Blog_Rantings Of A Random (GAY) NigerianMy cousin is visiting and spending some time with me. When she called to tell me that she was coming, I agreed reluctantly, because I did not want to be the Wizard of Oz. What is funny and weird is that, unlike I would have done in the past, I did not go about clearing ‘evidence’ from my house. I do know that if she looks around closely, she’ll probably find a tube of astroglide (which is way better than KY Jelly, by the way) lying around somewhere, and maybe some condoms too. I just did not care and quite frankly, I felt if she found anything and gave me any stress, I’d kick her out. No time.

Now, I am no Bree Van De Kamp, as my bedroom is usually a chaotic mess. However, I thrive in the chaos, and as disorganized as my room often appears to be, I know where everything is. My sweet cousin however thought it wise to clean up my room, and when I got back from work, I practically had a panic attack when I saw the room. All my post-its which I stuck around the room to remind me of stuff to do were all arranged in one part of the room; my notes from Business School were neatly arranged, even though I had scattered and separated them according to modules; my books were stacked neatly, as opposed to the them lying scattered on my desk in the manner I preferred while reading concurrently from them. I totally freaked out and lashed out on her verbally, which I regret in hindsight, as she was only trying to help. This further reminds me why I cannot share my space with someone for life.

Last week I talked about expatriates that patronize with condescending compliments, which is just sad. I am part of the literary scene in Port Harcourt, so I was involved with the World Book Capital events. One of the nights, I went out with a mix of Nigerians and some expats who had come for the festival. Two of the foreign women and I got chatting, and we talked about everything from Beyoncé’s feminism (which I think is fake though, and just a marketing thing) to fiction and culture and the economy. They kept saying silly things like, “How did you get so progressive?” “Wow, you don’t sound like a Nigerian…” as if to say that all Nigerians are dumb and don’t know what is happening in the world around them.

At a point I got pissed and flipped the script on them; I started dropping names of writers that I am certain they will not have heard of. When they answered in the negative, I would be like, “You mean you don’t know Jude Dibia? That’s surprising for an expert on African fiction.” They now had to keep up as I kept subtly zinging them. I also told them that it is very funny that the West, which is supposed to be progressive and ahead of us, is still having the conversation of whether or not to have female members of the clergy for their major Christian denominations. In Africa however, which is supposedly the backward continent, we had women who were priestesses of deities, and they were respected as they brought the word of the gods to us. Not so backward, are we? I left them struggling to explain as I relished my cold glass of orijin.

As part of this series, there will not be sex stories or sexcapades, not that I am a prude or anything, but because I believe that sex is a private matter between two people. This explains why I don’t engage in threesomes or orgies, and won’t even have sex if there is someone else in my house. The things I do in the bedroom will certainly make Christian Grey look like a saint. However I like to keep it in the bedroom as a private experience and I certainly don’t like guys who kiss and tell. You know how you can be with some guys, and someone walks by, and you admire them, and one of the guys points out that he has fucked the guy. I am always like, Dude, no one cares. Men in the gayborhood should learn not to kiss and tell, or is that a tall order?

Speaking of the gaybourhood, one thing that is not cool is discrimination amongst us, especially of effeminate guys. I have said it on this blog before that gay men come in different shapes, sizes and demeanor, and none is inferior to the other. I do realize that people have a right to their personal and sexual preferences, but being nasty to another gay man just because he is effeminate is just wrong. A friend of mine would invite guys over to his house, ask them to wait at a particular junction and hide somewhere to observe them, and upon seeing any trace of femininity, he would turn off his phone and go back, abandoning any contact with the visitor, not minding if you came from Ibadan. I realize that this fear stems from the homophobic society that we live in and the fear of being suspected or outed because of the “flaming queens”. I myself have stopped caring about such things, and I definitely do not lose sleep over what impression my neighbors have about me, which is simply their cup of tea.

Let me tell you something that happened relating to this issue. I went out with my coworkers to a club after work recently. I am not much of a club person as I always have a bad headache afterwards, but I am fast becoming an office outsider and the last to know unofficial things, so I decided to go with them. Midway into our stay at the club, a guy I know walked in. He is very feminine with a big butt that can give Kim K a run for her money. My first thought was that he would come over and greet me noisily in front of my colleagues, so I thought of going to intercept him midway and not draw the attention of my colleagues. I decided against that almost as soon as I thought it, and stayed put till he spotted me and came over with his dramatic greeting. When he left, one of my guys was like, “Is that guy your friend?” And I said, “Yes, we go way back.” Now the old me would have said he was a school mate or a friend of a friend, but I just did not see the need to lie. They are free to assume whatever.

