Actor Kevin Hart Says He’s Too Insecure To Ever Play A Gay Character

ratchetnewsnetwork_wpid-kevin-hart-waiting“I can’t [play a gay character] because I don’t think I’m really going to dive into that role 100 percent, because of the insecurities about myself trying to play that part. What I think people are going to think while I’m trying to do this is going to stop me from playing that part the way I’m supposed to.”

— Comic actor Kevin Hart who also noted that he “appreciates and respects” the gay community while chatting with the hosts of the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1

83 thoughts on “Actor Kevin Hart Says He’s Too Insecure To Ever Play A Gay Character

  1. Sigh….that will be the day! Seeing him kissing another man even if it’s just for fun wow…am sure I will just ‘cum’ all over my boxers…

    • Er…sorry o, King, but do u even know who Kevin Hart is? Because ur statement implies that he’s some sort of super-hottie-hunk-beefcake, whom u find extremely irresistable…or were u just being sarcastic?

      • Dear chestnut he may be, as you have so succinctly put it, bland to u. However Kevin Hart happens to be one of my crotch desires with that light voice of his and those pout lips….sigh….now down boy I was only talking to chesty ooo not kevin..down biko!

      • Light Voice and pout lips??? Hmmmm.
        I doubt its the same Kevin Hart we have in mind…abi is it not the one that his picture is up there. Where is the pout lips biko?

      • Well check all u like he has full lips to me dat am sure can do wonders to my schlong one fine dream day!!

  2. He already looks, sounds and acts gay… So I get the “insecurity” part. Adding a gay role to his resume will finally give the gay rumors the traction it needs.

    And honey, you don’t need to state that you respect the gay community so you wont appear homophobic .

  3. And the gay community don’t mind either………………… YOU R TOO DAMN SHORT nd might compound our already large insecurities! So, thank u Anadinso!

  4. LOL. Anadinso. Common, I love Kevin Hart. He’s one of the funniest black man in Hollywood, and honestly, whatever keeps food on his table. If he doesn’t need a gay role in a film, fine. Keep up the good work, KH.

  5. Oh Kevin. I cant think of one Black A-List actor who has played a gay character and done it convincingly.

    Its either the play the character and refuse to show any actual intimacy or they turn down the role outrightly.
    It was Will smith i think who infamously refused to kiss another guy in one particular scene even though it was written in the script because ‘he wasn’t sure how it would be perceived ‘.

    They are all afraid of their careers and losing their fans or whatever, i wouldn’t want an actor who couldn’t get into the role 100% anyways.

    • Terrell Tilfford (Shawn Clark from single ladies)played a gay role in DL chronicles and did it so well, one of the best sex scenes with gay men I’ve seen.

      • Yeah he was great in that but I said A-list.
        Denzel Washington, Jaimie Fox, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, you get the picture now??

      • Deola, didn’t these A-listers begin their careers long before it became fashionable and less controversial to play gay roles? They are sugar daddies na.

      • @ Absalom thats true but that didn’t stop Michael Douglas and Matt Damon from playing gay in Behind the Candelabra and be awesome while doing it or Jared Leto in Dallas buyers club playing a Transexual and winning an oscar for it.

        Those black A-Listers still wouldn’t dare it now that it’s fashionable. The homophobia in the black Community is too much.

        I’ll be pleasantly surprised when a Black A lister does an intimate gay sex scene or just a make out scene, it wont happen though.

      • PP,its six degrees of separation. The director begged him to do the kissing scene but he said it would “gross out” his fans. Denzel Washington also allegedly advised Will not to do he kiss.

        Of course the fabulous British actor Sir Ian McKellen called Will Smith out on his homophobia and bullshit excuse

        I’ll give Will the benefit of the doubt though, the movie came out in 1993, his career wasn’t on Solid ground yet, so he probably didn’t wanna do anything risky, he later said he regretted not doing the kiss in an interview years later.

    • Will smith has had gay rumors trail him all his career, and has been linked to a number of black men in hollywood. Playing a gay character would just give ppl more reason to call him gay. Kevin is a smart business man. He is at the peak of his career and doing everything he could to stay there 4 as long as he can b4 a new funny blackman comes along and take the spot (chris rock use to be the top funny guy).he is already getting the “he is gay” side eye already, so he is just playin smart.
      The Balck community is still very homophobic so you won’t blame most of these celebs.
      @Deola the guy that played lafayet in true blood was very convincing to me. I get my life whenever he is having a queen moment and just cursing and fabricating word. I luh me some lafayet.

