Those Awkward Moments When You’re A Bisexual Guy

o-BISEXUALITY-STUDY-facebookWhy can’t you just pick one…

But you’re like actually gay, right?

You’re so greedy. I mean, leave some for the rest of us

These are just a few of the indignations that bisexual guys must suffer in the hands of the rest of us.

Like every other marginalized group, bisexuals are no stranger to awkward assumptions and invasive questions. So BuzzFeed decided to highlight “17 Bisexual Guy Problems”!!

Check them out and tell us if you identify!

Any other bisexual guy problems you’d like to get off your chest? Sound off!


95 thoughts on “Those Awkward Moments When You’re A Bisexual Guy

  1. Now to avoid being lashed, i shall not comment. And pls be merciful when u criticise BIs in ur comments. **goes into hiding**

  2. I have no issues with bisexuality… just don’t think you’re superior. I know some bi guys dating a gay guy that would still go on ahead and have girlfriends and tbh that sucks for most gay guys cause they don’t want to share with anyone. I know it sucked for me.

    *chilling for someone to come and lecture us about how they are cesspools of infection*

    • I swear there is like this mentality that Bi guys seem to have, that just because they swing both ways they are automatically better than gay guys. Its stupid but they actually believe that shi. I once read a tweet that said there was a hierarchy in the gay community which goes as follows, Bisexuals, lesbians, homosexuals and lastly transexuals and guess what, the tweet was posted by a Bisexual.

  3. Lol…I think Bisexuality is really a thing but what makes it side eye worthy is the fact that you cant actually tell who is really Bi.
    Most gay people will claim to be Bi so that society can see that they still have some ‘normalcy’ about them. I mean look at Tom Daley when he first came out and he said he was dating a guy but was still into girls, this in my opinion was done to soften the blow of all those poor girls out there crushing over him. When the response to his coming out was actually mostly positive he recanted and said he was actually fully gay.
    This is kind of thing that makes people rolls their eyes at bisexuality.

  4. Yayyy it’s our day today….hmmm pinky this deviation from bottom outlooks is actually refreshing.

    The fact that we who can get it up for boys and gals is quite a feat. In fact just because the woman is tender and nice that still doesn’t rule out the sweetness that can come out of the ruff and hard of a lovely man’s body….oh the feeling…ok as I was saying….it is wonderful to be both and it actually teaches you how to stay balanced in this type of clime that we have in naijja. you get to roll with the str8ts like one of em and you can’t get lost when the ‘bents’ are in your midst.

    Apart from that you get to have a say and a listen in matters that affect gays in the straight world such that you sorta open the eyes of the staunch homophobe and can slowly but methodically kinda reduce his ‘homophobia’ and ofcoz make this naijja a better place abi….

    So all in all I think we have a win win status if you ask me.

    • O the many joys of being bi! You forgot to add getting to commit adultery with boys when the missus is away?

      And please explain how or why getting it up for both genders is an accomplishment.

      You’re apparently the type of person who thinks being bi is an accomplishment and makes you better than gay people.

      • I find BB’s comments both derogatory and condescending… “Bents”?? Really… Being bi doesn’t make you superior… And for the record, you’re not bi… So stop sounding silly. Get off your sand built high horse!!!!

      • If you noticed, I’ve stopped responding to his comrade’s comments even though he makes passes @ me whenever he can. That one talks like a two yr old… And this right here, I just cant deal pls.. They both make me sick.. They need a hard kick on their adulterous balls!!!

    • I don’t think I’ve responded to anything you’ve said here but ‘bents’? Really? That was very derogatory and repulses me to the inner recesses of my soul. And coming from you, you who should feel like throwing up every time you look at your ugly pudgy self in the mirror, it is extremely annoying. Mbok!

      • Shut up king (or Lord or whatever the fuck u’re calling ur ignorant self these days!) U’re fucking GAY. Marriage obviously has not made u bi, so stop fooling urself for brownie points! I swear sometimes I just feel like slapping ur eyes out of ur block head! Do u even read ur foolish comments at all? Something is totally wrong inside ur brain; no one can convince me otherwise. U’re actually to fucking stupid to live! Morons like u shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. I just hope ur children took their mother’s brain!

      • Yeh!!!!!!!!! i have never seen chestnut like this before. But seriously our King of debauchery no dey try. He just writes some silly stuff sometimes. I remember when he talked about HIV being a damned disease when people were talking about counselling for guy who are infected. Oga really do take a deep breath and read through your comments before posting them.

  5. I’m not a fan of labels. I’m bisexual. I don’t feel superior to anyone. The inferiority complex might stem from the gay guy who feels the bisexual can conform to societal expectations while he can not.

    • CAN NOT??? Hohoho. Don’t start me on that one. If its to key into all those ‘man-up’ lessons I’ve been force fed since childhood, I’d b an AlphaMale. I initially couldn’t. Then, I wouldn’t. WOULD NOT. Its such a headache pretending. So amigo, its not an ‘inferiority’ complex. Don’t let it get into ur head. If you n I were caught shagging a dude, we’d still be treated to d same kinda societal disgrace. Your previous girls shag wouldn’t count so SIT DOWN. We don’t want to fit into society, we need to be ACCEPTED by society.

