That Piece about how To Know Your Man Is Another Man’s

4232075099286640360noThe write-up was penned by a Daniel Teinye, and published on Linda Ikeji’s blog, titled ‘15 signs your man is another man’s Man’.

If you haven’t already seen it, well, here’s the article to thoroughly delight you. 😀


The recent law on homosexuality has turned most Nigerian men Bisexuals. You have to be scared, not because Ikenna is flirting with Judith, in fact clap for Jesus if he is…because Ikenna could be Kingsley’s lover.

Here are the signs your man is another man’s man.

  1. There is something weird about some of his friends, most of whom he shares long history with.
  2. He spends more time with his “guys” than with you.
  3. He and his friend(s) speak coded words when around you.
  4. He is too conscious of his looks when “hanging out with the boys”.
  5. He doesn’t take calls from unknown numbers around you.
  6. He doesn’t have sex with you on a regular.
  7. He is very free with “your girls” and could entertain them well in your absence.
  8. He spends most nights out with the excuse of “Baby, it was late…had to sleep at Kunle’s”
  10. He is always on social media.
  11. His friend list is more of men than women.
  12. His Facebook reads “Interested in Men and Women.”
  13. You cannot have his Facebook password.
  14. His phone is always locked.
  15. He takes you out only on occasions.

…Don’t be a lesbian! (Having sex with a man who is another’s wife)

Know your man TODAY!

Article by: Daniel Teinye Boyle


So, a heterosexual man, it would seem, took his time to do this research and pen it down for the benefit of the womenfolk, ei? LOL! I just can’t. That last part though, about being a lesbian… Someone should please tell this guy that the man could also be Top and the woman is just the second wife. Lol

72 thoughts on “That Piece about how To Know Your Man Is Another Man’s

  1. Hahaha I am thoroughly titilated by this. ahhhh the naivety of most women and straight guys about gay men will never cease to make me laugh.

  2. “His Facebook name reads interested in men and women”

    Like seriously??? The shallowness and Level of stupidity here is mind dumbing. How did fools like this one escape being wiped out by Ebola???

      • Haba me vez….naaa…wetin e talk na true small na….abi….me I go talk d tin wey me I see as fact, I no go colour…..

        d man’s right to an extent ojare it’s just dat some str8t guys can have all these attributes too and now what are their wives gonna think about them…its dem am so sorry for.gan!

  3. Preach on pinky she might even be the side kick because dude has got 2 IYAWO before her, nonsense and condiments, linda will generate enough traffic for that single article.

    PS: and for that KD visitor who wanted more than 3 posts, dude you have got your cream today but next time PP will add ice to it. This just made me want coldstone creamy ice.

  4. Lol..they can only try to find out but if he doesn’t tell you he is a happy man then you just won’t know. Its that simple.

  5. This article got me ROTFL not because of anything but because of its extreme shallowness covered in deep homophobic satin…..He is particularly jobless and has issues arranging his priorities…..*off to LIB to read vitriolic comments*

  6. Checking on Facebook & google to see who the so called “Daniel Teinye” is let me know if he has a human brain at all.. gosh I feel like I lost a hindered IQ points after reading this spoken Fart of a piece

  7. I’m not gonna lie, the part about his friends not liking you is true somewhat!

    Amongst my friends, there are 2 girlfriends and when they hang with us, it’s always sort of awkward at the table. LOL Cos the gist will not flow very well in the direction we want it to flow!

  8. And to think that most of his 15points agenda were just meer stupidity and joblessness on display. Smh…. Dear Daniel Boyle how about writing something like 15points in how not to be jobless ,stupid and ignorantly foolish all @ the same time just like you… I think that would trend more…. dont u think???

  9. Comeon guys let’s call a spade a spade! Many things on this article are true.

    I believe this was written by a gay man, or a straight man who is close friends with gay men

  10. Wait Daniel Boyle? If is the portharcourt Daniel Boyle that I know, then that explains a lot!

    ****lips are sealed, who wants to drink tea please****

  11. Dennis yeah most of them are true but most of them also connotes another meaning!!! It doesn’t literally have to mean that he gay!!!! For eg- if his friends don’t like you then mayb you are just the side chick…. , if he spends more time on social networks , he might just be a G boy!!!, if he hangs out with his guys…. who is he suppossed to hang out With???? His gals?????? Pls*rolls eyes from Benin to italy* lol #okbye

    • Nne, very cogent reasons as to the reality of the wrier’s stupidity. You try. He IS brainless. LOLZ @ “who is he supposed to hang out with?”
      At this rate, the destruction of marriages will be upped. I better open up my PI services. Some of the gullibles might come calling.

