Pat Robertson thinks “Gays Will Die Out” Because “They Don’t Reproduce”

patDon’t tell Pat Robertson that gay people are birthed thanks to heterosexual sex. His latest late-night gay sex marathon fantasy session seems to have left him really excited — and really, blatantly misinformed.

The latest peek into the ignorance of the soulless man arrived courtesy of a 700 Club viewer question about being barred from dating within a congregation.

“You know, those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce. You know, you have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce. Same thing with that church, it’s doomed, it’s going to die out because it’s the most nonsensical thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

Has the fact that Pat Robertson just fundamentally doesn’t understand how procreation works been his issue this whole time?

38 thoughts on “Pat Robertson thinks “Gays Will Die Out” Because “They Don’t Reproduce”

  1. This man has gay fantasies. The way he is always going on and on about gay people, its clear he wants some. Its a pity he is too old and wrinkly, he can stick to jacking off to interacial porn.

    To think this dumbf**k ran for US president? Well Americans are smarter than that!

  2. It’s very obvious he doesn’t understand the dynamics of being gay…
    He’s a pastor, right? As far back as Abraham’s time there have been gay people… what on earth makes him think it’s now that they will die out. We are here to stay.

  3. Wow…. such ignorance and bigotry in one man! Wow!!!!
    I feel a bit sad for you Mr Roberts, you live in one of the world’s most advanced and enlightened countries and yet you apparently haven’t learned that gays are borne by heterosexuals every minute if everyday – even as we speak, some heterosexual woman somewhere is pushing out a gay baby. For gays to die out, humanity must die out as well.
    Your dumb ignorance is shocking beyong belief ***thumbs down****

  4. You know this man reminds me of Gad. for starters He’s old, more or less sounds senile…carely lacks sense, is a Christian and a heretic at that..and says the most stupendous of things.

    so there you go: Gad, the embodiment

    • I wonder if we should attribute this to lack of knowledge or a deliberate refusal to exhibit it. Well, we are here. Keep the wonders coming

      • Gad, i gotta hand it to you. I disagree with you a lot but your maturity is something else.
        @chizzie: that was too direct na, haba! looool

    • This is a look into the future of our pious brethrens here.. No need to go to the pastor to see your future… You’re looking at it right here.

      • @Max and Chizzie, gbam!!! This is the kind of ignorance and intellectual coma that follows years and years of imbibing that dangerous opium – you become a religidiot! @our brethren religitards who are well gone down the road to religidiocy, you don’t need a crystal ball to see what you’ll soon be – Pat Robertson is a good indicator of the road that lies ahead ….

      • Khaleesi,i subscribe to religious tolerance. I can’t remember the last time I went to church nor do I subscribe to any organized religion for reasons best known to me but the constant insults(for lack of a better word) you throw at people who choose to be religious leaves a bad taste. Please,tone down on it,u don’t need to agree with their version.

  5. The funny thing about these homophobes is that someone in their family is probably gay or some generations down the line a gay offspring will happen along. I wonder what they would say/do from the “great beyond” if they could see their worst fears cometo life

  6. U guys should take it easy on the old man biko. You know what they say about old age nd reasoning, its not really his fault. Ask OBJ, he would enlighten u more on that phase.

  7. Abeg, y was the woman nodding like she didn’t know he was saying nonsense when he said so???
    Oh well. At least he gave Crystal solid advice.

  8. “knowledge is virtue”, Socrates said. I’m teaching myself how to deal with the most annoying folks by telling myself that they dont speak or act right, not because they KNOW what is right and refuse to do it. its rather because they genuinely DONT KNOW. If a person truly knew right, they would do it. You truly KNOW when you DO. In other words, the proof of knowing is DOING. This is how i choose to see it. The advantage is that i dont get to carry all that hate, resentment and anger around. Tried it for years and realised its just TOO HEAVY. I want a light heart, biko. The second advantage is that it makes me a little more patient with the ignorant. We are learning beings. That a person is ignorant or stupid today doesnt mean they will always remain that way (cant say that for Pat though. lol. But hey, im speaking generally). And besides, no matter how smart you are, there is always something you know absolutely nothing about. I know for a fact that i am a complete idiot because like there is sooooo much i dont know. I’m saying this to give us some balance.
    Having said that, i must also say that Pat Robertson is stupid enough to represent planet earth in the intergalactic stupidity Olympics. i say this with love. *smiles sweetly* (Now searching for the “balance” where i lost it)

  9. This man keeps spilling rubbish. That’s why Anderson Cooper always has a field day with him and his uninsightful insights

  10. And the award for the dumbest person in America goes to PAT (emmm….what’s the last name…I have issues remembering the names of idiots like this…)….NEXT (in kcee’s voice)

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