36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6I never knew there were powers

Beyond resistance

I never knew anything hotter than fire

Searing, branding my heart more than the panther’s claws

I never swam somewhere deeper than the wine-dark sea

I never thought of a sight more beautiful than Aurora of the Northward sky

Something more orgasmic than eating chocolate

Never could I have thought there was something more breathtaking

Than the sight of Victoria falls

How could I ever have seen a thing that the ocean cannot wash away

More dramatic than the theatrics of the Royals

More soothing than morning mountain air

Something so hope-inducing

So energizing, unending like the band on my finger

More fun and laughter than Kito Diaries

Surely, I have never experienced a sane madness

Now, I know loving you is good poison

A bitter sweet madness

I never thought I could write

Until I wrote your name

I never thought I could speak

Until I sang your name

I never thought there was someone for me

Until I came to know You

Now I know there is something that hell cannot burn

It’s a force the scientists cannot calculate

It’s something so thick it clouds my judgement

Something so big and heavy in my heart the scales cannot measure

It’s different, special…

And yet, normal

If my heart didn’t speak it

I would not have believed

If my everything else did not know it

I would not have told you.

Written by Andrevn

26 thoughts on “TALES OF THE HEART

  1. Hi,everyone. This will be the first time I’ll be commenting with my own pseudonym. I have a confession to make, I was the person who impersonated King & Chizzie; Chizzie, cos I miss his comments & King cos I wanted to give him a soft landing after the ‘my dick is bigger than yours’ fiasco (feel free to judge me). Pinky, thanks for everything & as for everyone, hope you accept me.

  2. I try not to yawn at poetry! I just don’t get it and my friend that hosts this poetry thing every month (which I am obligated to attend) will kill me.

    Fiction, prose, drama does it for me! Poetry? No.

    I guess this came from a deep place!

    • Right second time Dennis. Love love love….it just speaks about very deep feeling for someone that he knows but sadly he can’t tell of openly.

    • Big kiss Dennis! Poetry just don’t cut it for me, nevertheless some people love it, we must indulge them … i cant fail to notice the pretty arrangement and flow of words …

  3. Poetry? Some just get me confused. Some make me go all mushy nd some gets me going for my dictionary!
    By the way, that orgasmic hug is needed in my life oh! This cold eh…………

  4. Awwwwwwwwww andrevn I can totally relate!!!!! *gimme a high five gurl* come lets go share some hennesy!!!! #meanwhile I was just passing by!!!

  5. I’d say it’s a very good attempt and don’t call me a prophet but I do see an increasing number of us try out writing this year which I’d say us an excellent thing… thanks Pinky for firing that up!

    Personally,I don’t think I ever want to profess thus kind of love to any man again and my fear is simple: what if he doesn’t love me half as much as I do? I’d rather keep these words in much heart and allow my actions do all the talking…it’s safer!

    Talking about it brings you into a whole new level of vulnerability and I have been on that road before and not in a hurry to be on it anytime soon.

    @Andrevn, may this love last and eventually inspire some of us to overcome our fears about love.


  6. “… loving you is good poison”… using this as my bbm status msg!

    lovely poem. Perfect for cold Harmattan mornings. 🙂

  7. Thank you for your comments and support….

    @Max and DM..it is soulful AND deep becos it comes from the very depths of me….

    @Fabian …. that HUG? No let am put us for trouble o…if the Oga wey dey sweeter than chocolate catch us nko?!

    @LORD,,,thanks for yur comment but as against wat you said in the line ”not someone he can tell openly” (rephrased)….refer to the line ”unending like the band on my finger”..so yes i tell it to him every now and then (though he is far away)..

    Thanks Chizzie for letting this piece get to you…..

    KryxxX Nwa Nnem …Oyi ehian….Odikwa too too much!

    Thank you Pinky for this wonderful opportunity and avenue…..i can see your initials splayed all over and now my fears and doubts have been assuaged!


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