Cristiano Ronaldo marks his 30th Birthday by getting All Oiled Up

article-2708788-2012A1A900000578-107_638x327Happy Birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo!

The Portuguese soccer stud turned the big 3-0 a couple of days ago, and to celebrate, he’s stripping down, oiling up, and showing off his rock hard — and we mean rock hard – body to promote his CR7 underwear line.

“I love vibrant colors and underwear is a great way to experiment with different looks,” the birthday boy says in a new commercial. “The bright pink and red in the new collection and the bold patterns gives it a distinctive look for Spring/Summer — I like to make sure that the collection stands out! I’m really proud of it.”

We’ll take one in every color!

Check out the pics below.rs_634x846-150204044335-634.CR7-by-Cristiano-Ronaldo-JR-2415-502x670rs_1024x767-150204044332-1024.CR7-by-Cristiano-Ronaldo-JR1-2415_copy-670x501

19 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo marks his 30th Birthday by getting All Oiled Up

  1. well, sometimes built up muscles and abs won’t be enough to render you sexy…he is not hitting it for me biko i will pas *rme*

  2. Pinky!
    “We’ll take one in every colour”
    I’d already balanced for some deliciousness only to get two photos. Ogini?

    The brother is hot biko. I can pick ‘balls’ for him during training.

  3. Cboy is so well sculpted! Like a sculpture Michealangelo spent 10yrs on! That Jawline nd crotch……………………

    *Snaps out of fantasy*
    I want them briefs!!!!! Something to strut around in on Saturdays, Sundays nd every other day!

    Nd Pinky, the colours u chose didn’t do ur writeup justice biko! Where is d bright PINK ONE?!

  4. Three reasons why I love football;

    Christiano Ronaldo

    David Beckham

    Joseph Yobo ( untill that b***c Adaeze hustled him from my radar)

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