Murder’s Jack Falahee Isn’t Telling You Jack About His Sexuality

Jack Falahee 01What’s always the first clue that an up-and-coming TV star might be gay?

A) They submit to a splashy feature story in Out magazine, complete with a sexy layout,


B) They decline to discuss whether they’re gay or straight.

Sure, there have been plenty of Out stories that feature straight folks that are gay allies, but aren’t nine out of ten straight actors who make it big playing gay characters, when asked about their orientation, quick to admit that they’re not gay? (Case in point: We all knew from the beginning that Will & Grace‘s Eric McCormack was straight, but Sean Hayes remained tight-lipped about it for over a decade, annoying many of his fans — some of whom never forgave him.)

Jack Falahee, who plays sexy gay law student Connor Walsh on the hit show How to Get Away with Murder, has made quite a splash on the series, appearing in some oft-discussed, highly graphic man-on-man sex scenes (the sort that Billy Crystal doesn’t want to see too much of). As fans of the show, we love how comfortable his character is with his sexuality and how said sexuality is handled by the other characters — either as a non-issue or with a big thumbs up (when he seduces a sexy bad guy as a way of getting information).

Falahee, however, is evidently less comfortable. When asked straight-out by Out whether he’s gay or straight, his answer is slick:

‘I don’t think answering who I’m sleeping with accomplishes anything other than quenching the thirst of curiosity. And moreover, it seems reductive. It’s been really interesting to be in the middle of the industry’s fascination with the individual, because I never thought about that growing up or when I was at acting school. No matter how I answer, someone will say, “No, that’s not true.”’

We get it: It’s your first big break as an actor and you’re afraid that coming out at this stage might fuck it up. But we also think the truth is more than likely revealed by your reluctance to discuss it.

And finding out this way saddens us.

This is not meant to be a condemnation of Falahee. In fact, we love him. We just think the Sean Hayes response is so two decades ago.

Later in the article, he says, “I really hope that — if not in my lifetime, my children’s lifetime — this won’t be a question, that we won’t need this.” Which is certainly a nice sentiment. But rather than wishing the question didn’t exist, we’d prefer it if the answer simply didn’t matter. Which it clearly does to Falahee.

But we’re getting there. Slowly.

71 thoughts on “Murder’s Jack Falahee Isn’t Telling You Jack About His Sexuality

  1. Ok so he talked about his children….at least that gives off some clue right? Abeg let’s give the guy a break jo and not judge until he admits it himself!

  2. Sexuality is a private matter and no one should be forced to discuss it. If he doesn’t want to discuss it at this point its okay, queen latifa still hasn’t talked about it after all these years.

    If he talks about it fine, if he doesn’t Fine too. Its his prerogative

  3. I think I share his sentiments though! My sexuality should b my business nd who I sleep with should also be say. It should b a secondary part of ones life nd shouldn’t b d first thing we see or say when we r talking about them or me. Actually discussed same thing with a friend yesterday nd I was re-echoing same sentiments.
    The way some of them over there wear d badge eh, like their lives revolves on being gay!

  4. Am hoping at sometime this year I get to pull off this Lastma vest o!

    See me running to Google to find out who Hack and Sean are…kai!

  5. I can completely see why he doesn’t want to pigeon-holed into only certain roles by saying he is gay or bi….in an ideal world this question would not be asked.

    But as an up and coming celebrity, you will definitely lose some privacy. Even celebs do keep certain info close to their chest. I’m guessing he feels he can handle the fall-out

  6. Sexuality is definitely a private matter, don’t ask and I won’t tell either, well unless you’re a female I don’t like hitting on me then I will tell ooo make e end dia. Sean Hayes tho, they just shouldn’t have asked.

  7. Quick question, what if U were chatting with a close friend who isn’t homophobic and is open-minded and the question pops out, how will U reply?

    • With the truth. Simple as that. I’ve come out to a few close friends that way. We’d be talking of emotion-charged issues; the question would pop up and I’d drop it like its hot.