I have made one simple rule to live by: I will do things my way, no matter how unpopular my way is, and the narrative of my life will surely be mine. *singing My Way by Frank Sinatra*

Have a good week, guys.

OAN: I did not want to talk about this, but PP said I should. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I broke up shortly after the holiday season. I don’t want to go into details, but sometimes you may give someone the sun and the moon, and they’d rather have the stars. I hope he still comes around KD, and I hope he starts commenting with another moniker perhaps.

PP was a great friend through all this, and I am very grateful to him.


Written by Dennis Macaulay

155 thoughts on “RANTINGS OF A RANDOM (Gay) NIGERIAN (Entry 3)

    • Dennis you need to add the sex part to it sir. It’s like the icing on the cake na. Most of us lookrd forward to this write uo because of your adventurous sexual encounters. Please don’t dull us jare. You’ve written about them before through the comment section, why being all tight about it now?

  1. Dennis let me start by saying that I’m sad that you guys broke up. I love Mrs M and all, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping u guys find ur way back to each other in the future.

    Em! Dude about the sex matter, guy u go need to rethink that matter abeg. One of the major reasons we were all looking forward 2 this series was because of the “Koko gist”. Book/work/fashion/party gist are cute and everythingn but its a matter of. Time b4 it gets old and stale. Well all know (most of us anyway) that sex is btw 2 ppl, no one is asking u 2 name drop, wan know as e de sup. we just want our tea served with a different flavour. Aint no one got time to drink top tea repeatedly! The tea needs a lil flavouring. U ve told stories b4 without dropping names or just editting out some details, so why are dragging. Ur feel on this one? I don’t kiss and tell, Hell! I don’t ever! ever!! Mention the name of Whoever I ever. Been involved with even if things don’t go down well, but That doesn’t mean I don’t talk about him/them when asked, or when I feel like venting. So my guy u go try juice up this series biko. We have been hinting that we need u to kick it up a notch, no come change am 4 us because of that one abeg.

    • Noooo! We don’t need sex stories to make the series interesting biko! I like the way it is now…(and maybe he hasn’t had sex in a while?) Dennis, even if u do have sex, u can just mention it in a casual,subtle way, (if that part is pertinent to the story)but no need for full,literary porn biko! Sex really IS meant to be between two people(my opinion),that’s why I too won’t have sex if someone else is in d room, and threesomes are outta the question.
      I’m shocked at d break-up,dennis! I literaly thought u two were gonna last for a looooooooong long time! Chai! Mrs.M, if u’re reading this,pls,don’t run away from KD o; some of us really miss u. Come back plsssss. I’m sure y’all are still friends tho,even after the break-up,yea?

    • *Leave it to kelly rowland to come charging in beyonce’s defence*.
      As much as I would like to see things from your angle chestnut, you should realise that we all get different things from reading the same piece. Truth be told, dennis’s writtings use to pack a lot of punch, and u know why? It use to ve a lil of everything. The 1st write-up was all random ranting, the second improved cos it was spiced up with a lil “Ode of shade” which ppl liked even more. We were expecting things to get kicked up a notch and if you carefully go through the comments, you would see ppl expressing how they feel dennis is omitting some stuff and particularly leaving out the sexcapades. Fast forward a week later and dennis is saying that, that shit aint gonna fly. How do u expect an ardent reader like me to feel? Duped! Cos in the beginning I was promised that it would be kept “real” and 100% as much as possible. 3 sheets in and my guy de tell me say the good stuff will be edited out! Haba chestie! Don’t go all pure and prude on me.

      • Wait so Chestnut and I are Beyonce and Kelly Rowland? *sigh*

        Anyway thats better than Ebube Nwagbo lol

      • Wait…kelly Rowland? Beyonce? *dead* I literally choked with laughter!I did not see that coming!lmao
        But wait o,for all intents and purposes, Dennis was in a monogamous relationship until very recently…then they split not long ago; was he supposed to be detailing his sex-antics with his legitimate boyfriend on KD?it’s possible he wasn’t cheating on Mrs.M, so which sexual adventure would he share? And how sure are u he has had sex since they broke up (presumably dis month)? Some people don’t even get to find a new sexual partner they really like,until months after a break-up!
        Wait o, but I don’t I don’t always come to Dennis’s defence here nau, do I? No,really…do I do that?I hadn’t realised o…

    • @ chestnus! Yes honey, you are doing it again. Since we are playing the “it possible & how are we sure” game, let me indulge u
      How are we sure DM wasn’t creeping when mrs M was still in the picture?
      How are we sure he hasn’t bagged a couple of cakes after the split cos clearly he has been dating (best actress guy)?
      Its possible that 1 DM’s MGM/other friends who like to use his house as a hotel had a steamy/awkward session (that he has never been afraid to tell us b4).
      Its possible that you are just love being kelly rowland to dennis without u knowing it. Even kelly herself can’t stop herself from defending bey even if her life depends on it.

