The Prophet Must Hear This

Pictures (2)Someone please alert TB Joshua. His deliveree is desecrating his body for all to see. I’m sure most of y’all have already seen the video clip from Jim Iyke’s movie, My First Wife, where Nollywood (or Ghallywood, not sure which) has shown that they are hotly on Hollywood’s heels in the department of cinematic nudity. There was a ripping of a dress, a flash of nipples, and Jim Iyke’s ass bouncing up and down as he rammed against the nubile co-star. The dude may have a rotten attitude, but he does kinda have a nice ass.

For those who haven’t seen the clip, check on it below. When the clip made its way to Facebook, here’s what an apparent heterosexual commenter had to say.Screenshot_2015-03-01-22-43-04

LOL. Can someone enlighten him on which one it is?

30 thoughts on “The Prophet Must Hear This

  1. Doesn’t anyone get tired of seeing this horrible excuse of a person keep acting nubile roles? I feel violated merely looking at this.

    ***runs away to puke***

  2. This ghana people dey vex ooo! Chimoo is this what their movies are like? Sharon stone has nothing on that babe!

    Jim is so forced about it that its almost mechanical! I blame the director anyway, even porn doesnt come out like this.

    • They are all horrible cringe worthy actors na! If i say it now PP will come after my head, but its true

      • Abeg, DM, park well o. What do u mean sef? When have I ever had it out with you over your disdain for Nollywood actors. I’m not a Nollywood spokesperson biko. I just happen to have my favourites, and No, they are not all horrible and cringe-worthy.

    • @Mercury, so u a hoe too??
      Arent there any decent dudes left on this blog??
      “Great pair of cakes”, seriously?

      • Of course his cakes are meat to you..
        You’d devour them as breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Nansense.
        I haven’t seen your cakes yet, but I’m sure they’re better off..
        Jim’s cakes are just regular akpu made cake.. The type they serve in cheap weddings..

  3. Puhuahuahuahua… This is the most hilarious sex scene ever.😂😂😂😂.. He even rolled his eyes @ the beginning, just before the sex.
    Its so damn fake(the whole sex thing) with the girl’s porn star moans. And the flash of nipples, I’m shocked.
    And Pinky, this is to clearly state that you a hoe. You mean that Ike akpu(cassava ass) is what you classify as nice ass??..
    Tufia ***spits on the floor..

  4. I nearly vomited last night’s dinner when i saw the look of his face. And those cakes? Ew! If Ojuju Kalaba exists, I strongly believe it will have those cakes, so black and disgusting. Yuck!!!

  5. *****Sings loudly with Peak*****

    KING of kings…..forever and ever halleluyah halleluya

    And LORD of Lords….Forever and ever halleluyah halleluyah

  6. The only thing that turned me on in this clip was the lady’s boobs. Wasn’t even noticing Jim Iyke and his forced acting.

  7. JISOX… I just saw this in a library and it was extremely pornisque (is there a word like that) … anyway Jims behind reminds me of amala (burnt amala).
    If the scene was longer than that 1:45, I definitely would have spotted a hard-on.

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