49 thoughts on “Photo: Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Dayummmmm! I for like say “cut me a slice” but since someone claimed we have only two tops on this blog, I’ll just say GO GIRL! Werk DAT ass.👏

  2. It’s like they say, for a good round booty, you gotta squat darling.
    Juju mario I see you…
    This post just got the twerk king a whole lot of new followers.

  3. ***praying my rosary****

    Deliver me from every evil plot orchestrated by pink panther to make me have a boner at work and get fired for lewd behavior! Amen

  4. For the fact that I love cakes, i don’t love my cakes looking dis way…. . big asses like dis or that nicky minaj are preferable on lady’s to me, love it moderate on dem dudes than having it all up in ones face like dis

  5. Ma cakes z more pronounced than that one… I feel embarassed about it… Its amongst the first things you notice abou me though besides am cute… As for the straight guys ish??? I have seduced as many… Just the sensitive moral thoughts and aftermath is what that is saving the many straight guys I encounter from taking em down… Until I become a bad boy without conscience… This ass is gonna be hidden from the world

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