‘If You Don’t Like Watching Gay Sex On TV, Change The Channel.’ Michael Urie To Billy Crystal

Screen-shot-2015-01-27-at-8.42.26-AMWhile promoting his upcoming new FX series, professional Oscars host Billy Crystal recently launched into a homophobic tirade about all the icky gay sex happening on TV lately, telling Television Critics Association, “Sometimes I think, ‘Ah that’s too much for me.’ Sometimes, it’s just pushing it a little too far for my taste.”

The 66-year-old veteran suffered some criticism for his remarks, and had to double-down.

Now, actor Michael Urie has responded to Crystal’s comments in the best way possible.

Speaking to the blog NewNowNext, the ‘Ugly Betty’ star, Urie said: “I don’t think it’s overexposed. If gay sex on TV is too much for you, change the channel and don’t watch it.”

“I think there is far too much football on TV,” he continued. “But I’m not going around saying they should take football off the air; I’m changing the channel.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

48 thoughts on “‘If You Don’t Like Watching Gay Sex On TV, Change The Channel.’ Michael Urie To Billy Crystal

  1. LOL!

    I love this guy from ugly Betty! He and Mandy always cracked me up and I hated when the series was stopped.

    Seeing as I love football and a proud Red Devil, I will not comment on the football line!


  2. Simpu. I get tired of watching wrestling – i change the channel; i get tired of watching cricket – i change the channel; i get tired of shagging some guy – i change the channel.

      • Wrestling and Rugby? Erm you and I need to spend time together sometime!

        Those are my two fav sports, especially rugby

      • Ah rugby! I swear I don’t understand the rules,but beefy men with thick thighs and thick buns in short shorts,chasing and catching and groping and grinding and pressing and rubbing and humping one another orgy-style? What other rules do I need to understand biko? The game is very very clear to me!

      • @Mercury: it’s d game that gives them those amazing cakes and thighs…plus,they consume a lot of protein too!

  3. I never watched Ugly Betty (dodges stones & shrapnel) but I loved him his 1 season series Partners and his Modern Family cameo….both are still in my laptop. Change the freaking channel, dude! I skip most of E!, reality shows, all of Africa Magic and boring sports like cricket. Rugby is only cool for me in highlights leaving football (soccer, PP :-p) and tennis as my sports loves.
    Gooner forever here!

  4. Well said! U didn’t even go the line of hetero sex scenes, IT IS EVERYWHERE!
    Football gives me A migraine although I don’t mind d hunks nd d thigh flashing occasionally! I just change the channel to E! Nickoledeon, MTV or African Magic! Case close! ***flees***

  5. I love Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV Base, Trace, CNN, Aljazeera and Channels News…..Mr man change channel or throw away ur TV

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