45 thoughts on “Morning Humour XII

  1. Then why stringing him on…tell the guy ur just not interested na…and don’t be so wicked the guy’s konji is almost killing him pshewww!

      • I’m telling u to shut up cus ur comments are really senseless and u have a problem putting yr words together properly, so i’d rather u just stop commenting.

    • Yes I did. The guy is asking for something so bad and instead of your friend to just say he isn’t all about sex at all he just allows him to display his konjiness!!! Am sure they must have met in a gay chat media somehow and so it’s not as though he doesn’t know your friend is doing…bot or top it doesn’t matter here.

      • Ok so why NO! I tot they were buddies seeing that u don’t just go chatting up strangers and asked to be topped or bottomed…he just keeps saying no to all the requests after am sure…maybe telling the guy he is gay….so ok you re gay and NOT DOING…then what the heavens are u doing in a gay sex chat media??? No to top him then no to be topped arghhh! I don’t just deal with these selfish guys we see online…GET OUT THEN biko and give space to some serious fuck minded buddies abi…pschew!

      • Guy, you’re overthinking the picture. And its not good for you to overthink things. Look what its making you do, the mess your comment is.
        Here’s what you should do. Go back to the picture. Take a deep breath and read it again.

      • And you are bottom and I expected you to understand? Smh and now what was I thinking sheesh! You re so down that road you don’t even let yourself breath the air tops breath or try to think they way they do…all u’ve said was your point and no other point can suffice abi? Ha! Selfishness… it’s simply not wanting to see all sides of the equation…if it’s not the bottoms position it’s nothing then…ok ooo carry go. U r very intelligent!!!!!!!

  2. I will say it again, i dont think there is anything wrong with homolesbianism. Bottom meets verse bottom. Yokohama happens all over again. Verse bottom becomes top in relationship and they live happily ever after.
    Errrr…… wrong!!! I guess pinky’s friend didnt want that.
    And when did bottoms stop liking their cocks getting sucked? #AskingForLord.

  3. Ouch…that hurts…BTW…is it a crime for a bottom to get his cocked sucked, if yes..then come and arrest my Bae….
    OAN…i’m no bottom but i do give my bae a good head such that he wish he was Top….

  4. He probably declined cos the white guy asked some questions that indicated he was a bottom and now he just don’t want to do anything with a guy he considers not man enough,lmao.
    Most ppo just can’t grasp that there are real versatiles,as long as u ve taken dicks up your ass bfor nothingelse matters,u automatically bcome a bottom and please dnt say otherwise, that’s why I ask what’s your role first cos I can play whichever but I won’t do a stingy top or stingy bottom

    • Ah at last some sense! House wake up oooo this place does not have to be all about the power bottoms we have in this place and their side of viewing things even if THEY CLAIM to own the fricking blog!!!!

      • What are you insinuating? Are you implying that bottoms are the ruling party? If so,how many parties are we looking at and which party will you say is the main opposition party?

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