Pastor Claims That Every Gay Person Will Soon Become Cannibals Going Through Hospitals For Human Waste

zombie-eating-brainsOh, brother. Here we go again.

Pastor James David Manning announced plans this week to march against “sodomite cannibals” in Manhattan (a.k.a. “Sodomite City”) because — wait for it — the gays are planning to turn into “flesh-sucking” homo-zombies and chew off the faces of innocent women and children and eat their poop by 2016!

“God Almighty has given me the revelation that soon, after the court announces that they are to be protected by the Constitution to be sodomites, they’re gonna also start cannibalism,” the concerned pastor said in a recent propaganda video. “Every sodomite, every lesbo, every homo, every fag, every transvestite, every LBGT person — by the year 2016 — will have participated in some sort of cannibalism!”

Why will this happen? you ask.

Because gay people are possessed by demons, of course.

Manning breaks it down for us, saying: “They are demon-possessed! And they will do it with a smile on their faces! In fact, they will be scourging through and rummaging through the hospital waste looking for human waste. A number of people are going to go missing and only their bones will show up!”

Watch the crazed rant below. Or don’t. Just one question though, will this cannibalism be attacking just American gays, or will the virus spread out here to Nigeria?

112 thoughts on “Pastor Claims That Every Gay Person Will Soon Become Cannibals Going Through Hospitals For Human Waste

    • Oh some ppl will EAGERLY believe and repeat his “logic”!
      I swear,these retards kill me with their stunning foolishness. Being gay is demon-possession? No; I think homophobia is d true demon-possession, because I can’t see how a non-possessed human being will say that loving a particular group of (legal) ppl will make u crave human flesh and blood and feacal matter! The other day,one said gays will go extinct,for lack of procreation abi? Because only gays beget gays,abi? Smh…this is some serious demonic brain-damaging.

  1. What these men of Dog get away with these days ehn, anyway, I’m already looking forward to his being caught practicing what he preaches (against) on a 13yr old boy.

  2. Pinky, where was the secret meeting held that you didn’t inform me. Apparently there must be a world supreme LGBT council that plans the next move for members. and the best they could come up with……wait for it….pause for effect….was eating human poo. wow. This pastor is highly inspired. Naaaa not by the holy Spirit. other spirits like Vodka maybe.

  3. This does not make any sense. Does this guyknow how ridiculous he sounds?

    Even if I was a straight homophobe, this will be utter garbage to my ears.

    Oh well, we’d have to wait to 2016 to call this guy out on his foolery!

    Or we can start now.

  4. Ok in defence of Christianity, which is surprising given my stance on that religion; Just because someone calls himself a pastor or a Christian for that matter doesn’t make he/she genuine. Some of these ppl are as in this case fanatics w mental issues and nothing abt them suggests they are really bible believing Christians…

    i don’t think anyone should pay them attention, gay or straight.

  5. Pinky,I will sue you. How come its difficult for you to distinguish between a clown and a pastor? This comedian only took the title of pastor simply because of his interest in offerings and thithes and you are falling for it. You will hear from my lawyers

  6. Lol. Pinky you are not serious oh.
    Ofcourse you had to put the most dramatic cannibalistic picture known to man up there…where do you find these pictures sef, more importantly what are your search parameters that always makes the photo relate to the post perfectly???

    As for this comedian, thanks for giving me a good laugh. This dude has obviously been watching way too many movies…

  7. on a more serious note ,you have just hit the point. That clown is one of the fake pastors that abound in our world today. He is far from being a christian.many comedians,public analysts,motivational speakers are finding churches nowadays from where they spew all manner of un-biblical things. The main aim is to entertain the congregation in exchange for thithes and offerings

    • Holy shit…he refers to himself as the sodomite slayer!!! Lwkmd!
      This Wikipedia page only made me laugh more. He says Starbucks Put semen in their cofee😂😂😂😂😂
      He’s also a racist. Whats really sad is that he has a massive following which equals to a whole lot of stupid ignorant folks out there.