      • @Peak:ok,busted!Lol. I’ll admit I defend people a lot; even in real-life,all my friends accuse me of being “everybody’s lawyer”…I dunno,I guess it’s my nature; I just like to give everyone a chance. #WorldPeace

  2. Dennis, am so sad abt the break up with Mrs M. It was glaring tht there was trouble in paradise. No judgement so I wish u guys happiness as u live indepedent life. And dont shut the door love may still find u..
    Remember, it was ur relationship and Mrs M, tht drew people to u in this blog.. albeit ur overactive imagination and joblessness. Okay cheers people.

  3. i have just discovered this site through a younger friend of mine. I ve been hooked on it for the past72hrs amongst tight schedule. Eternal gratitude to you guy(s) behind this blog. It is informative, entertaining, insightful and an eye opener especially to all the horrendous kito stories ve been reading up here. I am now an ardent reader of your blog…… an EU blog visitor

    • Welcome Chris and please don’t be silent about all the gaybourhood at the EU biko…spill just make we know the happenings about….u know the glory holes and gay clubs u guys got there…

  4. First, what is astroglide?

    Second, I love that you are getting to the stage you don’t care about some shit anymore.

    Third, the gayborhood kiss and tell is a killer! A friend of mine who is about getting into entertainment once told me that the moment he blows, he will delete and block every gay guy on all his social media because gay guys can’t seem to seal their tongue.

    Finally, that bit about Mrs M. I should be expressing some form of emotion but “Yeah right, I believe you.

  5. You broke up with mrs m ??????? *screams* Jesu!!!! *Grasp heart and faints* come take a hug jawe!!!! All will b well between you two ijn amen…..

      • Chestie thankyou!

        First of all, she doesn’t write the songs! Secondly she always talks about women banding together to do good and all, and then she goes on “bow down bitches”? How does it marry?

        This same “feminist” did the song “bills bills bills”. For her feminism is a marketing thing and about political correctness.

      • Dennis be running your mouth about Beyonce and her feminism, you hear? Just be running your mouth. The day the Beygency will remember you…. Nonsense and condiments!

      • Shurrup! Be dietifying beyonce you hear! Nansense!

        ***waits in bullet proof vest for the beygency***

  6. Is it news that some artist buy songs? Biko give her credit for her vocal ability. 17 grammys no be moimoi. Single ladies and Irreplaceable are flying high the feminist flag.

    • Ok, calm down Masked; I’m beyonce’s biggest fan, but she needs to stop claiming she writes ALL her songs. There’s nothing wrong with artistes using song-writers, so why is it so important for her to insist that she writes ALL her songs?

    • PP dear! We get it! you love Bey, but its common knowledge that bey is a thief and sneeks in her name in the writting credit just to earn more coin and validate her name as a true artist. I’m glad I am not the only one who see through her smoke and screen career. The babe no even fit speak proper english fluently without sounding ghetto and filling in the gap with a lot of um! Aah, uh. She is a good sing, a moderate dancer (that’s if you consider pussy popping and weave tossing as dancing) but a song writter? No no no!
      She was going around saying she wrote irreplaceable “4 her ladies” b4 neyo got wind of it and shut her ass down. The babe has had more law suits regarding song writing credits, just google. Some writter ve even complained of her just changing a note to a song or just adding a “yeah” or “ooh” and bam! her name is immediately added into the credits.

      • A good singer and a moderate dancer… A theif… Needing to validate her name as a true artiste…
        You know there’s constructive dissent and there’s just plain hate, right Peak?

      • Hahahah…but Peak,why are u like dis? “Yeah”? “Ooh”? Hahaha. Pls leave my girl o,biko! I luh beyonce like kilode, even with her lying and stealing…she’s an amazing dancer jor!

