help1His Kito Diaries pseudonym is iDuke. He always argued here in favour of gay men getting married. He is a Youth Service corper serving in Abuja/Nasarawa. He is a good friend of mine. And last year, he wrote a story which was updated on KD, titled NOT JUST ANOTHER KITO STORY. It was the narration of how he was getting along with a potential hook-up, and on the day he was going to succumb to sex with the guy, this dude, who apparently had other sisnister plans in mind, brought along two other friends of his, and the three of them raped him. (Read The Story HERE).

iDuke told me he was going to exact his revenge on his rapists. And he succeeded, with two out three of them. He was going to share the stories of his success on KD; or at least, he was trying to make up his mind to.

And then, sometime, in the first week of January, he dropped out of touch with me. His numbers stopped going through. He vanished from my BBM contact list. And my messages to his Facebook inbox remained unattended to. My alarm increased when mutual friends of ours began enquiring from me if I’d heard from him, and when friends of his began updating his Facebook Timeline with posts of supplication for his safety and salvation. Apparently, he’d been missing for several days. But there was very little to know about his disappearance; I don’t know his family, and the friends we shared didn’t know much either.

But with more days passing, and following vigorous seeking of information, more news was revealed, however scanty still. Reportedly, he attended a wedding in Agbor. And on the return trip, he informed those accompanying him that he would stop en route to see a friend. That was the last anyone heard of him.

I do not know how involved his family is. But the police is in the picture, and the search for him is based on the premise that he was kidnapped for ransom. Perhaps he was. Or perhaps he has met up with some foul play in the hands of his rapists bent on getting back at him for the misfortunes he wreaked on them. There has been so much debate going on about how much should be revealed by his LGBT friends to the investigation. Even concerning this post, for obvious reasons, I’ve been asked not to update his picture or real names.

But even with these sketchy details, I beseech anyone who may have heard of or knows something about this guy and this incident, and who knows any LGBT person in the police force, to help in this search for iDuke. You may email me with whatever information you have. The email address is As time goes on, pending any developments, I will post more updates. And when it becomes absolutely necessary, I will reveal his identity here.

A brother is missing. Please, help us find him.

49 thoughts on “HELP! A BROTHER IS MISSING!

    • If you’re a law enforcement officer,get across to Pinky.He’ll furnish you with more details about the guy.
      If there’s ought you can do to help,please do it.

  1. Seeking revenge after a kito experiencr can be deadly,I just pray he didn’t fall in the hands of those same guys.And stopping over 2 see sum1 without sharing the person’s details with a friend that’s unwise.

    • Someone is missing! This is not the time to point out what he did or did not do right! Pls try to be sensitive. The aim of this post is to galvanize support and maybe get useful information. It’s not a blame game

      • We can learn from this Dennis… If you have a revenge plan then you must have people who you trust in the know and NEVER go anywhere alone following that.
        That said I wish this ends well but knowing our clime I am a bit pessimistic its all good with Iduke.. heck!

  2. Now this is one of the reasons why revenge is not and should not be pursued but LEFT to GOD! And am so sorry for you all that profess you don’t believe in a ‘creator’…coz this is when he comes in and shows himself strong on the behalf of all those who SIMPLY believe in his SOVEREINTY.

    Iduke wherever you are I will be praying for you coz am not ashamed of Christ but I believe in HIM and in believing, his power is manifested amen!

    • Lord everything is not always about you! Sometimes you should refrain from posting comments if you have nothing good to say.

    • Someone’s missing and this fool still finds a way to make it about his self righteousness. By all means, pray for his safe return, Lord. But do you think you can leave those who don’t believe out of it while praying?

      • Dear Mandy a fool is the one that says there is no God in his heart so maybe you would love to have a rethink?

        Also I didn’t make it about me but HIM! So you guys get your facts right abeg…I know it just pinches you whenever his name is mentioned…and I wonder why!

        All of u with guilty consciousness hian.

      • Actually, a fool is he who professes to love God and won’t keep ALL His commandments, sinning constantly and telling himself that God’s love is always abundant to absolve him every time.

    • Lord, I’ve tried so hard never to respond to your idiotic, self-seeking comments! But for once, I’ll have to say this:

      Lord, please think, think and THINK again before you comment on any post here. Your idiocy is unbecoming for someone your age. Yes, you believe in God as a lot of us here do, but just dump the condescending attitude. Don’t try to shove your belief down other people’s throats. It’s annoying!

