55 thoughts on “Photo: What Is Iyanya Doing?

  1. Damn! This market is definitely a Triple MG Yeah!!!
    *Earnestly waiting for someone to drop a hint that he is gay to give myself hope*

  2. Someone hand this akpan some mortar and piston as well as some Fufu to pound!

    As soon as I saw this on BN I knew the slut called PP will post this! LOL

  3. Dayummmm! That waist nd ass is out of this world! You don’t get such ass by laying around, U SQUAT/KICK! But If only he had d height to complete d look……….. Oh well, it doesn’t matter cos he’s already tall with his money.

    *face palm* I just imagined lying on my tummy whilst he is on me nd those beards doing some serious tickling to my face nd am cupping them ass! Whoah! My ashewo don ripe 4 plucking oh! Choi!!

  4. To whom it might concern, it is better to do an Akpan than children/teens i.e. Korede, Taylor, Zach nd Grey! Don’t you know that Child abuse/,molestation is a crime!

  5. Like Chi Girl says. “This makate may be big but not testy (tasty )”……DM and other Akpan hunters, your next target presents himself.

  6. He has a gorgeous face
    but that about it for me with him…. the body isn’t calling my name to run my hands and tongue over

    has he released any new music recently though?

  7. This guy always gives me a power bottom vibe! But with all these akpan-ized body I will pass!

    ***stares lovingly @ korede’s photo***

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