    • @PP, Me? Hate bey? Hahaha I started with her way back in her DC day when No no no the remix was tearing up the airwaves. Was there when she went solo while papa knowles way bleeding to see her get ahead. I got tired of all her theatrics after the “I am era”.
      She is a solid all round entertainer/performer. Arguably the best performer of this generation, but truth be told she is a well trained lil fraud. I mean she learned from the best, just ask papa knowles.

    • Oga go through bey catalogue and find me one hit song where her name no de?
      *i go sidon wait*
      You do realise that these artist make a large portion of their money from royalties, which comes mainly from song writting? And u don arrive when u pen a hit song and ur label even get to pay less ppl and pay u more if u write most of the songs on ur album. That’s why divas like taylor, katy perry, mariah, gaga (top girls who actually write) make a lot of coin.

  7. 21st century feminism if anything is too abstract and nebulous, and I don’t buy it. The pioneers of feminism fought for REAL human issues, like suffrage,the right to own property,the right to divorce et al, but what exactly is the average 21st century feminist fighting for pls? talking back at your man, and being sassy and feisty isn’t feminism or women empowerment. Beyonce and all them pseudo-feminists should go have
    a seat.

    and i know its “rambling” but how about u make ur writing a little more coherent and cohesive, maybe pick a note or two from James about how that’s done.

    and maybe for once actually write about something interesting? put that imagination of urs into good use, young man!

  8. Awwww.. Dennis boo.. I knew u guys broke up… But since you didn’t wanna say anything, I didn’t wanna ask.. I’m that kinda friend that likes minding his bidniss.. I broke up too after the holiday season… Guess We r both back in the market.. I miss him sometimes.. But its one of those things that come with breaking up.

    Now I know y’all thirsty hoes are gonna be happy abt this development.. But I’d like to announce that we ain’t taking cv’s at this time.. Thank you.

    About the effeminate thing, I think all gay people are effeminatie.. It all depends on the percentage of the effeminacy.. Some are 5%, some 10% etc…so that makes it silly to call sometime effeminate in the first place.

    • *Froze* Max was dating? Recently broke up during the holiday? Na wa oooo
      I never knew he was getting “Some”! Talk more of being in a relationship. Hmmm Nna! biko pray tell, if u were riding and tapping some, why the dark/foul/cold tone writing 4 2014?(He prolly aint hitting it right *in lil wayne voice). Cos I always pictured u sawing off the dick of any nigga who dares make a pass @ u
      @chestnut, Omo I saw it 2! “We are both back in the market” (translation = we R both free to fuck each other now that the coast is clear). “I’d like to announce that we aint taking cv’s at this time” (translation = basic hoes I need y’all to stand back, I will let you know when I’m done with him).
      Chestnut abeg we not get light 4 my area so my drinks no cold, abeg help me check if u get Cold Orobo pepsi make you help me give my dear Max b4 he dies of dehydration. #TheThirstSikwike

      • Chai see analysis na! Peak and Chestnut, Y’all are messed up!

        Max i got you, meanwhile i may need to speak to you about something. I know where to find you!

      • LMAO!!!!!!,Peak youre a mess, a really big one. Hahahahahaaa, no be small clear coast. And yeah, I support the motion, basic hoes can like to chill mbok.

      • Hahahahahahaha… 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂… Peak will soon dethrone chestie as KD’s biggest mess..
        If you look @my write-ups, you may be fooled about some things:
        1- I’m not a sad lonely dude;just bcos I write dark stuff don’t mean I’m depressed..
        2- you ain’t gonna know if I’m hitting it or not.. Got ya’ll fooled right?.. I try not to be sentimental in my comments.. So I’ll often say bad (honest) things about relationships..
        And honey. I’m human.. So I thirst sometimes.. Sometimes it s more than the entire KD can handle and sometimes its just not there.. So peak (my crush… Yeah I said it!!!!)… I’m not a stone, even though I don’t do random hookups, I don’t bite…

  9. Taylor and kat making more money than Bey?
    Someone’s forgotten who the queen is.
    No time. You win. Case closed.

  10. *singing*

    this is the day of joy
    the day of joy
    the day of joy

    *screams loudly* Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Mrs M is out of the way! Now I can sink my claws literally on my sweet delicious blog heartrob/boo Dennis Macauley!
    Oh! How I waited for a day like this! A day without that wicked witch from d west being a blocking spirit nd enemy of progress! My trip to Okija worked perfectly nd am unapologetic *evil grin*!

    *wears French maid’s costume* Now Dennis boo, what would u like for breakfast nd how would u like d red room of pain to be?

