Have You Seen ‘The Skinny’?

skinnyIt’s a 2012 gay movie, but I only just saw it. And it is a very real movie, touching on most of the insecurities of the gay man. As I watched, it didn’t matter that the movie was set in New York and the lives of the characters largely different from mine; I could totally relate. The divides were blurred, and I realized that behind the diverse ethnicities and races, all gay men are essentially the same, with the same questions about life and love.

If you haven’t seen it, you totally should. There were scenes that are hilarious, and others that are thought-provoking. Like this one I’m about to outline. So ok, five college friends – Magnus, Kyle, Joey, Sebastian and Langston (a lesbian) – came together in New York to hang out for a weekend. And during that time, they made discoveries about themselves that only such a time together could have enabled. Magnus had just revealed to his friends that the guy he was currently seeing was someone he met online. And the following dialogue was part of what ensued.the skinny

Joey: How do you know you can trust Ryan when you met him just four months ago on some hookup site?

Magnus: The same guys online are the same guys we see at clubs, the same guys we see at prides… How do you know you can trust anybody until you can trust them? Whether you meet them online, the club, the gym, church –

Joey: Uh-uh, if you meet them at church, then you know you cannot trust them.

LOL. Okay, that line killed me. Really? The church gays are not to be trusted?

58 thoughts on “Have You Seen ‘The Skinny’?

    • OMG! OMG! OMG! Is this post about me? I’m watching it right now on my laptop as I bumped into KD to read some fresh updates! I’m at the place where magnus discovered his ex was shooting porn in his condo! The film is kinda not to real for my liking (the British accents can be quite irritating). In addition you guys need to watch “PARIS IS BURNING” that one shows the side of the gay life that is rarely seen. Watch it then go online to read the article “PARIS HAS BURNED”. I have nothing doing these days so I spend my spare time watching LGBT movies & series. If you are in Calabar beep me I can share them with you.

    • Depends on what you think “trust” should be – i.e. what is it you wish to trust another person with? Depends on how you go about establishing who you can trust with these things you feel need entrusting.

      And, after all said and done, keep in mind, McGray, that no one knows that they can actually trust YOU until they can. Two-way street here.

      • I strongly agree, trust is a two way street. If you don’t trust people then no one would trust you back.

  1. Hahaha bia pinky why are you such a lastma mbok… But Jesus the hilariousness of that film is too much…. Joey the bitch with tramp stamps, Langston the naive Ivy league lez girl who’s obsessed with gay porn – weird, Sebastian’s obsession with Kyle and his planned offering of his virginity to the said Kyle (seriously that guy needs to be stamped with L for learner on his forehead). The date rape. Kyle’s playboy and I don’t care attitude is just Urrgghhh, but really he’s a good guy when you take sex of out the equation

    And Magnus who’s supposed to be the smart one ends up falling for a guy who enjoy’s bareback orgies but be fronting safe sex with him until after they’ve tested twice in 6months. Such bull piss

    Love love love…. 10/10 for me with that film. Picture quality, story line, casting. all excellent.

    Btw did you know Kyle is a dancer in real life

      • Hahaha sorry James, got carried away no vex

        Don’t worry there’s alot more I haven’t mentioned. So you’ll definitely enjoy it even with my spoilers alert

      • His name is Anthony Burrell. Dances like an angel… I love him… He was in a season of SYTYCD but left because of an injury.. Can do full 180,degree splits… He’s just amazing.. His character in “The skinny” is annoying.. But he’s a lovely guy in real life.. He’s also one of Queen b’s top dancers.. If you’ve ever watched “bow down, I been on”, you’ll see him in front…

  2. Haba.. Pinky.. its too early in the year to start this old controversy na. And isn’t that stereotyping? Something we claim to hate so much on this blog?

  3. Yup…some of us go to church and still indulge in bareback orgies while the wife is at home. So church is a no-no..

    Meanwhile it’s mighty cold this morning.

      • Haba Pete dat line is chizzie’s Pukinje fibre,his heart would skip beats if he doesn’t mention it. So jst let him continue.
        Evry1 has ignored him on dat and its no more funny bt my guy won’t jst let it go.

  4. You have something against the church/people of faith,we get.You own this blog too,but really,you shouldn’t keep trying to impose your view or get in a lick at them each opportunity you get Pinky.That makes you no better than those you accuse of intolerance.

  5. You certainly cannot trust him if you met him from the just. Reason being that he is in denial. He is off today and on tomorrow. ….He has faith that one day he will delivered.

  6. Now let’s not get ahead if ourselves and hit at the story where is required or rather answer the question..which is can the gay you meet in church be trusted?

    Why can’t he be trusted especially here in our clime. You got that right about the fact that the setting of the film was in NY and ofcoz very different from our typical environment. So I think it’s safe that you meet the guy and KNOW the church he goes coz this will even reduce the propensity for him to KITO on you if he wanted to in the first place….and that’s just one advantage of which there are many.

  7. Oh yeah, that was one nice movie, looooooove Joey and Kyle is so hot, but a total idiot/whore.. And yes you can’t trust any guy u met in church……Never…..those guys are another level of freaky.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with being gay and Christian. I wonder how the world would be without God. Yes, the Bible frowns at it and many other things…I am a Christian and gay. I pray daily and go to church regularly. It is actually between me and God. Just because you became an atheist because of your sexuality, that doesn’t mean everyone must do same.

  9. Sadly, i’ve watched it and it wasnt a great movie to me. I said sadly because there was alot of buzz around it especially when it was coming on the heels of Noah’s Arc, Children of God and Boy Culture. Compared with its contemporaries, there’s no difference between the skinny and any Nollywood movie. Poor acting, poor dialogue, low budget. It ranks so-so in my private library of black gay themed movies. I thought Patrik Ian Polk could have done better based on his experience with Noah’s arc. Meanwhile, you can watch the movie on http://www.putlocker.com

  10. Trust?

    Well that’s earned, not given!

    Sometimes you trust with all your heart, and they turn out not to be what you thought they were!

    “Wonders are many on earth and the greatest of this is man”

    This line from that sophocles poem says it all

  11. I have huge trust issue now becos the only time I trusted someone in my entire life I ended up being blackmailed and my pictures scattered all over the internet.

  12. It exist quite alright,your bias.It’s all over this board.As to lacking a sense of humour,being self-righteous?.You don’t know anything about me as to bandy such about.Touched a nerve,didn’t I?.

  13. Don’t talk like this….. everyone knows the church boys are NOT to be trusted. Have you dated someone who’s very active in church?

    Biggest cheats
    Biggest liars
    Best head
    Legs in the air half the time

    Biko……I can’t deal!

  14. never trust anyone…you’ll only push ur lucks too far,pardon me i myt b sayin dis outta experience…no one z capable of trust me included…especially my opinion i fink gay relationship z pointless…u end up gettin hurt its just like normal relationships wif straight pple. wen i finally decided to embrace wat i am,i was only fooled by some stupid top who took advantage of me,nd left me in no tym…recoverin tho,bt never in dis lyf will i engage in dis lifestyle again. d hrtbreak almost killed me.

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