Science Says That Good-Looking Guys Are More Selfish

dolcegabbanacampaign5Like we didn’t know that already…

Anyway, this just in: The more attractive you are, the more likely it is that you’re a selfish prick.

At least according to a new study out of Brunel University London.

Researchers at the university tested a theory in evolutionary psychology that claims good-looking people have more to gain from inequality because they tend to have higher social status.

The team scored 125 male and female participants on their level of conventional attractiveness, including things like weight, waist-to-chest ratio for men, and waist-to-hip ratio for women.

Participants were then asked filled out a personality quiz which measured their attitudes toward inequality and selfishness. At the same time, they partook in an economics experiment in which they were given an amount of money then asked how they would share with someone else.

“We found that attractive men tended to be less egalitarian and less generous,” said Dr. Michael Price, the lead investigator and senior lecturer in psychology at Brunel University London.

Next, two groups of raters were brought in. The first group judged participants on their attractiveness. The second group judged them how altruistic and egalitarian they appeared based on their photos.

“We found that the ‘raters’ perceived better-looking men and women as being less altruistic and egalitarian,” Price said.

“Our results showed that, in fact, we may be justified in expecting more attractive men to behave in ways that are less favorable to economic and social equality,” he continued. “The results suggest that better-looking men may be biased towards being more selfish and less egalitarian.”

Price added that the study offers new insight into on why some guys may be more selfish than others.

“Several studies have suggested that wealthier people tend to care less about kindness and equality,” Price said. “But our study suggests that attractiveness is at least as important as wealth in influencing these attitudes.”

So there you have it, folks. Now, all you good-looking, smooth-talking fellas out there, stop being such selfish, unaltruistic assholes.

50 thoughts on “Science Says That Good-Looking Guys Are More Selfish

  1. This is soooo wrong yet so right! Most good looking people are pricks (pun very very intended) including the self proclaimed ones.


  2. This reminds me of a popular phrase that some folks use, when told a a guy is fine as hell but selfish or won’t “drop”

    “Abeg na fine face I wan chop!”

  3. People who are endowed in any way – intelligence, beauty, talent, wealth etc – and who get rewarded and recognised for this from an early age can end up feeling entitled and narcissistic.

    Which means more than half the human race is guilty of this kind of selfishness – not just attractive people.

  4. Errrm… Scientists, please tell us something we don’t know already like why I can’t take my eyes off big ass. These days I can’t control it. And God now cursed me with an endowed fitness instructor.

      • Yeah. I wasn’t all that crazy for it in the past. I was more like a thick thigh/laps guy. Now? I literally stare! Especially at the gym where these guys will be dropping low to do squats right before my eyes. The struggle with erections no be here.

    • See them, cake mongers!!!!, I used to be that way, I look at cakes before I look at your face, and if u ain’t packing, we ain’t even talking. Flat people used to irritate me ehn.

  5. so in essence date ppl you and the general consensus find unattractive? I see… a certain imaginative somebody is doing cartwheels right now after reading this, as is a certain student in ibadan, and certain skinny boy with an unfulfilled vendatta.

  6. Before we all start jumping at how unattractive and therefore unselfish we think we are. The article says ‘more likely’. What it conveniently left out is how much more likely. A 1% difference is more likely, so is 50. Articles like these leave out these matters in their bid to grab attention. Looking at the methods I also wonder who these ‘raters’ were and what qualification they have to judge character based on pictures. Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth that ‘There’s no art to tell the mind’s construction from the face’
    All in all I don’t think this study should inform anyone’s choice of a significant other.
    We should however try to be better people good looking or not, moreso for the not so goodlooking… maka na i bu ogbenye burukwa amosu… na im bad pass.

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