Remember The Sexy Jeremy Meeks? Well, He Just Got An Unsexy Sentencing Of Two Years In Federal Prison

Jeremy Meeks Court AppearanceRemember when you guys were getting all hot and bothered over Jeremy Meeks, aka, #PrisonBae, when his mug-shot was circling the web last summer? Well, sadly, your boo is about to be behind bars for a few years.

That mug-shot was for a reason, though his good looks had everyone talking about modeling contracts–and booty calls. The 30-year-old was arrested in Stockton, Calif. on June 18 during a gang sweep, and was hit with weapon charges. And while Meeks had the ultimate come-up in terms of popularity behind bars, including getting offered multiple contracts from agents in Hollywood, he hasn’t been so lucky in the legal realm.

Meeks was just sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a weapon–specifically, a .45 caliber pistol. And those two-plus years actually make for a great sentence compared to the 10 years he could have received since he served time in 2002 for grand theft. Meeks will also have to go through 500 hours of substance abuse treatment.

Despite all this, Meeks might be happy to know that all the attention he got for his looks seemed to open some kind of broke down door for other individuals arrested, who just so happen to look good. Remember Sean Kory?

Anywho, Meeks is definitely sexy. But prison? Not so much…

30 thoughts on “Remember The Sexy Jeremy Meeks? Well, He Just Got An Unsexy Sentencing Of Two Years In Federal Prison

  1. Lmfao @ Dennis… They do… Maybe he could go from time to time to get his own “pound” of flesh.

    This guy is Phynnnnnnnnnneeeeeee!!!!
    I’d go to prison for a few days for him.. Ummmmm, scratch that, few hours tops..

    • Wow kizito that’s so true…being gay in Nigeria is actually criminal and that’s why we are all hiding in here…anyway that guy is fynnnneeeeee as fu..! Oooh!

      • Being gay in Nigeria is not a crime……….being married to one of same sex,being witness to such marriage,publicly promoting gay activities,those are what has been criminalised.A thin line,I agree,but not the same.Let’s keep that distinction clear.

  2. Is it just me or does he look almost like light skinned version of Tyler Perry in prison clothes. He does look more appealing without the dreads…. I wasn’t feeling his sexiness at all when he had those dreads, but now I won’t mind shagging him.

    Goodluck to him in prison though. That sexiness won’t go unnoticed.

  3. Scary eyes and tatooed body plus a drug addicted criminal. If he were handsome his character is not allowing me to see it. I have just been proved wrong again. I use to believe that criminality is the exclusive preserve of ugly people.oh! How wrong

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