According To WordPress, KD’s Most Popular Posts Of 2014 Were…

kdTo revisit these posts and stories for a read-through or look-see, click on the links below:


Talk About ‘Coming Out’: David McIntosh ‘Unveiled’ (Read HERE)




Seven Things I Don’t Like About Being A Bottom (Read HERE)

Waitaminute! All these posts are slutty posts! :O The top-five, most popular posts on Kito Diaries are slutty posts?! Kai! Y’all need Jesus on this blog.

22 thoughts on “According To WordPress, KD’s Most Popular Posts Of 2014 Were…

  1. Lol! What did you expect? I did especially enjoy The Hoe Issue.

    Thanks PP for all the effort put in this year…. and thanks to everyone for giving this blog life. Here’s to a great 2015 🍻

      • “My Dick is Bigger than yours”…my fave.

        *sips OrganoGold Hot Choco*

        PinkPanties…er…erm…Pinkie, when is the KD Parrie happening? Me can’t wait; coming with my imported lub and latex…no barebacks…but orgies can be allowed for all willing dicks and butts.

        Least I forget, please, Pinkie remember to come along with that your measuring tape…to save us the stress of whose is BIGGER or not.

  2. My Dick is Bigger than Yours…. Wasn’t that what lord/king said when confronted with the fact that he, a married man and presumably well advanced in age, was indulging in bareback orgies regardless of the health consequences they pose to his wife’s vagina ( the poor woman probably has her fair share of yeast infections) and her overall health.

    He actually said that he his dick was bigger and the one doing the confrontation was jealous of his big dick. That statement still gets to me.

    i still don’t get how one man can be so stupid. I still do not.

    • Chizzie evn God forgives.
      Try and let ds go with 2014 too.
      Imagine U were d one being taunted continuously like ds-no matter d thick skin it wuld eventualy get to u.
      So jst let ds slide bikonu.
      Tnx dear.

    • @FKA Chizzie, is it me or are you already signalling your intentions of hounding Lord II/King in coming months as you have done Dennis in the most recent past?

      Better calm down…

    • FK, honestly you are disappointing me. This line of bitchy talk is common among gays (those who believe that being gay means being shamelessly-useless) but there are people we don’t expect to toe the same line. You know that Lord is married bcos he was courageous and honest enough to say so. The scenario of big dick that was referred to was a story told by one of us and I’m sure he wasn’t referring to king. What you did is bereft of courtesy. Its like confiding in a friend that you are gay and he uses to settle issues with you publicly.Its not cool,pls

  3. ChiZzie had to be the one to expantiate. Wia is Mama of Dragons?
    Ps: king/lord II, I lost my phone o. Really wouldn’t mind some monetary assistance in purchasing a new phone or do I have to be James? #nokiatorchlightdoesn’tfitme

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