A Straight Woman’s Point Of View…

In a bid to show my solidarity for Kenny Badmus, I updated my BBM display picture with his profile, and updated some message I can’t now remember on my pm. So, of course, I had friends who came trolling with questions and remarks and opinions. One of them was a female friend of mine; and below is a screengrab of part of what we chatted about.

Screen_20150109_093138This sort of amused me. I mean, really, gay men don’t deserve to have good looking fellow men to shag?

On my other, more mainstream blog, where I also updated Kenny’s coming out, another straight female said as part of her comment: ‘…I have a gay friend, finest guy I know. For some reason they now seem to be blessed with good looks…’

AH! We don suffer! So, before we woh-woh, abi? Chai! Diaris God o.

54 thoughts on “A Straight Woman’s Point Of View…

  1. Lol. We know how to kill it one way or another. Either by being handsome, high taste in fashion, cleanliness, great cooking or everything join! Not our fault. Lol.

  2. Lol…….gay men are just wired specially. If gay guy is not blessed with Good looks, they always compensate with something else, a banging body, a sky high IQ, well mannered, good taste/ very creative (I think most of us come with that chip)……and list goes on.
    Girl and women ve always pointed out that their BF/Husband ever are/were gay

    • On my timeline, there was a mini war going on concerning Kenny’s coming out, and some females were just going daggers at the dude.

      Then a friend of mine, a KDian had this to say:
      ‘The epic thing about his coming out is that he is cute,successful,masculine,muscular and a man of integrity. A big wipe on the notion all gay men are soft,feminine and skinny.’

      I laughed hard when I saw that. It was like, Take That, Beeches! 🙂

  3. Hilarious;

    Oh I have several stories like this. Its hilarious; well we are good looking and we take care of our bodies!

    Beat that!!!

  4. Those beeshes better believe that the most physically beautiful specimen of men they’ll ever come across are gay men… Really; I know this might sound like stereotyping(or wishful thinking), but when a guy is tooooo fine/hot (Ebuka Uchendu, Alexx Ekubo, Kenneth Okolie et al)…well,it would be a waste to waste all that hotness only on women *Muahaha*

  5. Hmmm.

    The notions most people have: If he’s ‘too fine’, he’s gay.

    Someone once said, the worst thing that can happen to a man is: Being gay, ugly & broke. Hmm.

  6. Lol.. We r cute and Fab.. They should deal with it. I think their problem is that when they see us, what goes through their mind is- “damn, another cute dude that I can’t shag”.. We r disadvantageous to Nigerian women who see marriage as an achievement. So the more gay people there are, the less chance of getting a husband for them. Oh I forgot to add cute, yeah cute husband ☺☺☺

  7. One time on my Facebook wall, I wrote;
    We are the best of everything.
    A lot of my friends thought it was a ‘think-it-and-you-are-it-yada-yada’ Facebook pep rally, and kept liking and agreeing.
    If only they knew.

    • I have a similar situation. I recently uploaded a pic on Facebook with the single word: Live.
      And a girl who days before had been fuming about gay people turning away from their ‘sins’ liked the pic and commented ‘Yes we should all do that everyday’
      Such irony. To believe people should have a right to live and yet have a problem with that living being the existence of a gay person

  8. *face palm* Hmmn! That “broke, ugly nd gay” part in some of the comments got me oh! Am all that……….. Maybe that’s y am alone.

    • Narcissists are compulsive selfie-takers.
      Compulsive male selfie-takers have psychopathic tendencies.

      Says the Ohio state university, uhhh…….3 days ago, I think?

    • I swear! The selfie bit is so true especially the written post that comes with it. These days you can now tell who is gay not only by their compulsive selfie taking, the way they write don follow.

  9. N Gay guys r d best advice givers on relationship issues.
    D girl starts to wonder if only she could date ds perfect guy not knowing dey both r on a “Heavenly race” in search of d same man.

    • Paul you are right there! They give the best relationship advice.but I think they are clueless when it comes to their own personal relationship

      • Dats cos we have shitty relationships based on ephemeral and mundane tins
        Relationships dat lack a base, how then do u expect much of it?
        An average hetero relationship tends to b headed somewhr but down here in our ville, u hear dem say” afterall nobody is marrying anybody” so pple jst hide under d name of a relationship to shag till we get tired and move on to d other.
        D cycle continues

  10. The few gay people I knew in nigeria when I was younger were wowo. I thought it would be like that for the rest of them. Heck… I even wondered if I was ugly too.

    • James I’m still waiting to meet the “OMG! he is fine” gay guy. you know like the celebs u see on tv. All I see is “you no try” and average like me typa guys. Well my advice is if you no try in the looks department? Invest heavily in cloths, swag,Exposure, good attitude, social skills and you are good to go

  11. @All I thought it was just me but we gay guys are just awesome in all ramification.we are the cutest of all men,intelligent(brainy),funny,good advisers and listeners,best cooks,favourite kids(ofcourse),fashion icons,models(ofcos,if not all of them),male contestants like all these Mr Nigeria stuff,the most trusted in the family,gay guys can equally manage stress and handle pressure so well….the list is much.Lemme not even talk about being women magnet;women are more attracted to us than our straigth folks.But why wount they when we have all those qualities.

  12. to the girl who posted that, i say: ***Tongue out***, if God hates us so much, why does he make a lot of us so fab – gorgeous, talented and creative. We know that men are visual creatures who are moved mainly by what they see as opposed to the womenfolk who are moved more by what they hear… we realise that we gotta look good in order to score the best meat in the gaybourhood, so we are often willing to go the extra mile to look good … extra skincare, meticulous diets and exercise and a more wholesome lifestyle. Which is why when i see a lot of straight guys who feel uncomfortable around gays cos they think we are going to try to fuck them somehow (assuming that was possible), i look at them with barely concealed disdain and think to myself “why would i want to shag – you? you’re out of shape and not attractive + you just dont have that extra “oomph” that a lot of gay men have, the extra “oomph” is what attracts me to other gay men”, stop flattering yourself please, i’d much rather jerk off than touch you” …

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