  8. Omg!! To think i actually burned my precious data in these austere times watching that lunatic rant!!! He’s clearly insane, religidiocy + psycho-schizophrenia … a deadly combination who’s results can clearly be seen.
    I have a great deal of respect a and admiration for the USA and it’s guarantees of the various freedoms (inc freedom of speech), but honestly some humans deserve to be stripped of those rights and muzzled like rabid dogs until they draw their last breath. I can imagine that some Nigerians have probably seen this video and swallowed it in its entirety – and you wonder why homophobia is thriving and very alive …

  9. Kk…I have seen and heard a lot of stupid stuff in my life against gays. But this… This is the dumbest, most idiotic statement I’ve heard from a human beings mouth and that’s considering what that dumbass said about gay’s being a dying breed cause we can’t procreate. You know sometimes I wish the movie “the purge” was real at least for an hour …… I wouldn’t hesitate to splatter this idiotic homophobe’s brain across his church’s pedestal. Lousy piece of self involved shit

  10. OAN, As January salary gets paid, Christ Embassy members will be sowing their entire salary/allowances as ‘first seed’. 100%, no deductions. imagine!

    • And pray Pete what’s wrong with that! And how does that relate with what’s up there? U better not put your mouth where it won’t fit! Tithes Offerings and Firstfruits are FROM the word of God…something am sure you know so little about so respect yourself PLEASE!

      • how can a church demand ALL your salary & you see nothing there? I hate insults especially on somebody you don’t know. lord,it relates to the topic as it shows the extent humans can go as it pertains to spiritual matters.

        Lord,maybe you are just a church-going xtian. with the death of Christ,christians entered into the era of Grace where you don’t require tithes & first fruits,which are Mosaic rules. Same way,you don’t require sacrifices of birds for forgiveness of sins

        I have said it before,religion should be a personal issue.

      • Are you listening to him? Your entire wages as first fruit indeed. From the word of God truly. The only thing more laughable than this guy’s duplicity is his blind defense of man’s interpretation of religion.

      • Pete dear, Christ’s death was a once for all sacrifice for the atonement of sins since the blood of lambs slain on Jewish altars can’t wipe sinful stains away. It didn’t abolish first fruits offerings, tithes nor offerings. Offering is an act of worship to God though people have made it to look like investments to suit their economic aim. Eg: congregations are told that when they give it comes back in many folds. Yes,I believe that but that’s not the reason why we should give

      • No Dennis, that’s being too generous. How can you ask Rod, sorry Lord to take a seat that was bought with other people’s January salary?

        He should go and meet Chris to give him a seat, or he should stand. You can’t sow in the east and reap in the west.

        That’s how, back then in school, my friend that was attending Believers’ love world used all his monthly allowance for first fruit and every morning he will be disturbing our peace for money to buy “okpa di oku”. This other colleague have a car that can make noise for Africa but she won’t work on it because of first fruit.

        So much garbage Christianity. Anyway, am not surprised, if e no be Chris, e no fit be Chris. Nonsense in bracket.

      • I have actually paid my first fruit twice! See eh lemme just tell you, Christ Embassy serves the strongest and best grade of opium.

        Those times eh, hunger dealt with me. I was terribly brain washed.

        I bless the day i got off the opium pipes. One of them saw me going to play tennis on sunday and said something sarcastic about backsliding. I reminded her that “Christian” actually means “Christ like” and that not one of them in that place even remotely resembles Christ!

      • Like I said you obviously know SO little of the good book so pay attention…

        Tithes, first fruits and offerings were made to God way before the law of moses was introduced by God. What did Abel give to God that Cain his brother was offended for…Offerings…ok what did Abraham give to Melchizedek in the bible to show that He was the bigger of the two..TITHE and finally Firstfruits means the first of your harvest and that is to God and not man….if you have the time pls read Rev 14:2-5 so you get the true meaning of how God sees Your Firstfruit.

        So just shush when it comes to spiritual things coz it beats your physical mind sense. But the good thing you can do to yourself when u don’t understand such things is to be QUIET!

        That goes for you too Pinky…just coz think you are intelligent that doesn’t PROVE you know spiritual matters…. so stick to the earthy rhelm biko….!

      • You’re coming at me with spirituality?! YOU?! Lord of the dick and king of all things carnal?! YOU?! You’re the one mouthing off about spirituality?! Hah! God don suffer. The day shameless two-faced hypocrites like you started acting holy is the day God started cringing.

      • Lord,religion is a personal issue. don’t force your ideology on me. is it the same Bible everybody interprets to suit them that you want me to read? why not we start with how the bible came to be written?