      • I saw the ‘might think’ and possibility that any random gay guy has an inferiority complex #sigh What I wrote is condensed thus “gay guys do not have inferiority complexes (more like irritation) and do not think in such terms because we do not want to fit into society but want to be accepted by society”. Is that concise enough now???

      • Judge?

        Heaven no.
        I won’t let societal values/norms/hatred make me cower from being myself.

        I get it up for Guys.
        I get it up for Girls.

        I choose for guys to hump me.
        I will settle with a guy and have Rugrats
        In this same country.
        I intend to find happiness.

        And not live a lie.


      • Getting it up for both genders does not a bisexual make,otherwise MGM should then be tagged Bi.You know better than this,Vhar.

      • Oh well,maybe when next we would rail at the ills society would throw at us,at the hypocrisy of it all,we should first take a hard look at the mirror.
        “We have met the enemy and he is us” – Pogo,1971.
        Seem so apt for this thread.

      • Mr. Kel

        Its all about choices, agreed.
        But I believe Bisexuals choose self-deciet. It doesn’t make any sense what soever.

        Choose a Hole.

        I choose to have a dick in me.
        I chose not to hump girls.
        Not because I can’t get it up for them

        But because

        I cannot live a life of lies.
        That’s all I see bisexuals do.
        Its like they (think) have an out in this man to man affair.
        You love a mans butt.
        You hump only a man’s butt.

        Are you seriously telling me that when they hump a Lady or get married to a lady, they won’t think of Sean or Brian or Duke?

        Its high time we stand as one and make a choice.

        Unless you can convince me that there’s a particular “Flavour” you bisexuals enjoy in women… My judgement as you put it still stands!

        Swingers have a special seat in hell if you ask me.

      • “……you bisexuals..”?.We gives up!
        You know me and how I roll Vhar,so don’t go be throwing that at me,won’t wash.My angst lies in how you,in one fell swoop,consigned people I’ve met,interacted with and know well into the “Confused Fellows” club,without so much as knowing a thing about them,nary a bit.
        Oh,now it’s self-deceit to just be who they are.Breaking news vhar,they were born that way.They didn’t choose to be like that,same way many on this board didn’t choose who they are attracted to.
        You have no right whatsoever,to sit in judgement of them,when you’ve not worn their shoe nor even tried to put yourself in their place.
        This blog is supposed to be about acceptance,tolerance,but I’m guessing that be just a cloak for our hypocrisy.

  6. Awww. It’s such a looooong time bisexuals were made to stand in front of the class and be accused of various crimes against humanity. The MGMs have been taking the flak all this time… I guess it’s turn by turn! 😀

  7. Actually I am BI or so I think. I want to have the best of both worlds. There is something about the hard body of a guy and the soft body of a girl. Now, I have never seen myself as being superior, in fact I feel kind of bad because I would marry one day and I know for a fact that I would cheat on the unfortunate girl. Now, I am sure most of us cheat, in fact cheating comes with the territory. My prayer is that, if the same sex marriage is approved in Nigeria, I hope that there would be a provision for a man to be able to marry both man and woman at the same time…is that what you call Polygamy???? They can’t both be compared actually…that is the best case scenario.

  8. Looool. So Bi-guys, its a pertinent qxn tho. Do u guys schedule d days u are gonna like guys and then reschedule for days u wud like girls??? Is it like an on and off light switch???

  9. I watched this last year… Was funny as hell.. Wanted to send you the link pinky.. But forgot, they also have the lesbian version. .. I’ll start sending you those humorous gay-themed YouTube videos.. I subscribed to quite a number of LGBT channels..

  10. I have pondered on bisexuality for a long time. I don’t fully understand the psyche of bisexuals – probably never will. I frankly think gays and bis despite belonging to the same LGBT family, live in different worlds. A lot of Nigerian bisexuals see their bisexuality as a ‘feat ,an accomplishment’; ‘a quick escape route’ to drop the ‘bad habit of homosexuality’ they’ve picked up along the way… which is why they can justify having wild barebacked orgies with up to seven different men in one night while the Mrs and kids wait at home for them to return to their role of doting ‘hubby and dad’ …
    A friend once told me that though he sleeps with men, every now and then, he getd with a woman, to be sure he’s stilm ‘got it’ so that when the time is right he can get back to ‘normal’ (his words) ….
    I often ask ‘if a hot guy and a hot girl are presented to you, which would you pick’?
    A few have told me they’d pick the guy and a few the girl, but one particular guy gave a very intriguing answer; he said ‘i really am not sure, I’d pick both cos i enjoy both equally, both are sweet in their own different way, much like salt and sugar …
    I don’t claim to understand how bisexuals think, a part of me thinks they r just confused, greedy mofos who cant pick&stick to one hole, but then who am i to judge? What do i know? Abeg rock your bisexuality like its golden …

  11. How and when did King become the posterboy for Bi’s on here?.
    Forgive me if I’m wrong,but isn’t King a gay guy?.A married gay man?.When did that make him bisexual?.
    Again,forgive me if I turn out wrong,I’m surely not that obtuse,but I’m quite sure it’s him you referred that first paragraph.

