Who Has Seen JLo’s New Movie, The Boy Next Door?

RG0I don’t care what all these white-men-o-phobes (yes, that should be a word) on KD say, but I have been observing JLo’s co-star in the movie, The Boy Next Door, and the lad is simply deee-licious! His name is Ryan Guzman, and it isn’t hard to figure out what JLo sees in him. (Rumour has it that she’s shagging him)

After stepping up his game in the Step Up franchise, actor Ryan Guzman has taking his next career leap appearing opposite Jennifer Lopez in the new thriller which hit screens on January 23rd.

From where I’m sitting though, it’s tough to pass off Guzman as a boy next door, unless you happen to live next door to a bunch of models. In which case, when can I come over? 😀

See what I mean?RG1RG2RG3RG5RG4

55 thoughts on “Who Has Seen JLo’s New Movie, The Boy Next Door?

  1. Not Seen the movie yet, but I have seen the two of them doing press for the movie, he was on Wendy last week,plus I recognized him from the step up movies. Seems like this could be his breakout role though.

    Of course Jlo is hitting this one too. Who wouldnt. Ryan Guzman could be my man next door anyday of the week darling! In which case I’d definitely be coming over to borrow a lot of sugar!

  2. Me likey…Always did,.. There was a scene in “step up 4 Revolution” that was everything to me. Dude is hott!!! Oh uhmm rumour has it he is queer

  3. He is FINE!

    Ah Jlo and her thing for awon omo kekere. She looks like som1 who ll go on twitter like… cyDM.

  4. *singing Lil kim’s How man Licks*

    Pinky for the 1st time ever, I’m surprised that u and some fellow KDians missed the bulge

  5. This guy is looking so hoooooot,why can’t I be jlo even if for one day,the bobo go know say I nor sabi say ‘no’ na so so yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes

      • Latinos ain’t white, and yes I’ve had a latino …. those dudes are freaks (in a good sexy kinda way)!!! Especially the versatile ones, dude had us both moaning away in this Anglo-Spanish gibberish … damn!!!

      • Well Guzman isn’t white then. He’s Latino. His Dad’s Mexican and his mum is one of those people with a cocktail of races in their genes.

      • @ Pinky see yaself. such thirst. *hands you tall glass of cold water*

        I did do some research about that for my sef, but since i am so generous let me share the results.
        As far as i know he is single and straight. He was rumored to be dating Lucy Hale of pretty little liars last year..but that could be just tabloid crap.

        Straight-or-gay.com says he’s straight so…

  6. Seriously imagining what a 3some with these two hotties would be like! Jlo still got it at 45, but Ryan………………
    By the way there’s nothing wrong with the armpit hair now! It looks well groomed from here nah!(Just scrolled up to see what pete was fussing about) It has the right amount of hair to get the attention of my tongue and teeth (yeah! I can be that nasty)

  7. A lil sprinkling of honey on his hole and then using my tongue on and on can do it for me.I just love rimming*Dials chizzie and his big phat booty*ooooooouch!

  8. Hmm, nice one pinky.
    @khalessi was once like you but now I find them accommodative and this type of individual will like it too dirty for his sexiness.
    I can go for his armpit only if he puts on cologne. And grooms it perfect.

    • You ever tasted armpit with cologne?? Gross.. I don’t want no cologne around there whenever I’m gonna be on night duty…

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