  12. Joblessness at its best

    Dennis might say he agrees with the part of friends not liking you. But my circle of friends would love you so much that they would take you to their own momma’s house and introduce you as Mr Xyx’s baby mama. Mama in turn will welcome you and you feel as one of the boys

    You never jam better undercover brothers before. If any of us has something gay related to talk about with you present. Girl, we’ll be having serious amebo via whatsapp or BBM group chat and you won’t even know it. If you ask what we’re doing. Answer is simple

    “Am replying a work email from my boss”

    • Errr…that might not be a very good answer sir. No one would reply their bosses emails eagerly n smiling, which MOSDEF cud be the result of replying amebo. My brother, save yoir marriage. Think up beta answers.

    • Naaah Trystham we have our ways of doing this.

      Remember she and “US” are having a conversation in the foreground. So if you’re going to respond to a “work email”. You’ll have to remain as stoic as possible. If you do decide to smile then your response should be you’re smiling or laughing at what she was saying not from a work email

      Plus also remember that with the group chat, there’s no rushing to reply as discretion is key before you even look at your phone

  13. This Dude would have to climb up the sole of my moccasin to have an IQ as high (as my sole). Then again… He can’t. He’s not that knowledgeable.

    Some “Straight guys” will not make Heaven just because of their stiff-necked attitude toward using their brain.

  14. The author of this load of crap is obviously a gay man with serious self-hate issues. It is however truly funny and had me tittering with laughter. Some of it is true sha.
    Like I’ve said b4, i feel zero (or even less) pity for any woman who marries and layer discovers her husband prefers a masculine embrace. Abey I’ve no pity for y’all, you all joined hands to create and are part and parcel of this choking homophobic climate. With sich brutality, there’s bound to be collateral damage ….
    ***throws back silky long hair climbs onto broom and zooms off to the resonating sound of hysterical laughter***

    • Hahaha. Khaleesi,sweetie, whenever u say u don’t feel sorry for a woman who unknowingly marries an “undercover brotha”, I don’t entirely agree with u. There are actually some straight girls in Nigeria, who are not homophobic at all,and who believe gay people should have the right to be happy. If such a girl met a charming (but secretly gay) man,who asks her out,treats her well,and proposes to her, and they get married, would u be gloat and mock her for getting married to a man she loves?

  15. This shit is wrong… Most men I know fit the profile… And they’re straight. I think whoever wrote this is bicurious or something…

    Its just ridiculous

  16. Ah. When I read the post on LIB this morning, I was sure it would end up here to be dissected. I think the post is stupid, off-point and WRONG.

    *now let me scroll down and enjoy what my fellow kitodiariesians have to say* 🙂

    *sips tea*

  17. #he takes you out only on occasions….. * my dear boy opps sowie gal , u aint even happy he takes u out at all? Abeg take several sits…

  18. I don’t know much about coincidences, but I just read post a minute ago and dismissed it for the macabre antics of the said Daniel Boyle.
    Then I was playing with my phone and decided to check my Twitter…lo and behold I have been followed by a certain Daniel Teinye Boyle: if this one is str8 then GEJ will win the next American elections.
    I have screen grabbed the followership for record purposes …

      • Maybe am just a learner but please help me understand, how can one of us be outing all of us? And it’s for entertainment?
        I usually think I survived the Homocaust from the repressive Nigerian Gay Law, but this kind of inbred, family member schizophrenia, what you call internal homophobia, actually frightens me.

      • And it calls up my scorn. what on earth are you trying to prove? What point are you driving home, being the breeze that blows open our collective asses. You see ehn, this internalized homophobia, its all well and good when you’re hating yourself to yourself. but when you let it drive you to do such public homophobic stunts, you quite simply are the scum below the scummiest of the earth.

  19. I read this and I had to comment on that foul blog for the first time in my life. it reeks of such ignorance and Linda has a weird fascination with gay ppl and all things gay; Regardless of how “off” it seems, she still goes ahead to post it. She’s like that homophobic, self professed straight friend who can’t stop talking about gay people and how much they claim they hate them

    I think she’s one of those girls that had thier cunt eaten by a girl in secondary school years back and have longed to have it eaten yet again but haven’t exactly had the courage to commence on a search of another cunt eater of the same sex.

  20. You really cannot deny the appropriateness of most items on the list to your typical gay situation but this sort of a check-list is best ignored, because more than to cause an uproar in social media, it wasn’t created to help anyone

    • Am just Gon come out n say it the owner of ds post is “Gay” no two ways about it, e is Gay n es girlfriend has bn hassling him about it n e decided ” Yay it’s outing other gay guys day” n to top it off most of ds shit are wrong lord! The way I wan take slap d fool that wrote ds is gonna land me on d vip table wt d devil in hell.

  21. Miss P the picture you used is epic. She’s just their baby mama. Lmao. *raises left leg, farts and walks away like nothing happened*

  22. lol… He sure did his homework. And as for the “lesbian” joke… I’m supposed to consider that as offensive but LMAO

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