Blog_Sex StoriesIt was a lazy Saturday for me. The atmosphere outside was still under the hold of the characteristic London chill. The festivities were still in gear, and so, there was a general relaxed mood about.

I scrolled through my phone and the social media forums on it like I usually do, when I’m bored, or maybe just out of habit. Instagram, Facebook, BBM… Then that app. As usual, I knew the faces and profiles in my area.

But then, I stumbled on a strange face. I checked him out – African, not Nigerian. Kinda cute in a strange way. At least, this half bread is better than the buns that is usually fried in my area.

I hit him up and he responded. Correct! Let’s see what this one is up to.

We followed the usual line of banter – felicitations and what not. Then we got down to business. He’s bottom and he was looking to meet. But he was at a friend’s. I don’t usually accommodate hook-ups, because my room is almost always a mess, and it doesn’t give a good rep. We were at an impasse. It was starting to look that this wouldn’t happen.

Then, after exchanging pictures (clad and privates), his tune changed. His friend had given him liberty to have someone over. Apparently, they found a brother hot in the face and ‘everywhere’. I wasn’t really in the mood for an all-out sex. Sometimes, you just need something different – a cuddle, some head, some rim, frottage, you know, whatever works for you. And so, I told him I was only in the mood to get some head. I got a response very unlike African bottoms (Pardon my stereotyping). He said he was in the mood to get fucked and not just suck some dick. No kidding. There and then, I began to suspect he was actually one of those white folks I’d been trying to avoid. His response sounded too straight forward; except he was high on something or extremely horny.

Anyway, I got a few things done at home and thereafter, headed to his friend’s place. It wasn’t far, a seven-minute walk away from mine. And since I was to see a friend in the same area, I decided to look dapper. I waited for almost five minutes in the biting cold, asking him where his friend’s apartment was, and I almost gave up when he responded.

Interestingly, when he came out to meet me, he looked better than he did in the picture. But he’d put on a little more weight. I guessed the environment took its toll on him. His friend, an elderly guy, coincidentally Nigerian, was just leaving the house. He left some parting remarks and exited, but I could tell from the lingering that he wanted to take in more of my presence. Yeah, I know. I have that effect.

Anyway, the guy I came to see ushered me into the room and offered me wine. He’d been taking some Rosé just before I came in. I politely declined, as I’m a teetotaler. We watched a bit of TV, and then got to stripping. As I had a lot of clothing on, it took a little while to get out of my clothes. He was already waiting under the covers for me, because he’d started to feel cold. I joined him under the sheets and we latched onto each other, hugging tight and feeling our bodies. Quickly, I was able to gauge the extent I should go that would blow his mind and I decided to tone it down. I squeezed his butt gently but severally, while rubbing his body. Then I propped him up and still in the same motion, moved to his anal opening while maintaining the strokes and squeezing of the bum. He sat astride-ways to me and this gave me good access to his body. I teased his nipples while continuing my motion, and I could tell the last bit of his soul was leaving earth. I guess the guardians of the gates of the beyond sent him back at the threshold, because he returned and decided it was his turn. He took my schlong in his hand and straight into his mouth. With his motions, I could tell he liked doing that, and that he liked the size of it, because watching him in action was like observing a kid with a candy sick.

Wait! That IS what I possess, because if it wasn’t it, I wouldn’t have repeat offers.

As he went through his motions, I moved him sideways so I could continue playing with his butt hole. I eventually got him into the 69 and rimmed him a bit; his ass was smooth and was not with the odor. That told me he had cleaned up properly. Our play continued for a while, and then he couldn’t take it any longer. He turned around and slipped down in front of me; we were on our sides. I covered up and went in from behind. Sideways though. Not a problem for me.

