Actor Colin Farrell Thinks ‘Well-Hung’ Ewan McGregor Should Be More Proud Of His Penis

640_colin_farrell_ewan_mcgr“I don’t think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would—or should—or could be. I think that’s the greatest demonstration of his innate humility, that he doesn’t wear it like a badge of honor.”

— Actor Colin Farrell sizing up his friend and Cassandra’s Dream costar Ewan McGregor, who has appeared fully nude in several films including Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine and The Pillow Book.

85 thoughts on “Actor Colin Farrell Thinks ‘Well-Hung’ Ewan McGregor Should Be More Proud Of His Penis

    • “Slightly” kwa? Why are u shaking ur head “slightly”? Ur thoughts are impure! If u want to shake that thing,shake it like u mean it! Hehe…

  1. Ewan is unusually hung for a white guy.
    Saw his nude a while back and i totally gasped. same with collin too.
    Who wouldve thot british guys come packing like that. lol

  2. *Squealing*

    I love dis dude scatter! My idea nd picture of Shakespeare’s Romeo.

    *clears throat nd starts to sing*
    Come What may……..
    Come what may……….
    I will love you…….
    Until my dying days….

    If only she didn’t die.

    Anyways, on d dick matter. Everybody won’t flaunt naa. Some ppl still understand that there is more to life than dick size nd sex unlike some other peeps I know that bank/live on that.

    *clears throat again*
    King of Kings!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    Lord of Lords!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    And he shall reign for ever nd ever!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    • Moulin Rouge , oh lawd… Loved his performance there.. Brilliant with Nicole..
      Still in my top 20 best songs of all time…

      “Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place”… I luh this part 😭😭😭

      • Nara Ise there Mr Max! That movie nd those songs gets me squealing like a gal nd sweating in all d right nd wrong places! Thank God I love watching movies alone, I would have being “outted” myself cos of moulin rouge!

        *back to singing*
        And there is no mountain too high….
        No river too wide….
        Sing out this song nd I’ll b there by ur side…
        Stormclouds may gather nd stars may collide…
        But I will love you…
        Until d end of time!

        Awwwwwwwwwwww! Y can’t I sing! Project fame audition judges would have been blown away!

      • Naa. I’m not a fan of movies especially Hollywood . I’m sure he can’t chant a psalm or tell me stories behind any great hymn.

      • I almost went for audition for one of the talent shows… Thank God I didn’t.
        And @Kryxx, I like watching movies alone too. Keeps me immersed the whole time..I hate distractions while watching a movie.. I like hearing every single word and seeing every single action.

    • Kryxx Moulin Rouge was one of my fav movies eva! But you will not make heaven because of this halleluya chorus you are singing

      • Ah ah! Tryst dear, There r those “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” moments u just can’t resist squealing over! I can’t help it biko!
        Going through one now over that “Sade” song by AdekunleGold. The guy covered OneD’s story of my life. Awesome!

      • Shurrup @Trystham.. If you’re looking for a “REAL” man, why don’t you go and find a conductor or a panel beater..

  3. Now I need to find me those movies..
    Ive always had a tiny crush on him. I like the way he talks..
    I’m shocked he’s hung..for a brief dude.

  4. ….wait! U pipols are excited over hung WHITE guys???? Hmmm and we hung black dudes are what?? Ah never mind I know the answer to that…irresistible! Yup I said it!

  5. Colin: “Hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is…”

    Me: “…now we’ve heard Ewan is hung!” 🙂

    • Wait, when u say “Lord” in reference to pride in penile-size, do u mean “Lord”,or do u mean…”Lord”?

      • Oya Chestnut! Dey go work oh! Looking for trouble here nd there! Nd ur type sounds like all dis small ppl wey no dey gree #SmallPepperTinz! Lol!

      • Lol Kryxx,so u don’t need closure? The statement is ambiguos and could be interpreted in two ways,that’s why I asked cos I know it’ll bug me for the rest of the day if I don’t find closure.

    • Awww common max I ain’t just proud am LOUD about it!!! Who knows sef maybe my dick is just one small tiny thingy…maybe u guys should have figured that out by now abi!

  6. Ewan Mcgregor? I’m sorry,but “Meh”…he doesn’t look much taller than Iyanya; it would be like trying to make love to a child. Speaking of cock, who else noticed that his hair in that pix makes him look like a COCKerel?(Purely coincidence,I’m sure,lol).
    He should thank Moulin Rouge for making him relevant…*rides away on bicycle*

  7. They look like lovers in this picture……I loved Ewan Mcgregor in I Love U Philip Morris, one of his lines in stuck with me forever….. When he said to Jim Carrie ” enough talk, let’s fuck” I died. They didn’t show his PENIS tho.

  8. It’s not surprising most of us remember him from Moulin Rouge, musicals were made for gay men.
    If Broadway ever came to Nigeria, that would the the no.1 place to meet men.

  9. Uncut white cock with its pinkish-red tip so transparent you can see the blood coursing through the veins … ***BBM not interested face*** rolls eyes from Warri to Warsaw***
    Biko give me a thick hefty black dick with a fat vein on the top and a nice thick black head and you’ve made my day!! Yassss!!!

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