very religious society no get Part 2.

    • One day I was with my colleague who is straight and this deliciously handsome guy walks past us. In my mimd i was dead already as i undressed the guy mentally and all, and suddenly my colleague says “this guy is hamdsome”. Then he realized he wasnt supposed to say that and he dint say anything again and kept driving.

      I was really surprised that day and I have never had reason to question his sexuality.

      • @Dennis, did that make you question his sexuality? Did you try to figure him out?

        Also had a similar experience late last year. It was a friend’s birthday so his picture was on my dp and suddenly one of my straight friends comments on the guy’s bulge.

        It left me wondering for a few hours.

    • Not really so. Straight women admire other women, just that they will readily say it “babes this your boobs na die”.

      But for a straight man to compliment your outfit sef is war, even when he thinks you are good looking and wants to tell you, he will add no homo! Which is nonsense to me

      • Yeah. Same thing happened to me in the office the other day. One of my colleauges (who I have a tiny crush on) commented on my looks.. I almost blushed before I slapped myself back to normalcy.. And another nosy colleague then lambasted him, telling him how its wrong for a guy to say “such things” about another guy. They started arguing and I had to cut in mid way to set the bitch straight. I told him to stop being such a homophobe. We had few exchanges before he finally shut up and faced his work..

  2. Me seff I have a confession.

    When I’m super horny I fantasize about my cute neighbour chic and how it would be like to eat her pussy.

    I’m a gay guy though. Lol.

    I’m pretty sure most of these guys are just bicurious. Nothing too gay about wanting something in your ass.. Unless it’s a guy’s dick sha.

    • ***throws up uncontrollably till my stomach is empty, intestines follow till my abdominal cavity is totally empty*** #pussy …

  3. Lol. Ok, I know I’m gonna be dragged by my edges if I say this,but:
    1) I’m not too sure those guys up there really exist
    2)If they really exist,I’m not too sure they can be described as “straight” (maybe bisexual?)
    A lot of gay/bisexual men identify as “straight”,simply because they feel their attraction to men is abnormal, therefore,they never give in to the actual act, and only sleep with women.
    I’d like to hear all GAY (not bisexual) KDians,talk about their secret fantasies/cravings about/for vaginas…lol

  4. PP pls can u borrow me the guy in pic 5? I promise to return him by the end of the month………….or maybe @ the end of they year! That is if u don’t mind !

  5. i once read that a good number of straight men love to be anally stimulated by their female partners during sexual intercourse, truth is the anal region can be an erogenous zone, but due to cultural and societal inhibitions, most straight men are afraid of admitting or exploring this fact for the fear that it might make them gay … whatever, sexuality is never black or white, it is so many shades of everything in between. Nigeria is the global HQ of hypocrisy, so it’ll be a frozen day in hell b4 a straight Nigerian man admits to having any such fantasies ….

  6. i have had straight guys play with my nipples and bcause i love it,i let them, one of the guy was even bold enough to bite my nipples gently while my dick was screaming ‘yess lawwwwd’ and when he stops it the feeling still lingers on and i do play with some str8 guys nipples too innocently nd they dnt make attempts to stop me sometimes

  7. They are all bunch of Bicurious/Bisexuals. No real Straight dude ever have any of those thoughts mentioned above. All Straight dudes talk about are Women and Pussy…….I have three brothers all Straight and all my male Cousins except one are Straight so I know what am talking about. Imagine a straight guy wants to be fucked or sucked by a dude. Straight to the nearest man indeed !

    • KingBey “talk about” and “think about” do not always correlate! If i voiced out loud all my thoughts by now I will be in a morgue.

      Some straight men do have these thoughts, they just never dare say them out loud just as khaleesi said because of societal/cultural considerations

      • And how does that make them Straight? I thought being Straight was about having sexual feelings and thoughts about the opposite sex? While bei that/bisex was the opposite? They all sounded like my “Straight Boo” that allows me to massage his naked body and even sick him off sometimes. My dear, if I were to take a dick, I for don dey ride that dick tey tey ! Straight=Opposite Sex……Gay=Same-sex……biko there’s enough confusion already.

  8. These thought lines are only available in the brain cells of bisexual guys, not pure straight guys. The society has made some guys to hide inside the “straight” cubicle and then do a lot of downlow things yet parade as straight. There’s a speculation or faculty that all men are bisexual and… Sexuality is not like the power switch. It’s like the volume button.

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