      • Yeah! Nelsan Ellis of True Blood forever has my respect!!! His character was meant to be killed off after the first season but he’s portrayal was so well done that they made him a full fledged regular cast member.
        He was so good as Lafayette, then Again I am not surprised he is a graduate of Juilliard after all.

        The black community is still very homophobic truly. In being Mary Jane there was a major focus on the gay couple in a couple of the first episodes and the ratings where average at best as soon as they turned that focus away the ratings sky rocketed. Coincidence???

        There are already complaints about Empire’s major focus on the gay character there( cute guy btw) but that show is too huge and is on a bigger network with far bigger actors for that sorta nonsense to tank it. Just two episodes in and its already been renewed for a second season. Taraji P Henson is giving me LIFE on that show!!!

      • Deola! You are watching Empire! Yay! That show is giving me life. The directing (by Lee Daniels who by the way is gay), the storyline, the songs! I talk am again, gay men are the most creative group you will ever come across. Their things are always different. I follow American Horror story too directed by Ryan Murphy another gay man and the cinematography, directing, costumes, storyline …. all of it! Is just amazing. I am even studying their different directing techniques for my masters application to film school.

      • Whats funny is that it isn’t the gay rumors that almost tanked his career, its that movie After Earth. Which i didn’t think was that bad that almost destroyed will smith and that his son that only has one facial expression.

        Apart from the fact that it tanked at the box office, the critics ripped it to shredz!! I read this review where the critic said ‘After Earth features a performance by Will Smith that makes me doubt if he ever had any acting talent or acting experience at all’. I died of laughter.

        He’s yet to recover from that movie, he has a movie with Margot Robbie coming out this year, if that tanks, that may be the end of Will Smith as we know him.

      • After earth was some load of crap. I wasted my time and money going to see it. It never had any memorable moment.. Bad acting +bad CGI , I just couldn’t wait for it to finish..
        About empire??****scratches head… **rushing down to torrent***

    • Chineke! Deola na wa oooo u don de watch Empire already? Mehn I give u cap, was surprised to read that it has been signed on 4 a 2nd season after 2 episode. There ve been great reviews about it too. I really happy to see tv shows with black lead actors taking over gradually. 1st it was scandal, then HTGAWM and now Empire!
      Deola ur research skills no be hear!
      Is there anything you are not good at?

      • Empire’s story line is basically the Lion in Winter. And while it’s delightfully camp, there are some holes in the show(read the reviews from the Atlantic and NY Magazine). Why is Cookie just entering Luscious’s office anytime she wants? Why is there a club called Leviticus? If you’ve lived in New York you’d know how ridiculous that name is. Why is Luscious against Jamal/Hakeem teaming up? It worked for JayZ and JT. Why does the assistant not know what the word “viral” means? What person in the music business doesn’t know who Mama Rose is?

        As gay men we tend to over celebrate what we like. Please use a pinch of salt.

      • Chuck while I do admit that the show isnt perfect some of what you describe are pretty self explanatory.

        Luscious is against Jamal and Hakeem teaming up because, Hakeem is his favorite son and he represents everything that Luscious is, a talented musician who has a shitty attitude and is rough around the edges, also Jamal is gay and Incase you didnt know Luscious is downright chronically homophobic, he threw Jamal in a bin when he was little just for wearing his mums heels for heavens sakes.

        Cookie enters Luscious’ office whenever she wants because she is motherfucking Cookie. Enough said.

        Why the club is named Leviticus is supposed to be ironic I think. Plus its isnt suprising, its owned by Luscious and one of the reasons he didnt want Jamal to perform at the clubs’ opening was because in his words ‘He didnt want the club to be branded a homosexual club’.

        If i remember correctly it was Cookie who didnt know what viral meant, and that was meant to be funny. And it was.

        That dude not knowing who Diana Ross was shows how self involved he was and how little he knows about The people that came before him.

        The show can get a bit ridiculous at times for example when the first son records his evil plans on a recorder! Who does that? Or when his wife does that thing with the bib! I died.

        Its all meant to be fun. Dont take it too seriously.

      • Lol…Pinky there’s more stuff in there, i barely spoilt anything trust me. Plus the series is just two episodes in, it has a lot of potential to be great and it could easily become a mess just as much. Just ask Glee.

  6. Well done o,Kevin Hart! Don’t worry,nobody will cast u in a gay role (except if they’re doin a gay porn version of SnowWhite and the seven dwarves…) So fear not,ok?
    (P.S: Aki and PawPaw want their jacket back)

  7. Well he’s being honest, just like I’d be uber uncomfortable if I were an actor and was asked to play a straight character dt involved a straight sex scene.

