33 thoughts on “Photo: For The New Year

  1. Dang! Is that Mr Macauley? Looks something like his twitter dp. Or is it just one of these numerous Instagram models? Happy New Year my beloved Kitodiarians. I learn alot here. My prayer is that you all achieve your goals. Put sex and the thirst aside, work on your life aspirations, impact people and grow in knowledge.
    What’s your NY resolution like? As for me i want to get cut! I mean the body of an adonis, not the “akpan” type sha oh. Plus, no unprotected sex 100%. I’ve been doing that for years, and even if the person swore on their great grandmothers grave they were clean nothing enters there without an umbrella! If you work in the health sector, you would have seen enough not to depart from this. I hope to comment more often this new year too. God bless you people!

    • All of you that are viewing my twitter avi?


      That avi was taken some years ago, unfortunately things have loosened up a bit and top on my to-do list for this year is to get that body back to what it used to be!

      Meanwhile PP it’s too early in the year for thirst!

  2. Pinky ooo! I am just coming from church! Stop this lustful champagne holding dark skinned chocolate deliciousness you are showing this early new year.

  3. Happy new year to all of us. May our positive hopes and aspirations come through. Yes,as kristopher said, those who before 2015 see their sexuality as a means of livelihood,those who stole perfumes,camera,ipads,phones etc from their hook ups,please repent and live responsible lives henceforth so we can achieve the change we need. Talking about change, I will implore us to go to the polls with wisely purging ourselves of religious and ethnic sentiments which has been the bane of our national development till now. Let’s shun foolish religious and ethnic considerations and vote in a government that will be sincere and proactive in solving the problems of our dear country .May God bless our days

  4. #Strolls in on Ferragamo strap sandal,spotting a Diesel jean and YSL tank-top…. while tugging luggage and a wine glass in hand……

    #Flips hair in seductive arc!

    #Takes seat next to Her Dragonic Grace….

    I love me some popping…..and i love Kitodiaries…

    Ps:Dame Patience erm Pinky…..Email…… preposition…..#winks..

    • Its “akwuna”…. I know you grew up in Antarctica & probably don’t know ur Igbo alphabets well..

  5. Happy New Year Y’all…..had the best cross over….feeling super excited (the mrs is around all the way from PH)……….

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