      • Yeah pinky thanks for the honours you so bestowed and can’t agree with u less!

        However giving ALL your income to the one you call God STILL doesn’t make ANY sense to you does it! Yeah shake your head up and down round and round it still won’t enter will it. NO! Coz to someone as earthy as you you think someone like me giving all my income to MY GOD is how did u put it..yeah u exclaimed ‘dear God’…. u see it doesn’t make mind sense to you and so very absurd abi…

        Well News flash….IT does make perfect sense to me and that’s why I do it and if you or Pete who decided to put it in the same category as that video up there are still perplexed (with no surprise I might add) then your Christianity should be put to question big time..

        So you should first ask us who do it why and whether we are senile and maybe we are in your understanding of things but DON’T YOU DARE SAY anything bad about what you or Pete don’t understand biko! And NEVER in your wildest imagination think it’s the same thing as what you posted up there…it is NOT! Giving of yourself to your God is way harder than giving of ALL your INCOME trust me! And it’s not absurd it’s just the way WE VIEW HIM….the source of the ‘things’ we gave out in the first place.

      • First of all, Lord, for you to think that this issue about first fruit is in any way me and Pete relating to this zombie post shows how dense you are. Not that its a shocker really.

        Secondly, the materialism and carnality of your comments makes you the last person I’d take seriously on anything Godly-related. I mean, its almost like me seeking papal advice from an Ifa priest.

        And thirdly i don’t even have any issue with this first fruit issue. Whatever floats the boats of those who practise it. What my issue is with you daring to condescend to me, and waving the spirituality flag. Laughable really. Something tells me you think toting a bible and going to church every Sunday, saying your nightly prayers and conducting morning devotions are the parameters you have for this grand assumption that you’re close to God.

        Earthly me just dey look you dey laugh.

      • Dear brother, the Bible is clear on the concepts of first fruits. Its con men sorry cosmetic pastors that turned it the other way round to suit their pockets. Its purely agricultural but they have broadened it to include financial incomes. Theologically, responsible churches(those that exist to minister the gospel not the ones that preach the gospel in order to exist) are divided on the concept of tithing. Some believes it applied to the Levites because as Priests they don’t work and since we don’t have Levites nowadays, thithes should be given to non-working priests.don’t read the Bible like a novel. Apply history and theology

      • Tithes and firstfruits,as commanded by God in the OT,were agricultural produce.Fruits from a particular land,the land of Canaan given to the Israelites.He knew those commands might be put to wrongful use,which is why he harped on it being produce in several places in the OT,not money.
        I would advise you pick up your Bible and read,Lord and stop being swindled by some conman in suit.You need the relevant books,chapters n verses,send me a mail.

      • Lool religidiots, keep enriching your smart Alec pastorpreneurs… they soar @ 35000 ft in their luxury jets while many of you hustle for seats in cramped buses … i just dey laff una … ***rolls eyes from Abraka to Abu Dhabi

      • Biko what is this earthy reference? Is that like a different strain of the homosexual virus? Instead of craving poo, you crave the one spiced with earth?
        Where does one get earthy? It sounds kinda funky

      • Pinky thanx a lot! Nice to know all that but you surprise me by your question on how I put paying firstfruits with this your post upstairs??? Did you really ask that question???? Were you not the one up there who agreed with ‘that’ Pete who tied it together and don’t you think you have a responsibility to some petes of this world not to defile the SAME Word U claim to obey? Hmm as if I was the one who linked it in the first place ha!

        Anyway it looks to me that I stuck a cord when I labeled you earthy hence such an emotional response from U…sorry they say truth is bitter sometimes…my point anyway is call the petes of this blog to order as I AM WITH U on the fact that Firstfruits in no way tallies with your post upstairs…Pete at least me and pinky agree on that point!

        @Gad and MacAMacArdry am sorry to burst your bubbles but agricultural produce at the times the Good book was written was their CURRENCY and so their MEDIUM of EXCHANGE ha! So what do you think ours is NOW! Ok as you follow my line of thought please see it this way: LANDS was their ONLY inheritance and therefore their SUBSTANCE and what else were you expected to give to the one you call God then….MONEY???…..aha now u see ba!

