The Perfect Response Gay Magician Derren Brown Gave to shut down a Homophobic Troll

darren-brownDerren Brown is a British illusionist and hypnotist who’s made a name for himself by having an uncanny ability to cut through the chatter to decipher alarmingly personal details from his audience.

He also happens to be gay, a fact which one homophobic Twitter follower, @HossamAlyyy, has only just become aware of. He fired off a series of nasty tweets to Brown, calling him a “sick human being” and a “fuckin faggot” among other uninspired insults.

Here are the Tweets:DerrenInstagram

Well Darren fired back true to form in the best way possible. Here’s his reply:Screenshot_2014-12-30-20-09-26

Hossam has deleted his original Tweets, but that hasn’t stopped people from chiming in.

“I hope you come to terms with your sexuality soon. Then you’ll stop being such an angry little child,” one user writes to him.

Other colorful commentaries include, “Hahaha you pathetic little keyboard warrior. Homophobic abuse, then delete your tweets when you’re put down. COWARD!”Screenshot_2014-12-30-20-11-44Screenshot_2014-12-30-20-11-59

22 thoughts on “The Perfect Response Gay Magician Derren Brown Gave to shut down a Homophobic Troll

  1. “5 Tweets and 4 of them are directed at Darren, I think someone has a crush”

    Why is it suddenly very dark in here! Can we have the lights on please?

    PP I saw what you did there!

  2. That nigga Hossam tried it…lol.
    Its always beautiful when the respose to chronically homophobic utterances is witty, funny and carefree. It shows that you are a creepy person who is kinda obsessed with who I sleep with and what gender i am attracted to while I come off as mature and smart. Bye Felicia!!!!
    Happy new hear guys! *Big Hug*

  3. The following comments tho. “he could be a keeper”…makes Hossam sound “I’m-gonna-do-ur-laundry-and-have-ur-babies” desperate.

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