Supermodel With A Super Nasty Attitude? Tyson Beckford Puts Down Aspiring Nigerian Model, D9gerianking

PicturesI’m not sure I love Tyson Beckford anymore. I can’t deal with the way he handles young models who aspire to him. First Keith Carlos. Now, Nigerian model, Pablo Escobar, who goes by the moniker ‘D9gerianking’ on Instagram. (Even though I don’t see anything Nigerian about his name)

D9gerianking believes he’s a doppelganger for Tyson Beckford, and looks up to the 45-year-old American male model as a role model. But he was very recently shaken out of his worship for Beckford on (where else?) Instagram, following a photo and caption he updated on his page. Beckford came for him, and the following ensued.13410724230_863716947012637_53744603_n

Oh, and predictably, apparently Tyson has blocked D9gerianking on IG. *shaking my head* This dude though.Pictures1

47 thoughts on “Supermodel With A Super Nasty Attitude? Tyson Beckford Puts Down Aspiring Nigerian Model, D9gerianking

  1. Gosh,what an asshole……..Oh yeah, that @mrs_baynes2u tho, she finished Tyson tho, ” old ass, gotta suck a dick in d DL nigga?” Really????, LMAO!!!!

  2. What a narcissistic prick! Omg!
    #StillTheOnlyBlackMaleSuperModel? Really? Is that what this is about?
    He is just insecure and terrified about being dethroned. Why has he not retired sef?
    Pink panther the kind of men you get entangled with!

  3. Quite unfortunate. This is a small picture of what Africans especially Nigerians suffer in the hands of foreigners. I say foreigners to accommodate Asians and black Americans etc. That’s what a people get when they constantly look up to others for validation in virtually all spheres of life

    • There’s nothing wrong with having role models. It is not validation they are there for. it is inspiration. There’s a difference.

      • Your response as correct as it is hasn’t made mine wrong. The points I made remains valid until the average African sees value in himself above all else

  4. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewssss. **looks d other way** he’s not even fine sef. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewsssssss.

      • Yes@ Mandy, the dude (Tyson) is fine. It is just the attitude and his insensitivity that needs to be worked on. He spoke fact about the issue but the approach to the matter is wrong.

  5. SMH @ PP! Why is ur love so conditional? Ur Man is caught acting up a couple of times and its already over? What ever happened to “ride with u till the end and holding it down for him”?

    Nigga is just protecting his throne like any queen would! Long Live Queen becky jare! Abi Na Queen B I go call am lol!

    Good morning Y’all

  6. Hmmmm and tyson beckford get time ooo… thought he’s supposed to be ‘busy’.

    Anywaiz Shebi ‘that’ research said it: good looking guys are selfish and assholes. LOL

    Smh4him tho

  7. Handsomeness with a bad attitude = 0 for me. He needs to get off his high horse and accept the reality that he’s getting old and that new fresh boys are taking over. Why is he even still a model at 45? I can’t deal avec ! *sips Viju milk*

      • Obvious na. The struggle to remain relevant na. He knows nothing. They av remove throne from his nyash.

        That said, this aspiring Model’s spelling tho. It packs a heavy punch everytime I read through his tweets. Hian!!!

    • Just saying, some dudes are late bloomers and some from the word go. Sex appeal can’t be bought. It is either you have it or you dont , regardless of ones age group. However it is all vanity at the end of the day.

  8. Tyson Beckford has achieved alot as a model…. Definitely, at some point, the insecurity would roll in, because he still needs the feeling to be relevant, failing to realize that hes getting old…
    I love the way the Carlos guy wasnt all nasty.. ( I need to know the correlation between Carlos and sexiness… (Keith Carlos,anyone.?). Even my next door homie Olumide gets picked up by a New York modelling agency, and “badaboom”.. His name is now Carlos)

    Buh the nigerian dude is sexy sha… Id take his 5.9′ cock..over Tyson Beckford. Tyson beckford isnt so tall either. Hes just 6.0’….a few inches to 5.9′.. So y is he bitching sef.. Na wa ooh.!

  9. Narcissist much, huh Tyson? Seriously I wonder why some OLD men feel like all the validation they need for their continued existence is constant bitching and bad attitude. Tueh!

    Ihe ojoo gbaa afo!

  10. Lol funny thing is that what is doing is perfectly natural. Dude is just being territorial, which is in our nature.
    Remember that brillian/A student in ur class that everybody is always trying to best? Do u remember the look on his face when someone bested him in a test or exam? And the attitude that follows? Remember when u showed up out of no where one day looking fresher and flyer than the cool kids on ur block? Remember how they tried to put u back in ur place? Remember how mummy wants to get that new wrapper so she can show those other women in church/meeting that she is up to per cos they kept putting her down and the harder she tries, they always find ways to belittle her efforts?
    Like someone said it happens in every industry! Naomi Campbell anyone? Mariah carey/Madonna/aretha Franklin and their ability to throw flawless shades @ young acts, janice Dickson?? Obasanjo??? Lol
    I’m not encouraging his behaviour, but he’s just acting on his basic human instinct to protect his niche………..either way his one petty Queen *sighs*

  11. Aunty Becky should go and rest biko. First Keith Carlos and now this? Instead of him to be graceful about this like a queen that he is, he had to go all claws and talons on the guy like a banshee. If I didnt know better I’d think he was suffering from hot flashes due to men-o-stop. Anuohia!!!

  12. ***stifles yawn*** an old queen who’s face has been seen one too many times struggling desperately to clutch onto her faded tiara … father time will soon take care of her, you can only keep the wrinkles and sagginess at bay for so long, 50 is around the corner and 55…60 … are right on its heels, leave her to be there bitching, one day she’ll wake up and discover that her jowls are saggy and her arms flabbed out – that’s when realisty MUST sink in …

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