The Struggles Of Being Gay At Work Are Revealed On Whisper

Work life can suck — no arguing that one. But it can go from unpleasant to downright insufferable for LGBT employees who feel pressured to hide their identities from bosses and coworkers for the sake of professional advancement.

And here are some of the uncomfortable realities that still exist in the workplace revealed on Whisper, although sometimes, the biggest problem is simply too much office eye candy.

Read and share your thoughts, perhaps about what you have had to go through concerning your sexual identity at work or school.whis1whis2whis3whis4whis5whis6whis7whis8whis9whis10whis11whis12whis13whis14whis15whis16whis17

57 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Being Gay At Work Are Revealed On Whisper

  1. I can relate with this.

    I have a gay boss who I always knew was gay and we’ve worked together for over 2 years. He just found out am gay last week and he’s not happy I hid it from him all these years.

    Dunno how to face him when he comes back next week.

    • Ure lucky.. Mine is laced with religious piety. And holds family values to a high esteem. . takes leave just to attend church function. Zero tolerance for anything gay relate .

      • Trystham I saw. What u did there ooooo continue.

        There is this new guy that was just employed. The guy get aZZet! I am always transfixed when ever he shows up, with his shirt all tucked-in and his cakes are on full display. no extra layer of shirt to cover his impressive curve. Too bad I don’t do work place business. But tbh if the guy ask me, enh! I wouldn’t say noooo rara! Cos u can’t say no to a mountain of ass like the one he’s got.

  2. In love with a member of my team! That one I can relate to. And Max shut up!

    Having to show up to work related social functions alone all the time is tough too

  3. The Nigerian human resources director of my organisation was eased out immediately a group of drag queens decided to bring their blackmail of outing him to the office.

    That’s enough motivation to remain in the closet and throw the padlock in River Niger.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww! That blind date one was so sweet!

    See how dey r talking with lil agitation! I don’t blame them shaa, if it was in naija they would instead b thinking on how to redecorate their closet nd add extra steel barred doors!

  5. Lol………. Going through this post, brough a flood of memories. Where do I start? Lol.

    Crushed heavily on 2 out of the 3 bosses that I ve had.

    During my IT year I was crushing so bad on my boss back then (or is it love sef?), that my heart would do back flips everytime I see him and would run out of breathe anytime he smile at me. He was def gay, cos he would smack or squeeze my ass at every chance he gets.
    I was young, shy, scared, naïve, and a bit racist back then. One time, he went on leave and the entire office called him to see how he was doing, when the fone was passed to the smallie in the office (me). I chose not to take the call cos I felt ppl around would see right thru me, after much encouragement, I took the fone, and after a few back and forths, he asked “have u missed me?” I paused 4 serveral seconds to slow my raging heart, and answered. “Yes”. The next sentence Knocked me off. He said “when I come back, want you to come and see me at my house, just “CLEAN URSELF UP PROPERLY”. My reply an icy “EXCUSE ME? He immediately changed the convo. fast forward to 2014, when I’m more enlightened, I realised that he was asking me to “douche properly” but I was to naïve to understand, instead I felt he was being racist (Na whiteman). 6months later he resigned and left.
    I still ve mixed feelings about out situation till this day. should I ve messed up by doing work place runs that always manages to make it into the company’s rumour juice and mess my name up ?or should I ve just lived in the moment and just hope 4 the best?

    My current boss has suspected me since 2013 cos of my lack of GF. Use to crush on him too, but I am over hiim. (What’s with me and white ppl and light skinned boys? Reverend PP, I need prayers biko).

    • Hahahahahahaha… You need serious prayers. Let’s book a session for next weekend… Cc- Pink panther- A.k.A mother Theresa. We r gonna need plenty of anointed candles and holy water for the cleaning.. But for starters, take these 💊💊💊💊💊💊+🍷🍷🍷 twice daily as a quick fix till we come up with a permanent solution.

    • All of u dat hav fine fine bosses,una own betta. My current HOD ehn…God forgive me,but the guy is tooooo ugly ehn…he has a very strange and confounding kind of ugliness. As in,u just can’t stop staring at him in awe,no matter how hard u try to look away.when he’s speaking to me,I just keep staring at his head and eyes and teeth; I don’t even remember half of his words. Or sometimes,depending on ur mood,u just can’t look directly at his face when he’s speaking to u cos u might puke or bash his face in with ur shoe! And d day he took a passport photograph and was complaining to the photgrapher that it wasn’t fine,he called me to look at it…I died a little inside dat day #WorseInPictures!

  6. Lol..homophboia in the workplace is just as bad as it is in church. We haven’t really had any anti-gay rant recently, as I don’t normally stick around to make small talks with people. But I seriously dread the day it’ll happen. For some reason. Co workers can’t seem to mind their bidniss.. Last week, the one I normally go with( in my car) asked me why I only play ladies songs in the car and moody classical music.. I just my mind I already bitchslapped his nosy ass.. He’ll soon get what’s coming for him if he keeps the questions coming.

