SHOW ICONRemember Mike Daemon, the KDian who debuted his music, See Me Now, here on Kito Diaries (Check on it HERE)… Well, he has launched a podcast, No Strings With Mike Daemon, and it’s going to feature exclusive interviews with people in the LGBT community (I might even make an appearance), as well as music and movie reviews. And to top it all, a contest for people to win surprising gifts from him. A website will soon be up and running for the podcast.

Daemon has just recorded the first edition. Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD for your listening pleasure. It is my hope to keep sharing more editions of the show here on KD.

39 thoughts on “New Podcast: NO STRINGS With MIKE DAEMON

  1. Accent Accent in the air, legs moving side to side, accent accent in the air……. Love it, just soothing to listen to and that Katy’s song sha(Katy for president)….keep it up!

  2. I get that people tend to roll their eyes when they hear a Nigerian speaking with a foreign accent and this is one of the reasons why I don’t listen to the radio (Amanda and Toke Makinwa anyone?).

    However there are people who lived abroad and do have foreign accents, not everybody’s is fake. Just saying

    • Dennis, when someone fakes an accent, you will know.
      Something must give away the fakeness.
      Learning an accent and faking an accent are two different things though.

    • I remember sometimes in 1996 when we were @ Kaduna airport to welcome some foreign missionaries from st Andrew,s Plainstow, one of the members of the entourage was loudly and proudly forming accent, one of the missionaries addressing the Bishop asked ” Gabriel, which of the Nigerian languages is he speaking”? Apparently, oyibo didn’t understand the man,s rattling. We should always be proud of us.some even change their names to english ones for oyibo to be able to pronounce. Shame. That’s one reason I’m proud of the Hausas. They remain original at all times and everywhere.

    • Oh please Dennis, don’t be overly patronizing. I love the voice, it is broadcast worthy but it is affecting the way he pronounces some words and names.

      • I dont understand how you people want me to talk, ok, maybe i’ll speak in my mother or father tongue, and offcourse the podcast thing will work, i’ll shock you guys!

  3. It’s okay.. Could be a lot better. Maybe a little easy on the accent cause the few times you faltered it threw your talking off balance. And it felt too simple and safe.. You simply scraped off the the surface of the segments. I’m not a radio or podcast presenter so maybe there’s something I’m missing. Hopefully as you make more of this there’ll be improvement.

  4. lol is this dude Nigerian? in Nigeria? and this podcast of his, is intended for Nigerians right? cus over here free wifi is a luxury and data wastage is frowned at…so nope, not downloading.

  5. Sorry…What foreign accent?? Am i missing something? Unless he is an American trying to sound like an Igbo man, otherwise he sounds Nigerian too me…. Production wise, brilliant effort….well done

  6. Hello guys, if there’s anything i need to do to improve, please let me know, plus am giving away a surprise item if an answer is supplied for the question of the week, still waiting for that lucky winner.

    • – accent is inauthentic, and makes it hard to follow/ properly hear what you’re saying.
      – words/numbers are not properly pronounced / clearly articulated
      – topic or format is unclear
      – does this show have a twitter /youtube account to follow or subscribe?

      • And talking about a functional environment and presence on the internet, am working on a website, and i’ll launch soon, where you can subscribe and then follow the show, for new episodes!

        Thanks for you suggesstions!

  7. Talking about format, i believe the idea of the show has been properly stated from the introduction. Well, lemme come again, the show is basically a weekly entertainment, gossip show that features music and movie reviews, someone said, i was safe with the delivery, yea i know, i intentionally did that so as not want to bore people with long talks.. But i believe as the show progresses i will find a way to build upon its content. And about the accent thing, i’ll try and talk in a plain tone, so it doesnt take away the beauty of the message, but truthfully to me i have been careful not to give the wrong impression. All thanks!

      • I really do appreciate your comments, it proves to me that you guys care about my effort. Well am building a website and will launch soon, its been nice having you guys critique and contribute!

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