A Verse To HIV

3. hivYou sealed my fate

But I clutch to my faith

No…not faith, ‘cos I’m still afraid

A-quiver under your siege


You came bearing VI loads

In CD-4 depleting packages

You astonished my cells

My mind and I…


The very fibre of my reality

You tore in shreds

Leaving me in tatters

On the path down to Hades


For that careless tryst

I’ll walk this grim journey

Forever and alone in sackcloth

Paths laced with ashes and despair


But I am born of a phoenix

Rising from your very own embers

Anvils and hammer my mind will not bend

Brimstone and ice my body with not stay


As I walk your walk

A victor will I be

Clad in the finest of silks, resplendent with colours

A rainbow of strength and vitality

In the face of your dreadfulness and failure

Written by Pisces

19 thoughts on “A Verse To HIV

  1. Wow!!!! A rise from the ashes! In fact what got me was…’but I was born of a phoenix’…wow Pisces u do well oooo. Thanx for this coz you make us realize that no disease can overcome or overwhelm the one that knows OF his SALT!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    This is so sweet nd sad………..

    Now I feel like having…………. Never mind shaa.
    We all shall rise up like that phoenix over our diverse issues!
    Nd d church says……….. Amen!

  3. Now I get why kizito types “hmmmm”… 🙂

    Without sounding naive or judgmental or something else that I can’t find the word for… I just have a question for everyone (especially KDians living with HIV)… Do you guys share ur status with people that you meet and are obviously attracted to u?

    I mean I hope there aren’t some brothers that actually go out there spreading the virus *sigh*

    • Dear Oluwadare that question also crossed my mind. However how are they supposed to tell the first person they wanna have sex with that they have a virus? I don’t know but it seems…..er dunno! Maybe am wrong so do u guys tell?

      • Dear Lord. I feel if they don’t tell the poor guy… he’s more at risk than when he knows and still decides to go ahead and be with them.

        At least in the latter case he ll be careful and can protect himself well…

        … that’s what I think.

  4. Thank you everyone for your support and love for me and this piece which echoes my experience and state of mind.

    Thank you Pinky. I am so forever indebted!
    Just so you know you are still no 2 on my top 10 to see personalities of a lifetime.

    As for those of you asking for your PiscesofMind…..different folks with different moral standings. As for me why I’m on this part of emotional healing is becos I forgave first the person that passed the virus to me(without knowing who the person is) and quickly forgave myself for my carelessness and naivety. I personally can’t live with the knowledge that I am the reason someone is walking down this path and he may not take it as I did/do and so I have made restitutions and still making(trying to reach out to my ex’s). Told my fiance who I became estranged with becos of my status and what do you know he proposed(waves hand to show studded band).
    So basically it is up to the person who is living positively to do so and not under any societal obligation…and you please do protect yourself unless maybe you are having sex with yourself!


  5. Pisces, delete that line :

    on the path down to Hades


    You’re not on any path to Hades, brother.
    Your steps should rather lead you to Zeus’ abode in Olympus.

    But I love your courage.
    You are a victor already.

  6. Thank you Samurai for your observation!

    ”On the path down to Hades” tells of the psychological strain I went thru in the first few months of knowing my status…..

    You would never know how much meeting Hades one on one and looking into his eyes has spurred me into doing things(positive) beyond my knowledge and yes ”He” has sent me back up to meet Zeus and beautiful Apollo which the last two verses echoes…. i am forever grateful I met ”Him”.

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