      • Well being bisexual ain’t a biggie, and frankly trying to understand how they get to hump a guy for breakfast and den pussy dive a girl for dinner isn’t in the least bit my problem as long as u don’t think God created you with extra gold pubic hair(therefore making u superior and more fit for society cos you hunt ass and is on the lookout for pussy) then we are cool. To each his own!

    • Yeah..get with the times boi…and so what do you call those who like gals and boys and HAPPEN TO MARRY A WOMAN!!!!!!? huh….duh,..ok i tot so!! sheesh.

      • Who’s been the “boi” here thus far,Lackwit?.I would advise you stick to making a show of yourself to those who may find you funny on this.Try to take me on n you won’t know what hit you.

  12. I had a bisexual phase!

    But honest to god it was a cover so my straight friends would not suspect me. Those naive days I hung with straight men all the time and managed to convince them I was one of them.

    Now would I have sex with a woman? Maybe if there is nothing else to do (like reading a book or watching grey’s anatomy), but I like Men! End of story!

    Please let us draw a line between MGM and Bisexuals! They are not the same thing!

  13. King/Lord; did you really say “bent”? *sigh*

    I try to keep an open mind about you, but sometimes you come off sounding extremely silly and obnoxious.

    I suggest you double check every comment before posting. Deep down I am sure you are a good person anyway

    • He’s a fucking idiot, that’s what he is! Imagine calling himself “bi”; I laugh! Dude either doesn’t know the meaning of “bisexual”, or he thinks claiming to be bi will earn him a gold seat in heaven!

    • am so ever sorry guys for that “bent” remark haba…kaNT WE all take a joke?? ok afterall what do why do we call them str8ts and if so whats the other word for us…haba…if it was a slight then am also involved abi/…oya no vex na guys,..haba!

  14. The fear of mb wouldn’t let Nigerians watch the short clip yet they are dropping comments and missing the point.
    Btw, this was hilarious, “only women can be Bi, because if you’re a man that means you’re gay.” I’d be like ‘really’?

  15. I’ve been bi damned near all of my life and if anything could make me feel superior, it’s not my sexuality that would drive such an attitude. I know quite a few bi guys and I’ve never heard any of them claim that they’re better than any gay man they’ve come across and because of their sexuality.

    Am I different from a gay man? Well, yeah, duh! That I can throw down in either direction doesn’t make me better – it just makes me different. This “superiority” nonsense is just more bi-bashing and who needs more of this crap making being a bisexual any harder than it has to be?

  16. Wow ..what a controversial topic,…MGM versus BI versus Gay versus Str8t!!! hmmm can the happiness we are so termed with ever manifest within ourselves????

    Biko lets argue but not bicker, lets discuss but not make enemies and lets love deeply as we ought to so that when we are called to front a face,,.we can be UNITED!!!!!..hmmm hopefully i.e,.

  17. Hello guys, This is my first time of commenting here and I must confess its a delight going through all the posts here. There are a lot of great talents here who I so much admire. And to my friend PP, yes your persuassions have finally paid off. I’m here!!

    As a proud gay man, who still have ‘bisexual’ phases, I feel neither inferior nor superior to anyone, when it comes to sexuality or based on any other criteria in life for that matter, but what I’m also sure about is that most men,especially in Nigeria, who claim to be bi, are in the least Bisexuals, but closeted gay guys, who just happen to be forced to sleep with women, because of societal pressure.

    There are bisexuals, yes! I’ve met quite a few of which they really are,FEW! and not people like this ill-witted Lord II and Gad, who mistake sex for sexuality. PS: you both should get some brain check up,cos I’ve followed this blog from day 1 and I must confess, your opinions and ideas come off as silly and stupid 90% of the time. Being married to one woman, (while you can’t lay your hands off man-pussy) isn’t a stamp to confirm bisexuality.
    When you take a census of the ,especially,but not exclussively, married ‘bisexual’ men who all unavoidably cheat, you find out that most (99.9%) do so more with other men/guys, and always have their wives as the only female sex partner they sleep with. That my friend isn’t bisexuality, but closeted faggism. Because I’m sure any ‘bisexual’ guy who cheats wouldn’t have just 1female sex partner,but rather as many that delights his eyes that he humps as much the number of guys he gets down with too (of which I can bet Lord II and Gad do not have) so shush when you call urselves bi, only bcos u can have it stand for a chick) I fuck girls too, but I aint bi. I rest my case.

    • @flakes, I heartily welcome you to our fold and urge you to feel free to always air your opinion and I assure you, even if I have doubts about the objectivity of your reasoning or your socio-mental capacity, the wise has a way of learning one or two things from the comments and actions of the slow hearted.I have no doubts in my mind that this forum aims to inform. I wont glorify your attacks on persons with a rejoinder but will rather advise you move away from the highway of folly to wisdom. Attacking persons instead of issues is anything but wisdom. Lastly, you are not the only Nigerian that has the misfortune of a bad up bringing in a ghetto environment. Try as much as you can to hid. Once,again welcome to the family

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