Kizito Talks: The Pilot Entry

intro_about_us_01FOREWORD: There are KDians and there are KDians, and the one called Kizito has carved out a rep for himself as the dude who rarely has much to say but ‘Hmmm’. (I still wonder how he can restrain himself so) Anyway, he has decided to start talking, and below is an intro to a series he’ll be writing for Kito Diaries soon.


Today is my birthday, not a bad day to start a series on KD, right?


Well, I’m not much of a poetry or story writer. In fact, I’m not a writer. Except when it comes to writing songs – I’m a song-writer.

So, I’d be ‘talking’ (writing) about experiences I’ve had, I’m having, or I’m praying/hoping to have, and those of other people I know.

The series hasn’t kicked off yet, this is just preamble. I know a number of us are so eager to know all that happened when Elder Brother went through my diary. Hmmm. You’d get to know all that and many more. Like Pinky would say: Stay Tuned!


28 thoughts on “Kizito Talks: The Pilot Entry

  1. Pinch me and tell me I ain’t dreaming the lord of Hmmmmmmm!!!! Is now writing.

    Happy birthday kizito may your new age add value to you and your generations to come.

    Inbetween aquarius rocks,,,,, we share same zodiac sign @ kizito.

  2. Yayyy! Am so excited! A song writer in our midst…wow.
    That is just divine…you are a talented young man!

    And that juice about the elder bros and your diary…oh boi me thinks this series will give James a run for his money!

  3. I know i’m late but, i still love yo Kizito. Happy birthday in arrears. Looking forward to you talking. KD is just about to get more exicting.

  4. Hmmmm…Happy Birthday Kizito, may the Almighty guard and guide you. May he grant u ur heart desires…Happy Birthday..

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