BFFs Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Almost Dated, But Were Too Incompatible

anderson-cooper-andy-cohen-gay-bffs-featPower gays Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen revealed they originally met after being set up on a date, but knew they’d make better friends than lovers after just one phone call.

The hilarious detail came out recently on an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where Cooper and Cohen discuss that fateful first call with special guest Kelly Ripa.

“We had a phone call to talk before we actually went out on a date… and both of us decided, based on that phone call, ‘we’re not going to go on a date,’” Cooper laughed.

Of course the one detail the pair left out of the story was what brought them to that conclusion so quickly. Perhaps it has something to do with the last revaluation Cooper dumped on Ripa when the three appeared on WWHL together back in July, that he was “surprised” to learn Andy was a top?

Watch the video of the reveal below.

17 thoughts on “BFFs Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Almost Dated, But Were Too Incompatible

  1. Deola,KD,s unofficial movie analyst, please come over and help us throw more light on this. Truth is, I don’t know or remember this people talk more of the noise about who is a friend to who or who dated who. Local patroniser like me.

      • Andy Cohen is a talk show host, he hosts the show ‘what happens live’, but he is mostly known for being the executive producer of the real housewives franchise and all its spinoffs. His shows are on the network Bravo.

        Anderson Cooper = Journalist. He hosts his show Anderson Cooper 360 degrees on CNN i think.

        Both of them are really popular TV personalities.

        Lol Since when did I become a movie analyst? Thanks anyways…

      • Errrm, Deola you are! Just take the title. You really earned it. 📺👑🏆 I decided to go Nigerian today. I saw the whole two seasons of Gidi Up. Loved it.

  2. TMZ folks are wondering how Anderson and Cohen knew they were incompatible with a single phone call? News Flash! They probably just asked each other ” What’s your role?” and after the answers were exchanged, dropped their phones.

  3. I like me some Anderson Cooper! His blond hair gives me life. The things I have imagined doing with that guy eh

    ****seals lips and pours a mug of black coffee****

      • Apparently I am a lastma in this matter

        ***accepts lastma vest and walks quietly to the end of the long line***

  4. Top+Top=kissing,sucking,licking,fingering,rimming,wanking+at the end of the day one person must confess to be VERSATILE(extreme horniness works wonders).experience is the best Lecturer*goes back to ironing mini-skirt for tonights clubbing*

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