    • The small-talk thing, I can totally relate. I don’t hang around for small-talk cos I know inevitably,the discussion will swing around to Fabregas and toto! There’s this particular co-worker that ALWAYS wants to talk about sex and conquests! No matter what we’re discussing,he must always relate the gist to women and nyash and breast and pussy and the way pussy smells and tastes and feels! I dey avoid that guy like leprosy…he recently got angry and said I don’t like flowing with him on whatspp, I said “no be like dat o,bro; my battery is always low” lol.

      • Lmao… Pussy talks are gross.. Totally hate it.. Days of pretense and plastic smiles are gone. I just withdraw myself from the situation.

  7. When I was doing my IT, I had huge crushes on 3 men I was working with, you know how bankers dress in their tight fitting pants and all. And my direct supervisor was always showing pornographic pictures which they shared amongst themselves on the office intranet.(sick right), and then out of the blue he is telling me how when he was a corper some guy hit on him and stuff and played along only to tell him off at d last minute. What do y’all think,(gay or not)…..still see one of my crushes today and he looks even hotter.and I’m still crushing, too bad he just got married.

  8. Na wah o! Una stories sweet ehn,no be small!
    Work-place crushes *sigh*… I’ve had my fair share. When I was doing my internship,there was this young doctor that I was ready to drink cyanide for,if he had asked me! He was so quiet and gentle and slim and taaaaalllll and cute and smart and nerdy, with his glasses and white-coat and huge text-books and nice,round,ripe ass(nobody that slender should have an ass like that;it just defies logic!)…*sigh*…thank God I didn’t die because of that guy o! It was so bad that when I saw his car parked anywhere,my heart would literally start beating faster and I’d walk beside the car,just so I could look thru the glass and see his stethoscope and text-books,with his name on it. There was I time I worked in his unit for a month,and anytime I saw a prescription from him,I’d just keep d paper and stare at his hand-writing and signature (even the handwriting was nerdy-sexy to me,just like him,lol). Chai! I really mumu that year sha…

    • OAN: these ppl tried it, for using Ryan Gosling’s pix up there,lol…let Eva Mendez catch u ppl first; o ga gwo unu ka abacha!

      • Lol.kryxx,can u blame me? I was so young and naïve then.I didn’t know ANYTHING abt the gay community in Nigeria…I was just a lost,tortured soul, floating around in oblivion.

    • Chestnut! Ur case bad biko! Kilode! Handwriting? Seriously?
      If homeboy had let u anywhere near his home, I am sure you would ve sniffed his boxers, stolen his pix and set up an alter of adoration with candles and everything.

      • Lol. Peak,u don’t even know the half of it! I was living for him back then; everything I did,I did for him: during my morning exercise,he was my motivation; ironing my clothes was to look neat for him; brushing my teeth was so I would smell fresh if he ever got close to me; going to work on time,just so I could run into him early; leaving work just a bit late,to see whether he would drive out…chai! That guy put my life in a bottle back then! I feel so foolish when I think back. lol

      • Omg… Hahahahahahaha.. Ya’ll cracking me up here..😂😂😂😂… Making my cloudy day brighter. Never had such a crush on someone..

  9. Wow wow wow!!! I have my own share and to think that apart from being gay am also married so my own na double wahala if kasala burst!

    Ok am a boss in my office so I have to hold myself TOO many times for comfort (my dick agrees too coz of the strain I put him thru…sigh)..but there’s this dude that is Sooooooo sexy and Married and just is SOoooo subservient to me that am almost tempted to TOUCH! Oh boi but when I think of the consequences I have to hold bodi jo….now if you know me you would know that the helps are just sexy to me (don’t ask me why they just are…damn) and once u become so faithful in your work of SERVING me in any capacity my konji goes on overdrive everytime I see you…however 14 years is no joke..wait not even that but the trauma that one just might go thru coz ur the boss!!!

    Oh God in he walks into my office at the time of writing this and oh boi he’s smiling again…guys biko should I at least ask him somehow if he maybe knows about it? Oh….!

    • Ask him if he knows about what,ehn king? Are we d ones that will tell u what to do? I can just imagine how that conversation will be: “erm…do u know about men who sleep with men?” Of course everybody KNOWS about “it”,even homophobes!

      • And even I am bi….i shouldn’t konji for men again abi??? Especially if he’s as fyne as ooooh my goodness he’s smiling again at me…cum oooo how does one know when a sub is crushing on his boss…too much smiles and a yes man IN everything abi?

  10. Well, my boss found out I’m gay 2 days ago. Stumbled on gay literature on my laptop. Told me today that he’s cool with it. You can only imagine how shocked I was!

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