  8. How come we only hear “sexuality is private” around gay people? It’s homophobes who spread that agenda to shut us up indirectly.

    Everyone should be able to talk about their sexuality (defined or undefined). If nothing else, it prevents romantic accidents.

    Also, a person’s sexual orientation AND who they sleep with are not always the same thing. Let’s stop mashing the two together. Asking you about who you’re naturally inclined to love is not the same thing as wanting details of your sex life. The latter is private (unless you choose to spill).

    That said… Sexuality is a politically charged issue – unfortunately. Important public decisions get made over it – again unfortunately. So Queerty’s cynicism over Falahee’s response is unkind and uncalled for. This guy just started a career that’s very important to him – he went to acting school for crying out loud; being cagey about his sexuality is him just protecting his dreams. He’s not betraying anyone (as some of the gay community want to think) neither is he manipulating his fan base to stay relevant.

    I barely noticed him in HTGAWM but abeg they should allow the poor guy to follow his dreams before they start their wahala.

  9. I can’t comprehend why people are so curious to know if you are gay or not. A guy in my department actually asked if I’m gay in d midle of our non-sex discusion and when i requested what brought about the ‘Jamb Question’ he said he was just curious to know. I told him ‘Guy u dey craze’. Ppl shld just mind their bzns nah haba.
    PS: I’m still looking forward to the get together party Pinky said we wil b having dis year.

  10. like we’ve discussed before..coming out is a very delicate issue and a choice that d individual makes at the appropriate time, and if he’s really gay then I think it’s wise he remains in the closet at this point in his career. He’s still a newbie, on a debut show…so coming out should be the last thing on his mind. And I think its mighty insensitive for Out Mag to have asked him that question.

  11. Chizzie i can now rest seeing ur comment as i always look forward to. Lest i fgt, i saw where DM gave d reason he opens doors for PP. I couldnt stop laughing at naughty Denny

  12. If I was Jack I won’t answer that question.

    Once I do, I’d be typecasted and I’d be the go to gay guy when hollywood needs one.

    Look at Jussie Smollett from Empire or that guy from Ugly Betty and Partners.

    Anyways, I am not saying it is wrong to come out but if he really is gay, I won’t advise him to.

    Mark Ruffalo played a gay guy in the Normal Heart. Jared Leto played a transexual. Sean Penn played a gay activist. Why aren’t people hassling them. I feel like we like to put people in a box and define them by who they sleep with. Acting is an art and people should focus on that.

    I love Mr. Falahee though. *sigh*

  13. OAN: who saw empire S01 E05?? I was thoroughly entertained.. That boi Hakeem has a banging bod.

    And Deola, no spoilers pls.. For those who haven’t seen it.

      • I understand why he wont want to answer the question…typecasting does exist in hollywood and it isn’t cool. He is the breakout (hehehe) star of a hit show, and he plays his role brilliantly and with that kind of exposure , he’s private life goes out the window, he should get used to this particular question, its never gonna stop being asked.

        That being said He would have to answer the question at some point, Sean Hayes even with all his dodging had to, and since then has mostly gotten gay roles to play on tv.

        Thats not to say there aren’t gay actors who are cast as Straight guys and do a great job at it. Typecasting definitely isn’t as bad as it was.

        I think I already know what team he plays for anyways…

      • My deola

        That Lagos lunch must happen. Do come with your arse-nal of movies

        ***stands by to pour mercury hot coffee ***

    • Oh honey, I dey watch am as e dey hot and my time zone gets to see it before most states. I’ll just be dropping spoilers all over Facebook to piss the later viewers off.

  14. I actually heard he was dating the black girl Micheala Pratt (Naomi King) from the show. But hey who knows, she might just be his beard. Daryll Stephens from Noah’s Arc never came out even when the show was running. But this is 2015 ain’t nobody judging, like Cookie from the show Empire will say :-)!!

  15. Let me just say i just concluded episode 11 at 3.49am today and do i love him. He is just too fine and too good at acting gay, not to be gay.

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