        So today who is a farmer amongst you and I today….hmm u guessed right..none of us. Oh ofcourse if that was my only substance today I would give it to HIM!!! But my substance today is my income and so it’s MY AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE today! Ha! So if first fruits IS IN the BIBLE then I do that and MIX it with FAITH then I would have the results….Dennis here is where you missed it when you said you did it before….you forgot to BELIEVE IT! The Word about it that is.

        So abeg leave me be with what ave known to WORK for me and do not at all link this in the same category as what was posted up there…that has been and will for ever be my argument!!!! Pete take NOTE!

      • Currencies were used in Bible times. I’m hearing for the first time that agric produce was a medium of exchange then. I hope you are not confusing trade by barter with this. Paul was a tent maker, zacheus an accountant, Luke a doctor, this shows that all were not farmers

      • Well said Lord. Ha! Take THAT non first fruiters. YES, you guessed right, i’m a CHRIST embassian, we giving out our APPLES since the days of Adam, HA!

      • @Lord,knew you will come up with that MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE nonsense.For a start,kindly read Deuteronomy 14:22-29.Talked about tithing,you can call it the establishment act for tithing in the Bible.Pay close attention to verses 24&25.Money existed then,but God would have nothing to do with money.That is why artisans,who also existed then,articles of trade were all exempt from being tithed.Only agricultural produce.
        Again,Deuteronomy 26:1-11 established the first fruit offering.In verse 2,God was categorical about it,it must be produce of the soil and you must not even take all from a field.Just some from what you planted,enough to fill a basket.Again,money existed then,it was their means of exchange,but God would have nothing to do with it.He doesn’t want it,he doesn’t need it.
        With the coming of Christ,we’ve been translated to a new dispensation,the dispensation of grace.We no longer need to do burnt,sin,reparation n whatnot offerings as required in the Old dispensation.Now,I have no problem with anyone who chooses,of his own freewill,without coercion nor expecting God to be your money doubler,to give in such manner,but if you would toe that particular path,better make sure you do it as God prescribed.Aaron’s sons,Nadab and Abihu were priests too,but God killed them because they offered Him a strange fire(offering).Something He didn’t ask for nor prescribed.Leviticus 10:1-3

      • More where that came from,actually.Had to keep it short,KD is no pulpit.Really annoys me,these new generation churchgoers who wouldn’t pick up their Bible to read,but will shout the loudest n form holiest.Professing to know the mind of God,as if He’s their intimate,When His will has already been laid out for all.Gives us Christians a bad name.
        Lord is no Christian,anyway.Not from all he’s been prattling on KD.We know one by his fruits,afterall.

      • Am soooooo sorry to burst your bubble again MacArdry but your interpretation or statement of the Genesis of Tithing as you stated up there is wrong wrong wrong… allow me to refresh (and I say this lovingly as I see u r a little bit on the right path..unlike some) your lovely bible sensed mind…

        Tithing didn’t start AT Deuteronomy it started at GENESIS and precisely chapter 14 and verse 18-20 ….er you do know that Genesis is before Deuteronomy don’t U? Oh am sure you do….so quick go check and make sure u learn something today…

        As for your currency theory well I saw money in that part of the bible you referred to however I didn’t see where God SAID that HE doesn’t want….wait for it…..THE FIRSTFRUIT in money currency and only by agricultural produce!!! Common now that is preposterous to say the least…Deutoronomy 26 DOES NOT SAY DON’T pay your Firstfruit in money help!!! Am sorry luv but today’s enlightenment is about Firstfruit and whether to give it or not and not HOW thanx to pete!

        I hate to flog this issue as am doing now but am I having fun? Yes coz I feel pipo that don’t know should not say SHI about the good book and let someone who knows throw some light in this blog that EVEN thinks Firstfruit is the same as that man’s dream of eradicating Canibals and vampires!!!!! Pete and co….!

        So if you have agricultural produce pay but if you just have cash like the MOST of US here then pay it in faith and see what the LORD will do! Ha!

