Comedy Skit: The Office Homophobe

4. maxresdefaultI’m pretty sure I’m a LASTMA on this, but someone sent me a YouTube link and by so doing, introduced me to the world of Key & Peele. I have been catching up and laughing at their antics.

Here’s one about the homophobe in the workplace. There’s an undertone of stereotyping in this skit. Watch and enjoy.

28 thoughts on “Comedy Skit: The Office Homophobe

  1. That kiss at the end with his boyfriend, was some of the most cringeworthy acting I have seen in a long time. Still better than anything with Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner or Adam Sandler. Funny Skit tho.

      • Lol. Seriously, look at Grown Ups 2. They now decided to put Adam-never been funny-Sandler in scenes with Taylor Lautner. Its like there were on a mission to make the movie worse than the first one and well they hired the right guy to accomplish said task.

      • I swear, I don’t watch anything that has Adam Sandler as the movie star carrying the movie. NOTHING! I’ll only see it if there are other A-listers starring alongside him. That way, they neutralize his dullness in the movie.

      • Wait, what?!!!! Y’all are reaching! Adam Sandler is one of my favorite comedians! Dude is fucking hilarious to me,lol. Are u guys being serious?

      • Serious as a Heart attack. Adam Sandler has never been laugh out loud hilarious, he is only mildly funny and thats on his best day which are far less than his other cringe inducing performances.
        I saw Jack and Jill and thats when I knew that this guy must seriously have some hold over the public. He keeps churning out crap and yet said crap still makes a ton of money.

        Blended, Grown ups 1&2, Jack and Jill, Thats my boy, Bed time stories. All crappy movies. I mean The man has been nominated for almost 20 Razzies.

        Its says a lot that that my best Adam Sandler movie is the animated movie Hotel Transylvania at least he wasn’t there to ruin it with his physical presence.

      • Heheehhee!! But its true na.

        Taylor cant act his way out of a paper bag. Is he hot??? Gawd yes!!! The things I would let him do to me and vice versa cannot be covered in a 700 word essay.

        But I do much better acting pretending to find Nigerian Politics interesting in my father’s presence than Taylor will do in his entire career.

        PS…anybody catch the Golden Globes last night???

      • I love Taylor, and in my eyes he can do no wrong!

        So in the interest of your personal safety, say ONLY nice things about my Taylor when I am within a 50 mile radius!

    • @Deola, you’re slowly becoming my favorite critic.. I wish we could have a write up here where we can drag out crappy movies and criticize.. Would be fun.

  2. Max and Peele nails the funny everytime, how they always come up with fresh funny material is beyond me.
    Seriously Pinky, you rule LASTMA land, the queen regent.

  3. Chisos! Funniest thing I’ve seen here.
    Where do I even start to comment: “Baby arm holding and apple,” or “I’m not being persecuted, I’m just an asshole.”
    And that last bit is just the problem of many gay men.
    And btw, who da hell is this mmadu who thinks Blended is a crappy movie? Abeg take several benches

  4. hahahahhhaahaaaa … this was damn funny, the quintessential gay man bullying the hapless “homophobe” he managed to pin into a tight corner … LMAO …

  5. Hahahahahahaha… The bishes in my office didn’t allow me to watch this till now.. Lmfao.
    The ending though, I never “hexpererit”.. 😀😀😁😁

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