    That said, I try to avoid every movie that has Kevin Hart in it,cus you can bet they’ll be loud and senseless.

      • The part two turned out to be exactly what Chizzie described, Mostly Loud and senseless.

        Another good Kevin Hart movie is About Last night with the deliciously gorgeous Michael Ealy and the always amazing Regina Hall.

        Kevin Hart is at his best when he isn’t shouting and being loud and just focuses on his incredible comedic timing.

        He has a new movie coming out, Wedding Ringer with Josh Gad, I hope its a good movie. He’s a good actor most of the time.

      • @PP, Wait have you not seen About last Night or Do you not think About Last night was good?? Because I thought it was. Kevin and Regina were on the top of their game in that movie. Almost every single line they uttered was comedy gold.

    • Ugh! Finally! Something I ve done that the king of research hasn’t covered yet! Phew
      Let me just say that Wedding Ringer is divine! I was having a depressed filled day and was dragged out by an old friend and it was worth every traffic I had to sit through and kobo spent. I laffed from the beginning till the end. Kevin has always been averagely funny, but the movie came out well, great casts.

  8. I love Kevin hart!

    I have fantasies about him that I dare not voice out here

    He is like the younger brother of a neighbor that you lure to your flat with chocolate and do nasty things (that cannot be written) to!


  9. I’m with Lord on this one. There’s something about a short chiseled man that is just extremely attractive, and Hart is just that.

      • And why should I go thru Vhar has he brought the traditional wine for chestie my love or does he think it’s poems that pay a brides price?….hmmm not in this part of Africa biko.

        Chesty luv pls what’s Dennis address biko let me do d needful…I’ll definity give it to you BIG….hehehhehee

      • Wait….sorry guys…but where did I write penis in any of my comments haba!!! Colossus why r u so uppity about that word…u’ve used it too often in all of my comments now for some days…er u wanna see it tho….i could oblige if u ask nice.

      • Lord, you sound like a child sometimes. Please shut up already about you being big or giving it big. Or does someone else have to write another My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours story to shut you up?!

      • *facepalm* No thanks, I’ll pass. Thanks for the subtle insult though, my intelligence is not taking a bashing here.

  10. I guess today is movie review day. Deola I dey see you, well done. So far, I’m yet to fault your movie judgement. Well, except one. After earth was thrash, poor unadulterated thrash

    I believe his next movie would be good, the teaser trailer ain’t bad at all.

    • Lol….was After Earth really that bad for you guys?? It wasn’t good but it definitely wasn’t as bad for me as it was for almost everyone.

      Will Smiths next movie, Focus seems like just another cliché hollywood con man, femme fatale movie. If i am watching it, it’s definitely not for Will Smith but for Margot Robbie. I can watch that woman in anything. She could make a movie about cleaning the house all day and i’ll pay to see it…she’s yet to disappoint or make a false move in her Career so far.

      • She hasn’t gone far. Give her sometime. And yes, After Earth was so bad i struggled not to sleep off while watching it. And that’s saying a lot becos Will Smith captivates me

      • Look at me thinking i can review movies and shows. Deola will definitely take the job if it was a job interview. You will definitely make a movie viewing partner, good ones are hard to find these days.

      • Lmao!!! I cant even with you PP this evening!!

        Margot Robbie is a newcomer truely but I think she’s a major talent, plus she’s Australian.
        I have a thing for Australians so i may be biased.

        She has some major movies coming out, Tarzan with that true blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard, Samuel L Jackson and Christopher Waltz. And then Focus and then The DC universe movie Suicide Squad with Will Smith and Jared Leto. So if this movies do well, she’ll be a bonafide A-Lister.

        All it even takes is for one of those movies to do extremely well and she’ll be mentioned in the same breath as Jennifer Lawrence.

      • Yes, maybe you won’t see it because of him but I can promise you this his performance would be so charismatic that you’ll take notice.

        Did I hear you say suicide squad? Well Will is in it too and so is Jared Leto, I’ll watch anything with Jared in it, his acting chops are cutting it.

      • Yeah I am super excited for the Sucide Squad movie, they recently casted Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and she’s all kinds of awesome. The movie has quite a cast, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis.

        I have always thought DC had a better heroes and characters but Marvel always make better movies.

        if it does well it could be DC version of Marvel’s The Avengers. That or the upcoming Justice League movie.

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