Watch The Twin Brothers Who Came Out To Their Father

Viral-Video-600x330This video was posted on YouTube a few days ago and it has already gotten over 5 million views in that space.

The twin boys, Aaron and Austin Rhodes, decided to come out as gay to their father and to the world via their YouTube page. They called up their father in the video to tell him that they both were gay and it was an emotionally charged moment.

The video is all a lot of people have been talking about on social media in the past few days.

Aaron-Austin-Rhodes-600x600The brothers, Aaron and Austin Rhodes

Aaron-their-Dad-600x597Aaron and their dad

The boys captioned the video, ‘With 2015 now here, we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired. Thank you for all the support. We love you.  -The Rhodes Bros’

Check on it!


59 thoughts on “Watch The Twin Brothers Who Came Out To Their Father

  1. Awwwww.. What an emotional video. Wish it was that easy for us.. If it was, I’d have done it a long time ago. Their dad is cool too..
    The twin in black doesn’t look bad @ all.. I’d do him on a good day if he asks nicely . ☺☺..

  2. Wow now if these are not the most handsome and desirous WHITE twins Ave ever seen then I must have amnesia…..

    And their father and the bond they obviously have with him wow…I vote him the father of the year biko!!! True love just awesome!

  3. Sorry, but, is there a need to publicly come out of the closet on social media? Why is it a fad? Couldn’t they have gone to their dad’s for this? If he rejects or accepts them, that’s when I think they ought to have come to their YouTube page. Me thinks public declaration of sexuality has been taken over by heterosexuals…

  4. When I first saw this video on thursday all i could think was awwww how sweet, but then I did some thinking and I found it tacky and fishy.

    Coming out to the world is all nice, but coming out to one’s own father is something that should be done privately. You come out to your entire family and then you can go ahead and post a coming out video online.

    This while sweet has to be a publicity stunt at least, because they’ve gone from about 50,000 subscribers to over a 100,000 after the video was posted. So I would say the video served it’s purpose.

    It also feels forced and their lines here seem to be rehearsed. There are Other youtubers who have come out and done it more tastefully, Tre Melvin comes to mind, and theirs felt more natural and I actually connected with it. That plus Those other youtubers already had a msssive following due to their talents and then they came out out, these guys would have a massive following just because they came out and are hot.

    Coming out is never easy and is something brave so kudos to them and their Fathers’ sweet response but I definitely smell Hollywood PR here.

  5. Is it just me or does anyone else finds this fishy?

    Twin brothers?


    Came out together?

    On social media?

    Daddy gave a loving response.


  6. Wow!!!!!, this is nice….cute guys too. Thank God they’re not identical….that would freak me out a bit……Hope daddy dearest is open minded and accepts em.

  7. Instead of shifting focus to the containers the message came through in, I submit that the gist lies in reflecting on the contents of the message. Be it a Hollywood pr stunt, or the sole aim being to increase the amount of subscribers they’ve got and traffic, one thing is vividly lucid here, you’ll find yourself in an entirely new web of happiness when you come out to the people you care about, and that for many of us is one sea that even Moses’ rod has not been able to part for us to cross over successfully.

  8. Hmm. Deep blue eyes. The nights they shared and will still share together.

    You Tube? Suitors will be plentiful.

    Anyhow, they are Out and Proud.

  9. First of all: those two boys are beautiful, the eyes, the hair, the bone structure … but weirdly i still wouldn’t fuck them … i have tried like forever to psycho-analyze myself to figure out why i cant ‘do’ white boys even when they are obviously uber hot – am not a racist outside the bedroom …
    Anyway, back to the matter! I cant decide whether this is scripted or not, still looking at it with ‘odu anya’ (side eyes) … for some reason, when i see stories like this, i immediately ‘Nigerianise’ it – imagine a proud Igbo man getting a call from his 2 sons informing him that they are both gay! Haaa! While his bp is racing towards the stratosphere, his mind flashes to all the grandchildren he might not get from them, the shame when the world finds out. He will yell and scream for their mother, perhaps blame her for spoiling his boyz (some weird fathers find ways of pinning the ‘failings of kids on mothers) … if they are in school, hw will suddenly show up on campus to take them home for an intensive round of beatings and/or church delivery programs …
    This highlights the vast difference in attitudes and buttresses my point when i say it will take upwards of 70 – 100years for attitudes here to change
    ***re-checks closet doors and falls back into bed***

    • Oh Khallie you are always a buzz kill with your reality check! Can’t we just dream of a Nigeria where I can come out to my mom and she throws a garden party complete with barbecue before you snap us back to reality!


    • Oh honey, you just nailed it. I’ll still write a piece about homophobia in Nigeria. And you’re right, its not gonna end soon. I started realizing it recently.. This current generation will have to die off before you see any reasonable change.

  10. That’s some emotional stuff right there. Happy for them, and for the fact that the dad was totally accepting of them.

    Word of advice: Before you start telling you family about your sexuality, especially if you’re not sure of how they’ll take it… make sure you’re totally an independent guy/girl that can actually move on with his/her life, whatever the outcome.

    The less pain, the better.

    PS: They definitely look good…and uhm… I guess this is my welcome comment here.

  11. The kids are soooooooo cute.I love their courage though,but having such hopes in Naija is really a frustrating feeling.”DISOWN”is the word.

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