      @DM, your view is quite in order

    • I still don’t get how this overgrown turkey doesnt see how creepy and weird his fake professions of faith look … you’re so quick to grab your trumpet and blare out your undying faith and belief. Niggah puhleeezeee!!!! Keep your sugary hypocrisy to yourself aint nobody got time for that! It doesn’t always have to be about you! You’re starting to sound like a broken record abeg ****BBM talk to the hand smiley****

      • Wow! You guys have successfully made this post about me and I don’t think I deserve such accolades as have been given here only because of my undying love for HIM (oh goodness that annoying term again)… however it’s not fair on Iduke whom I think we should still be all about biko

        Iduke like I said I believe in faith that you are ok and are reading this please please please say something soon ok so we at least worry less!

  3. And to all those who think he’s missing cos of the revenge, think again. It might just be a coincidence.
    Revenge is good.. When you don’t have loose ends.
    Let’s not be cowards and allow kitoists to go Scot free.
    I hope he’s fine wherever he is. Always have a close friend you tell wherever you’re going. Sometimes I just open my map and send my location to close friends when I’m in uncharted territory.

  4. PP I know you are trying to protect his identity but finding him and his safety remains paramount,it would go a long way if u divulge his identity, that way someone reading this somewhere might know where he is or something of such. Cus all we’ve got is a sobriquet and that doesn’t help much…

  5. Someone is missing and we are trying to find him. Let us leave the “what to do before going for a hook up” for later. This is not the time to play judge Judy or Iyanla Vanzant.

    If you have information please share, if not just say a prayer to whatever it is you believe in for his safety.

  6. Those who have his numbers could volunteer them to the police or preferably the DSS who will request for his call history from the network providers so as to know the numbers he interacted with shortly before his disappearance. A lead could be gotten from there. I do not know his net worth materially but kidnappers don’t keep their victims this long except they are a terror/militant group.

  7. I really am trying to believe he is ok myself. If his identity can be ascertained, how bout checking with his family? When I went off d grif for a month plus, only my family knew I was doing good.

  8. He is a very nice chap n we happened to attend d same school.
    D info is still very sketchy and u knw not much would want to b divulged to d outside world n his parents if its a Gay related stuff.
    From all we gathered, he went to Agbor n dey confirmed he attended dat wedding( @ least a friend of his gave dat info)
    Dey said he was going to see a girl(dat part isn’t wat I’d want to believe) bt I tink dat sells well for his image to d outside world.
    Pls if U r his close friend,u may knw d identity of who his earlier “kito pple” are n wat plans he had @ revenge.
    We can on our own start up a search based on our community
    While d outside world does that
    D decision not to place his pix here I tink is still for his “integrity” n face should he come out later.dt decision isn’t rigid tho and time may necessitate its change.
    Truth b told, d story isn’t a good one @ d moment but @ least closure wuld make some sort of sense rather dan ds uncertainty

  9. This is really sad. Just hope he comes back ok

    More info is needed tho, at least to identify him incase we see him smwhere or have sm info. I would suggest a putting a pic, but of cos am also aware of the need for privacy here.

  10. I wish there was a way to share his identity without actually sharing his identity. Maybe our emails or something. I am still trying to think. We can do something guys. I have been reloading this page hoping for news. Still praying.

  11. The fact is, he went to see a ”girl” which undoubtedly is or sounds like a family member. Now, if he revenged someone, they could, after finding out he did it, hardened sadists and as brutal as they are, they should try to get back at him again. Let’s say, using other accounts to get to him, or using another person to lure him…
    Or it could be, though hard to believe that, he got into the hands of another criminal…
    Gad said enough: give his phone numbers to the police…and if they cannot reason that hard, assist them with the advice to:
    1. Inquire about his last dailed numbers and get in touch with them.
    2. If they can’t get in touch with them, then SIM registration will prove useful… Check the information on the number and, it could serve so much.
    I hope that he returns, and safe but kidnappers surely would contact his family by now… We just have to be as careful as we can be!!

  12. Hmmmmmm.

    This is a very touching one.

    I do not think sharing his identity here or anywhere else is important… at least not before all other means have been exhausted; like using the telecommunication coys and police to follow leads…

    I really do not knw what his picture would do… if he has been kidnapped, he wouldn’t be walking on the street for ‘us’ to see and identify.

    • There is a tiny wee chance it could help (infinitesimal though) but I hope we are proactively exploring other means cos this is just sad

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