Morning Humour XI: When D’banj gives us something to talk about

01LMAO! Chestnut won’t just kill me. D’banj was jejely doing what he does best (whatever THAT is that he was doing on the stage), and Chestnut in all his hell-bound glory decided to supply me with a meme. LOL! Diaris God in everything we are doing o!

27 thoughts on “Morning Humour XI: When D’banj gives us something to talk about

    • Lol…for the record, this meme was not made on a Sunday o! Blame Pinky for posting it today.
      On a serious note,since Dbanj left DonJazzy, I don’t know what has been goin on with him…I just pray Jesus takes the wheel in this young man’s life soon,cos me I don’t just understand him again.

  1. hahahahahahahaha… I just thought of something .. several things could happen from that angle… damn!! werk it! D, werk it!!

  2. And when I saw d title of today’s post , I was aiidy expecting to see dbanj naked aiidy or lemme say wif boxer (hot pant) nd all buf this…… a lil disappointed though. Any ways that doesn’t look like dbanj ooooo. nice position to.receive the anointing lol … nice work chesty…. u deserve an award *stands up clapping while waiting for Dm to continue *

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