I had only just entered and thrust a few times, when I noticed that the brother was slowing down, getting still. I, in my loving way, leaned over to ask if everything was okay. He’d been stroking his dick along with my thrusts, and that had slowed to a halt. He didn’t say anything to my inquiry. And that was when I realised; he had cum already. Okay, I didn’t expect that, but I was somewhat glad I had that effect. I pulled out and rested beside him so as not to make him feel awkward. I was also reassuring him that it was okay, because I know how it can feel. I’ve been in embarrassing situations before too.

We continued watching a programme on TV. Thankfully, it was an interesting one about childbirth in a hospital. We were soon drawn into a conversation about children, birth rates and death rates, then leading to how he wanted to travel round Africa and eventually settle down with a man of his dreams. After a little while, I got up and got dressed; I still had to see my friend who lived around. We parted with him giving me an indirect invitation the next morning at his friend’s, but I had an appointment the next morning anyways.

A brother has got to keep busy, y’know.

Written by Regal Sweetheart

60 thoughts on “THE HOOK-UP STORY

  1. A brother has got to get busy, his embarrassment was quick ejaculation.
    Mine is late ejaculation accompanied with quick erection and it can be so annoying because I always end up wanking myself.
    This exactly I can relate.

    • Shuga do u mean after you’ve cum then an erection swiftly occurs??? Wow! After I cum u dare not touch me for some mins at least! Reminds me of a friend I had in lasgiddy some time ago

  2. Pinky oooooo!!!! I haven’t read the story yet, but that GIF u put up there is making my body to do me somehow,somehow! This early morning…hian!
    Let me go and read the story first…

  3. @Regal: I don’t know how u teetotalers do it o! It must take a lot of restraint and willpower. I’m definitely not an alcoholic,but I can’t imagine going thru life without imbibing in some form of alcohol once in a while.

  4. God of Mercy!!! (I hope I’m not using the Lord’s name in vain)
    Pink Panther, where do you get all these your pictures from? And this one is even in GIF.
    That picture is doing some unprecedented things to my body this morning.
    And the worst (or should I say, best) part is that your pics are always an exact match with the accompanying story.

  5. I love booz before sex and on special occasions a lil bit of Mary Joe, I want to make out like that pic, I’ve not done it in a while, I just cant bring myself to do it with just anyone there has to be emotion behind it.hence my usual ducking for the nipples during random hook ups.

      • I really don’t get ppl that “don’t like kissing o”. It always baffles me when ppl say things like “I don’t ususally kiss,Im just doing it now cos I really like u”. Me I love kissing ehn! The mood is not just complete without kissing nah…that’s like drinking lipton without sugar or honey.

      • Yup Mercury, am with you on that… it feels a tad weird for me to kiss a guy i don’t feel anything for.

    • Names people coin ehn. Before it was macho Mary, now frigid Franca. Soon it will be bashful Briannas.

      ION there is this really hot yr 1 boy in my lodge that totally has blood.rushing into all the right places at wrong times. He is always coming to my room shirtless, seducing me with his beautifully formed abs and really slim waist. I nervously asked him one time if he realised how slim his waste his. #bashful Brianna. He just smiled. I really need help hia o. This thirst is real o.

  6. Ok so what was the essence of the story again. Its not sexually graphic for the hoes, not informative for the sapiosexuals and just blah. At least the dude with the alleged overactive imagination rants better than this sex post. Bye!

  7. Awww Regal love you mean you didn’t cum???? Now I also have that effect on most pipo but whether u cum before me or not this schlong must pour!!!

    Anyway nice one…hmmm pinky for a blog that doesn’t encourage hook ups I must say this was quite raunchy…..thumbs up.

  8. Ok…I haven’t had sex in 2months so this made me go green with envy.

    And am I the only bottom that doesn’t cum in bed? it takes me forever to cum and I mean forever. wanking itself,becomes a chore and most tops just give up after trying repeatedly.

    I feel frigid sometimes.

    I don’t see anything embarrassing abt a btm climaxing early, it could mean that the top is hitting all the right spots,and vice versa for the tops too.

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