  11. Nice journal entry.
    That’s all I’ve got to say oo.
    As for astroglide and KY jelly, my lips are sealed tightly.

    All these break-up issues are really heart-wrenching. And both occurring in the last holiday season??

    I know it’s not my place to suggest, but if there is still a chance that it might still work out, even if it is a 1% chance, you guys (DM and Max) should find your ways back to your SO’s.

    If there are 99 reasons to give up but there is just one single reason to hold on and fight for love and for the sustenance of the relationship, I think the fight is worth it.
    Na beg I dey beg o.

    Break-ups are one of the most painful things you can go through especially if you’re as hopelessly emotional as I am.

    • Samurai sometimes things are broken beyond repair, and you also have to find out if the other party wants to stay!

      Just like i said, I can give you the sun and the moon which are both awesome but you would rather have the stars. Not much i can do ei?

      • I really don’t think a good relationship can be broken beyond repair,but what do I know.I’ve only been in this one well nigh on two years and it’s still going strong.
        What Samurai said though,if there’s just that one reason…….I think you should get back together.
        As for asking for the stars…………a Babylon candle or Stormhold’s Ruby can get you some.

  12. “Speaking of the gaybourhood, one thing that is not cool is discrimination amongst us, especially of effeminate guys. I have said it on this blog before that gay men come in different shapes, sizes and demeanor, and none is inferior to the other. I do realize that people have a right to their personal and sexual preferences, but being nasty to another gay man just because he is effeminate is just wrong.”


  13. Well done Dennis, nice rantings…BTW….i missed Mrs M, even though she is “imaginary” to some. I pray you move on soon….

  14. Dennis, the bitter truth is that you are unique, an overwhelming number of Nigerians are actually ‘brain dead, no offence to them, but in the struggle to survive in a harsh economy, very little time is left for the pursuit of intellectually uplifting pursuits. To be honest, i can actually identify with what those expats are saying. Its also true that a lot of them have over time developed this irritating condescension that drives me mad every time i see it.
    kissing and telling has become like an incurable disease to a number of gays, especialy tops it seems …
    Nice entry dennis, pls keep more of this coming …

  15. “but sometimes you may give someone the sun and the moon, and they’d rather have the stars” I have walked down this path before, we humans are simply the most complex of all puzzles, sometimes no amount of love deposited or insured is just enough. Here I was thinking you guys would getaway with the perfect gay love story, I thought wrong. I wish you guys the best in your pursuit of happiness, nice rantings Dennis, love the interconnectedness in your writing.

  16. Jst wen I tot I was d dysfunctional one dat ds relationships do realy work out,here’s anoda reason dat fires my unbelief.
    A lot of pple here say-try and fix it,bt I knw pple end up with cuts fixing broken glasses.
    Do relationships as a whole Hetero/homo realy work-by relationships I’m including marriages.
    D stories I hear ds days jst makes me want to run to d zoo and live bcos being a human is becoming very complicated ds days
    Or do we have to test many waters till we find d ryt one and @ d end of d day our body count breaks d scale?
    Wicheva wayz, I may neva get d ansas I truly seek.

    • Relationships do work,Paul.And yes,some broken ones can be fixed.Thing is,for most of those knocking relationships,they fear of vulnerability that comes with relationship is what they’re yet to get beyond.Also,the word compromise still seem a strange tongue for most Nigerians.

    • It’s quite sad that in even from the environment around you you are not yet sure that relationships works. I’m having a difficult time imagining the type of community where you have existed. The difference between gay relationships and straight marriages (from my observation) is that in the former people come empty handed with a load of expectations while in the later both come determined to give their best,their ALL

  17. My condolence on your break up, I’m sure you’re getting emotionally stronger.
    I don’t know you, won’t pretend I do but the persona you ooze out is amazing and it would be sad if it was diminished. I do believe in the power of love, even though I don’t seek it out, it has found me countless of times and it has saved me. Love found you, it made you better and it would continually do so, bumps aside, you shall rise again.
    Relationships are tricky and you come off as a monogamous man so I’m positive you’ll seek it out again. Hopefully next time, it would be better than the last.

    Do I want you telling sex stories? No! That’s my opinion. Would you tell it? Popular opinion might sway you so I never can tell.

    So pinky can be an emotional rock? Hmmm, who knew.

  18. It was all about Mrs M 1st,.then I checked back and it became Beyonce. Anyway, I dunno y the 1st sets of commenters wondered at the break-up. We av all seen how big DM’s roving eye is. The man is a Cakes-o-philiac of life.