      • Meself tire for the man,Pinky.
        @Lord,what part of “you must take some of the first of all the soil’s produce that you harvest from the land the LORD your God is giving you and put it in a container”(Deut.26:2) do you not understand?.You do realize the use of must there makes it mandatory,right?.
        As to your Gen.14:20,Abram gave a tenth of recovered war booty to Melchizedek,following the custom of the land then and the rest ninety back the original owners.Not of his own property or produce,and he did it only once in his lifetime.That was no tithe establishment,wasn’t commanded by God nor was there any prescription nor benefit obtainable therefrom attached to it.Tithing,as laid out by God was covered severally in Deuteronomy and the book of Numbers and all those passages say the same thing,produce of the land.
        Now,it’s been said severally on this board you are somewhat obtuse,but this your drivel really takes the cake.Don’t bother replying me now,just pick up your Bible,if you have one.Some text for you to read:
        Leviticus 27:30-34
        Deuteronomy 14:22-29
        Deuteronomy 26:12-15
        Nehemiah 10:30-38.
        When you’re done reading and meditating on them,then you may reply me.

      • And yes,this issue Pete raised quite dovetail with the subject of the thread,Charlatans on the pulpit,leading a lot of Sheeple astray.Christ did say we should watch out for them,those wolves in sheep clothing.

  11. I love pastors who spout rubbish, they r good sources of comic relief
    I personally wonder aw been a cannibal gay would be (endless dicks to chew on, no more sucking) yayyyy
    It probably tastes same as cow dicks *jumping on me bed

  12. Oh Pastor James, you got that bit about us sucking right… We suck dick! Spit spurting and guzzling all the way with some gags here and there. Get your facts right. Such a sicko.

  13. And here i thought it was Umbrella Corp and their stupid T virus that was turning people into cannibalistic zombies. I had no idea the American justice systen had such powers.

  14. @khaleesi dear am sorry I just had to state here that I am driving my second BRAND new car now…er something they call chacha or tear rubber…just so you know it’s some of the results of my Firstfruits ooooh!

    • But I’ve been giving my first fruits for years now. I’m yet to drive my first car, please what have I been doing wrong? Please Lord, help me, help me tap into this BIG anointing

    • Hmmm. Lord you just betrayed your box-up mind set. So ownership of cars is a sign of blessing to you? I pity the people in your church who has no car. Are you telling me that my grand mum wasn’t blessed bcos she don’t have cars? Hmmmm. Odikwa egwu. Well,thats what you get when you sit under the teachings of cosmetic preachers

      • Sorry to burst your lovely bubbles Gad but ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM who? If you read my comment there I was only replying Khaleesi but you then took the comment out of context…typical with pipo that don’t have so much else to say!

  15. That’s their mindset these days,Gad.They’ve turned God into a money doubler.You give now cos you expect it to come back to you severalfold,not cos there’s joy in giving.And for your giving to work,you must bring your offering to that particular church,give to that particular pastor.It don’t matter if that old lady in your street has had no bite to eat all day,that fatherless boy with holes in his shoes,not sure where the funding for his schooling will come from.God will take care of them somehow.Your own is to “bring in the tithes and offerings into the storehouse….”,you know the rest of that quote.

    • And am sure YOU pay your tithes too MacArdry after all that’s why you re talking like this….so knowledgeable in the subject and so obedient to it that YOU KNOW SO MUCH to criticize!! Hmmm carry go bra! Enlighten us further so we pay and NOT be disobedient…er or did I get that wrong…oh you are actually admonishing us NOT to pay???? Oh boi what am I saying again must be a very good preacher!!!

  16. I appreciate God for who He is and what He means to me,and from the bounty of His blessings I try to positively affect others as much as I can,whenever I can.I don’t pay tithes,never have,not to anyone in the garb of pastor or shepherd.I’m Catholic,by the way.
    Being knowledgeable in the scripture,living it day by day,emulating Christ Jesus,though one is nowhere near perfect,isn’t that what/who we’re called to be as Christians?.
    I’ve scoured through the scripture,especially the New Testament,nowhere did I see people being exhorted to shirk their financial obligations,to themselves and those in their care,in the name of “paying” some nebulous concept of tithe/firstfruit.Or what do you say to that man who has to pay his kids’ school fees this month,maybe his rent too,yet is being prevailed upon to give up all his monthly income in the name of firstfruit offering?

      • Oh ofcourse not dear….it shall be answered here and now…Give God his due and see HIM work it out for you…add a little (yes colossus..little for emphasis too!) faith and please read Proverbs 3:1-10 …especially V 9 & 10 and see what has been provided for THOSE WHO GIVE HONOUR to God through firstfruits and tithes IN HIS WISDOM and not by THEIR EARTHY ways! Goodmorning and sleeptight….try not to let the bed bugs bite!

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