34 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: A Sight For Sore Eyes

  1. I came across this photo on instagram and I said PP won’t be able to resist this, he must blog this. I was right.

    These cakes sha **sigh**
    I am trying not to repent from all the things I said about him in the past. T
    See the way they are squeezed, like something is about to enter! I don die.

    ****brings out rosary and starts praying****

  2. Yum!! Those strong legs!! Its almost guaranteed that he’s packing an impressive weapon between em. Imagine the raw piston like energy – abeg turn him around lemme inspect his goods …

      • Haha he garit and I have dreamt of just one night with Iyanya Akpan or not and I will deny it after lol. Although he ain’t got nothing on me. There is a reason why some friends call new “Tip Drill”

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