    Iluvmua, don’t lemme.change my mind on that thing I had said o. I can’t imagine how DM can make all that sense u av take flight likedis. Take water and SIT DOWN

  19. Dennis, what can i say about your breakup? You and Mrs M were a great match, but then … humans are what they are … you’re obviously a commitment type, you will hurt for a while but then you will in all likelihood find someone else who’ll restore your smiles as well as your belief in love.
    And biko, i personally want/need the explicit graphic sex stories biko! whats life without a bit of raunchy dirtiness encased in layers of hedonism?

  20. *batting eyelashes* U heard right boo………. Or do u prefer leather or lingeries? Anything for the man behind my wetdreams……. Ooooops! Dreams I meant ***flees***.

  21. Great rants Dennis!

    Learnt a few things from today’s post – chief of them being to continously live my life for me and not be overtly bothered about what people will say or think. Thanks again and again for reiterating that at every opportunity you have.

    With regards to your relationship with Mrs. M, I can only wish you and him quick recovery and the ability to love again.

    • I bet you life will be more meaningful when there is a balance. While living it your life for self allow some openings for people around you and I bet you by the time you realize the futility of living exclusively for self, you will be glad that you didn’t because by then you would have escaped the hazards it brings in its ruinous strides.

  22. @Dennis, any idea where I can get Jude Dibia’s books in Lagos?

    Tried looking for it last year in several high brow bookshops here but had no luck.

  23. The decision not to relay sex scenes honestly earned you my respect. Gay relationships usually don’t last and to me it’s worrisome. Could it be a function of not knowing the real meaning of love or just selfishness? This is yet another wonderful piece however let me use this opportunity to say this. Life becomes more meaningful and beautiful when sometimes we forget about self and give up somethings for others. Be more accommodating and friendly to your cousin while her visit lasts. You told us how you ordered a lady out of your car sometime ago. Well for me that’s a minus. An opportunity lost. Yes, you lost the chance to talk sense into her ignorant head. Anyway,I look forward to your writings. Well done.

      • I mean I like this incarnation of Gad better than the previous one.You marshal your points better,pass them across in a much better manner.

      • This place is really living up to its aim of educating through entertainment. The other day it was an improvement on Gad,s lexical structures and now it’s reincarnation of a new Gad that marshals out points better in a more better manner. Guys the fact is that when an opinion don’t agree with yours you think it’s nonsense and unknown to you, your prejudice blinds you to other things

    • Actually,have not disagreed with you nor thought your stand or that of any other comment nonsense,excepting that of the man-child Chiz.But yes,I quite like this incarnation of you.Tis far better than what obtained past year.

  24. 125 comments and maybe counting….go D. Anyway issorait to break up and that ya line sef wey you write there….em about the sun and moon and stars!!!LMAO! Don’t they all!

    Anyway am so loving your recent ramblings and pls make it more raunchy…Biko I also need some contact to Jude’s books he’s an old acquaintance.

    ION I am at Warri and having lots of fun with…u know who na..KEVIN! Hmm let’s just say this warri is nat buoreen atall o!

  25. So the infamous mr&mrs macaulay came crashing?do gay relationships in Nigeria really deserve the shot?*rolls eyes from ph to PP’s bedroom*and the habit of guys turning off their phones when they don’t like the,smh that’s the worst thing ever.Me no matter how much i don’t like the person I stop 4 a chat,then the person can go.

    • Ha! Even when the person is flaming rainbows all over the place….hmMm abeg me no go lie u go hold your bodi small abeg

    • Former Mr and Mrs macaulay infamous? That’s news to me. Gay relationships don’t last for obvious reasons in Nigeria and other climes. Ditto for gay marriages. The irony of the whole thing is that those agitating 4 gay marriages are the same people telling us that they can’t keep faithful relationships.

      • I have gone through my comments over and over again. I have also given it careful thoughts in relation to your reaction. The only thing I could see was that the opinion I expressed on gay marriage contrasts sharply with yours. If difference in opinion is “nonsense” or “unintelligent”, than you need to introduce me to the publishers of the dictionary you are using.

    • Jace calm down bae…you re not the only one whose hooked on KD….ave been staring at my phone for ever waiting for my fix…abeg pinky do ojare..we miss our dose!

  26. Evening came and morning came,the 2nd day.No new post.
    Pinky,what’s happening?.Or has KD been “hacked” like AIT ni?

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