48 thoughts on “According to Uber-Facts…III

  1. Oh boi with only an average of 24mins???? Naaa it must be a man to a woman jo….why? coz ave known some tops to have gone on way longer and even after 5 mins of landing back on earth he asked to go again and d bottom (if I recall well was a hausa boi) just eyed us and reset his chute….ahhhhh! Mbanu a woman seriously WONT deal with some power bottoms!

  2. It is my belief that the figure is padded.
    As Nigerians, we tend to pump ourselves up and have an over bloated impression of our abilities.

    Simply put: many Nigerians lied during the survey.

    • No we dont!

      24 minutes?

      That’s just for take off na! Mid air and landing nko?

      Some “pilots” need waaaaay more than 24 minutes.

      ****sips Arabian coffee****

  3. Definitely a man fucking a woman! No man is definitely going to b on me beyond ten minutes! Am so pulling ur out nd locking my heaven’s gate! Kilode! How e dey do am? Na on top me he wan die nii? D pain alone self……….. Hell No!
    By the way, this survey is ridiculous! Was there a competition? Were cameras planted in rooms of some selected me? Asi Asi! Men can lie but Nigerian Men r d greatest liars of all time! 24min average keh? Akuko Mike Ejiagha!

      • Can u imagine Pinky? Its just sheer ridiculous! Even if he took what d hausa would call “magani burantashi” self! Inukwa!
        Nd Max, I always told you bad company corrupt good manners but you would never listen! Always @ a tea party with one married man that loves his brew in diff flavours! U see! Riding till thy kingdom come okwa ya? Issoright.

  4. Abegiii….24 mins ke, in my hay days, before that stupid haemorrhoid incident, I’ve gone an hour 40 mins, he was under d influence tho…..and yea the last type I topped I went for an hour…..then again it’s because I’m ibibio (calabar as y’all call it). SMH…..funniest stereotype ever.

  5. well I think this is fairly correct. Most Nigerian tops take forever to come…atleast majority of the ones Ive encountered. In my mind while he’s pounding ferociously i’m usually like : dude pls cum already

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